beast general atmosphere enveloped

November 01 [Thu], 2012, 11:59

The> three silhouette of a former the one toward Zhangjiashan rushed. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm arrived in front of the west, Carrick abruptly stopped stature, then he is a nice glide in the air with both hands in a flash fire, the roar, the west gate of the Chang downing a crushed Carrick stature in the weak under the street light in a burst of smoke filled. Hu Li was very shocking, abilities and weapons now fused to together as the power of absolute powerful, unimaginably powerful. At the moment the door was bombed Zhangjiashan countless lights suddenly run out of original looks Wan Lai stillness yard suddenly surging poll, dozens of people each caught up in all directions. Hu Li and Shao Qiang phase depending on the glance, and then pulled out two masks with tacit in the head, tightly rushed to the side of Carrick. Old card, they are many people ah, but did not seem to several outplay these guys to you, to blow off steam. Carrick raised his hands seemingly good powerful pistol, nodded his head, the eyes reveal the bloodthirsty desire. Da Dada despair, do not know how that gun will be issued submachine gun sound, and saw the muzzle flash of a spark, and then rushing just listen to the front of tens of meters, the crowd shoved a flurry wail, and then have fallen to the ground . More and more people came, at this juncture, Hu force found their own if summon a few monsters It can hardly be a big role, Death Coil and hypnosis is also a drop in the bucket, there is better than nothing. Counter to the soil series K.Siu ability touches precisely arise, Scatter, attack power, though not very strong, but it has many of the groups attack now the personal head surrounded the place is perfect. But Hu did not mind hands Shao Qiang also no hands, just in the front of the three men put up a thick wall, leaving a gap to allow Carrick to accelerate the rate of fire. Carrick attack ferocious, four shadows traverse up and down, the Zhangjia lower protoss also opt shot fiery red pillar of fire, light blue skates fast as the meteor lightning, all the attacks are moving fiercely shot over. Attack but in front of the trio, a strong walls to withstand all those attacks, though it can cause some damage on the walls, but in K.Siu complemented walls instantly restored as ever. Carrick hands of two Desert Eagle round burst after burst of rapid, quick change barrel redness. Carrick both hands at the same time saw handbooks Desert Eagle not replace the two large caliber submachine gun, two fire dragon will spit out in an instant, powerful than the previous several times. Two fire dragon cross throughput already many soon rushed to the front of the three personal low level protoss suddenly accelerated speed fell to the ground and heard a dull sound, the dead bodies have fallen blasted, suddenly densely population the fried Guikulanghao. Lower protoss Chang suffered heavy casualties when the face of the two that the throughput of the Fire Dragon, they finally scared and started looking for a place to Dodge. For a time, rocks and trees and more became a sought-after location. Haha wow you little guy, last played not so cool it? Come again, ah, to ah! Old card, a man to be humble, remember to be humble, you have just performed well ah, very different indeed have weapons but I guess the master debut soon, do not know you do not live in the top top, if not called, the two of us will help you, level here, I would not return to Spain, the two of you can rest assured that to see if I engage the top. Hu Li said smiling: running for cover when the air passing dozens of shadows should master to. bifida countless crushed ice into a the blue stream toward Carrick chest hit, this the way there are many crushed ice fusion to become a branch sharp ice pick to break from bitter. A burst of the intensive as Chaodou Baoxiang, in the final before a piton finally hit Carrick magically bronze shield into pieces, the only Road ice picks, such as lightning penetrating the left shoulder of Carrick, shooting iron gate behind him, the iron gate suddenly hit in a pore. The Carrick Menheng face painful feelings flash,UGG Cayha Outlet. But the eyes of the bloodthirsty meaning even more intense, and in ice picks over the shield while the submachine gun in his right hand not long ago disappeared, replaced by a miniature musket barrel breakdown with ice picks left shoulder while rockets the thud to wear the bore out, only to see a fire like lightning to go straight like Li Kewei passage. But Li Kewei Although the body has not yet fully recovered, but the foot of the action, but he is not slow, slightly sideways, rockets passing, with a wave of the heat wave headed straight to behind him just gathered around the low-level protoss . The sound of a loud explosion, a dozen low-level protoss body was blown to pieces splashing everywhere,Nike Air Max 95 Shoes, scarlet red with blood originally green grass, shocking. This time Li Kewei but calm down, because he saw behind in Carrick, actually there are two people face with a mask. See the two laid-back look, and say not allowed is a master strength Bikalike even strong master. Originally wanted to break Hu force, and Shao strong top a while, but when he heard the words of Hu Li, the bones of stubborn and arrogant again to stand in front of. Suddenly, Carrick body exudes a primitive savagery, one like a beast general atmosphere enveloped him, I heard a deep growl, the Carrick body actually has some growing up, tops begins to split exposing the inside of a developed and beautiful muscle. His eyes become red and the crazy and bloodthirsty desire in his eyes to show exhaustive. Roared loudly raised his hands,Canada Goose Mystique Outlet, did not see how he transforms the eye and in the hands of the two multi-barrel machine guns, spit out the flames of terror Da Dada's ferocious despair toward Li Kewei standing. They just avoid the mental strength wrapped countless bullets instantly through the standing the spot those lower protoss body,North Face Women's Windstopper Sale, some people simply do not feel the pain they see his chest bursting out with bright flowers . Like Wei and his companions witnessed in midair helplessly wood following the massacre, suddenly hair is Zhang. The ten men shot, the sky skates powerful pillar of fire, numerous sharp metal overwhelming Carrick trio shot over. At the same time, two-handed flurry, a white metal wall block in front of three men. In fact, he did not need shouting and Shao Qiang and Hu Li also aware of the seriousness of the matter. Shao strong in the metal wall which made rapid defense sphere formed by the spiritual power of a transparent soil series, the trio surrounded the building. Hu Li did not summon the monster, this time summoned no effect. Hiding the ball, stop the circulation of the dark force of his body, and immediately my hand will be holding two pale z word, ready to go. Severely impact of numerous attacks in the white metal wall, just the blink of an eye, metal wall will disappear without a trace, and the rest of the attack mercilessly fight soil series of lines in the Shao strong spiritual force transparent on the ball, and finally in the final after an attack, the force of the ball by implication Kankan exhausted. [] (novel the network <

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