call them gone .Then

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultA bird openings ,the tall man and the short man was frightened jump ,couldn back on step .
Say this two person strength is not high ,but it is also the general level of ability ,not because of a bird startled by .However, this bird was careless ,unaware of the field ran all placed in the eyes of the powerful aura fascinated the two men .
Jade was once seen the bird ,but was the first time I heard the bird .Her eyes ,pupil erected ,flashing silver blue s èa beautifuldream gloss ,said : ah ,a talking bird ! Wen Yu Su Yu immediately recall a familiar scene .
The original Su Yu from training world back to beautiful day .Jade first saw the ground white when ,also said : ,talking cat ? Su Yu admitted that he is a loving memories of the past person ,he would always inadvertently think happened similar scenes and situations .
While the data of brain ,can also be in the moment will be Su Yu needed for scene completely reflected ,as in a three-dimensional movie .This will directly reflect the past now Su Yu mind UGG Adirondack Tall Boots,just like I was back in the environment ,experience another one when all .
But Su Yu is in the present time ,in the present context .This dual space at the same time in Su Yu mind mapping ,which produces a strong vu ,let Su Yu m ílovedeeply .However, the past is good ,it is already past ,only now is the true real presence, but also the most cherished presence .
For now ,it is the only life can hold .Regardless of a person to be successful or want to change themselves, must start from now . Talking bird ? 1 birds . Don but I was a bird .As for you ,I heard that you are a fox spirit ,oh ,nice to meet you ! Wen Yu is now a beautiful female X ì ng,just the appearance did not imagine jade is the fox .
Now ,the bird directly dissected ,let jade eyebrows at once, but she did not speak .Next to the short and the tall is lowered his head, not a word, seem to be afraid of because he heard should not listen to the words to be erased .
Into the !The warships of all has changed completely ,no matter you are in this ship do that stupid host were not found any abnormal .So now the battleship can let your operation .
1 bird flapped its wings and flew up suddenly UGG Mini Bailey Button Paint,fall on the shoulders of suyu .The central processor and inserted in the card ,also followed the exit ,disappear . That ,what you say is true ? short man could not help but ask ,his family was in my star .
So he surrendered a thing will not be found it is hard .The tall man with the head to the questioning eyes ,seemed to be waiting for the answer .And jade ,is also looking at birds as if thinking of sth.
.Birds in the Su Yu shoulder neck to jump ,flexible rotation ,from time to time with the exquisite beak comb its feathers .The temperature Yusan people questioning eyes 1 bird is set if not treated ,no to respond .
Su Yu had to smooth things over ,explained: please rest assured, 1 birds in this area is the elite class of the birds ,there is almost no bird can not break the battleship .So you can rest assured .
As long as the bird said no problem ,then there is no problem ! Su Yu the remark with some water ,because the intercepted Barbara battleship ,1 bird Plaza now haven .However ,in 1 the bird gave the ship made a name: Stone egg .
It is as hard as stone eggs ,let people chew has no mouth .Nasal so, 1 birds are more happy ,because it found a more challenging x ì ngwork .Su Yu is happy stone eggs more difficult to break into ,it shows its level is higher also .
Cracking process more difficult hope more slim ,crack after the harvest will be more exciting .The same life, when you for a time to struggle ,your efforts more painful and deep, what you get in return is more full and rich .
Although it is not absolute ,but Su Yu have always believed in a sentence: the world beautiful things ,is needs to use the deepest pain to exchange .So ,even in the darkest hour, even in the most painful stage ,Su Yu also won ,but has been hard ,have been fighting ,until he saw his mind that a sweet smile .
Although the bird or temporarily unable to crack the egg of stone ,Su Yu are full of expectation .Stone eggs hidden secrets too much ,Su Yu cannot look .The secret things ,the more J ī humanmind curiosity .
This is an eternal truth .The same applies to Su yu .However ,Su Yu in the three issue of concern is no deceit .Since the bird said Sirius system host not found ,it should not found .
1 birds are not in this issue of cheat UGG Mens On Sale!Anyway ,this ship quality has profound and stone egg .He won the day ships were birds easily ,but that the universe in class battleships, but not say that a galaxy class battleship .
Starfleet problem done ,Su Yu is driving a starship and mixed jade fox special warfare on the back together Alfa star on the surface .While Hong Fan et al have been through Alfa detection device that Su Yu victory ,so had Alfa star for the triumph of suyu .
When Su Yu from Starfleet out immediately after ,received a warm welcome .Su Yu looked at these people, smile UGG Sparkles I Do Boots,comfort their few, call them gone .Then ,Su Yucai will be short and tall to a secret area, began to question them about the Sirius Star system and Su royal family .
Su Yu to the Sirius Star system as a springboard ,natural to the Sirius Star System of an understanding of .And the short and the tall from the Sirius system ,itself is the galaxy map ,natural to Sirius Galaxy in the range ,territory and some important things .
Su Yu asks, two people have not withheld ,know to all relate in detail to speak out .The tall man called Li Xiang ,short called Zhao Qiang .Two men are Sirius Galaxy draftsman ,usually also have nothing to do ,is always busy with .
But the Lord took office, immediately changed everything .He gave us the dead order ,must as soon as possible to the Sirius Star system within the territory of all stars in the galaxy map perfect tagging ,so we came UGG Classic Short.
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