the movie clearly can be washed together .

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultChapter two seven six love action movie ( 4 of 2 ) brother ,otherwise ,wash together ? Xu Xiaomeng shy authentic heard this, Mu Feixian was one, and subsequently appeared in their minds was the little guy that Nennen figure ,immediately lower stomach heat, little Mu Fei and the rise of potential thunk Mu fly dare ,and tried in the small guy head tapping a Jiaohu sound ,clutching his head , brother ,you knock on small adorable do .
I am willing ,hand itch ,no ? Mu Fei dissatisfaction gave Xu Xiaomeng a look, then cocked his legs, to hide his body somewhere with reaction of shame that ,with brother sister tone while the lesson , small adorable ,your brother are boys ,girls, men and women ,how can go take a shower ? are not allowed to wash together ? Xu Xiaomeng naive Feizhen wanted to open her head have a look how she long ,although this little guy 13 ,doing housework ,like playing a game, but also very badly ,but she is a genius in some aspects of IQ and nine years old ,ten years old child almost, why men and women cannot take a shower together it is also used to ask ?Mu Fei took her in no way ,with certain language airway , of course ,boy and girl just can wash with little Lolita blink beautiful big eyes ,confusion ,s not right ,sister snow with small adorable said ,brother and she also together bathed .
.. ... Hearing this he flew almost never do ,thought snow sister ah ,that was a few years ago thing ,I haven primary school ?Again, you can say anything with this girl . Your sister Snow said that small time ,boys and girls only very small time can be washed together ,grow up a little ,after seven or eight years of age can not ,know ? As a child.
Oh ,yes ? Little Lolita pouted ,twisting her eyebrows ,crooked head to contemplate shape ,then think of what ,a pair of Huang ran the appearance, dissatisfied with the authentic , not bad ,brother ,brother .
general guy have anything with the interrogative mood ,and today actually direct use of affirmative, Mu fly she had also made one huh? Cheat? Have I ever lied to you? Mu Fei asked brother not to say ,boys and girls only little time can take a shower together ?You cheat small adorable ,when grown together can also wash .
.. ... Xu Xiaomeng pinched waist ,take an oath devoutly tunnel this mu fly puzzled , why do you say so ?What are you on ? Of course according to the small adorable ... ... Said Xu Xiaomeng ,reached a mu Fei computer direction , brother computer in a film ,as it opened ,is a brother and a sister to take a shower of plot, the brother and sister were all more than 20 years ,how they can be washed together ? Computer? Film? Take a shower.
Mud horse, not ?Think of here ,Mu fly cold sweat down small adorable ,that isn collection of several love action films ,cheating ah ,brother make only small adorable boring to play computer ,I forgot ,finished, everyone disgraced big Mu fly mouth pumping ,trembling asked , small adorable ,brother of those films ,you will not see ? See ?Of course not ,saw two department ,a department is a brother with a rope tied to a strip light ,the sister is not resist, do not know what they are playing a game of another department ,is a brother and a sister in the bathroom ,has been in the kiss ,just say some fantastic words ,small adorable they understand Island Chinese, but also to understand their words the two films are boring Ontario Parka Canada Goose, small adorable are only five minutes left to watch Xu Xiaomeng, not take it seriously look ,shake hand guiltily ,two horse tail hair and okay okay Mu Fei on two chest ,grow in one breath ,mind andao lucky ,but that several action movie foreplay is relatively long, ten minutes with into the little guy must learn ,or bad can not be followed by a bullet, I thought, I ,Lan Jie ,wave teacher ,for my sister healthy growth ,I only reluctantly and say goodbye to you as the Mu Fei determined to put the computer love action films are removed at the time ,Xu Xiaomeng continued , brother ,you say ,you is it right? Or small adorable ,the movie clearly can be washed together .
? Why can small adorable together the wash ... ... Well, this is how to return a responsibility ?I think of you ... ... Mu Fei head to turn quickly ,mud horse, it how can explain ah ,can not say ,this is brother to see action movie? While Mu Fei was in the brain ,he suddenly moved, had an idea on ,small adorable ,this is it ,the movie men and women can work together to wash it, it is because they are the relationship between male and female friends ,after a marriage ,is married ,of course can be washed together ,is it right? ?Understand? Oh ,you said ,if there is a small adorable little understood .
.. ... Xu Xiaomeng, Huang ran the appearance, squint asked , brother said ,if male and female friends ,or will marry, can take a shower ,is ?That okay ... ... Then, a cling to Mu fly arms ,smiled and said, brother not to say that such small adorable grew up ,you can let small adorable your girlfriend ,to marry small adorable as daughter-in-law ?That is not to say ,brothers and little adorable can be washed together ,is it right? ? Mu Fei wanted to draw their own slap ,two days before the little guy that later you marry her as a daughter-in-law ,you forgot it .
.. ... This ... ... ... Mu Fei thought for a long time Jimmy Choo Siobhan On Sale,also did not think of how to refute the little guy ,can only play as brother advantage thunk ouch Mu fly in the little guy on the head and knocked out ,eyes , you are my brother ,I said no means no, go to take a shower ,you wash me wash .
.. ... Xu Xiaomeng face is full of dissatisfaction ,also want to say something ,but Mu Fei reached a, not allowed to say ,don go ,not obedient won play with you ... ... Xu Xiaomeng was not afraid of his fight to fly her to bully her ,do not accompany her ,as he ,had to dissatisfaction and pouted out drilling ,toilet and Mu Fei was finally relieved ,then quickly open the computer ,find their own collection of the several love action films ,all elected, pressed permanently delete key ,a to determine a dialog pops out ,orchid elder sister ,sister love ,wave teacher ,Yuuka MM ,you taught me the postures ,and accompany me during that time ,I will always remember .
.. ... Think of ,a hard-hearted, press the OK button ... ... Two days later ,the twelfth lunar month twenty-six ,on the street selling couplets ,firecrackers ,fruit drinks and other special purchases for the Spring Festival stalls have meet the eye everywhere ,people can more many ,whether to sell ,or shopping ,face Le hehe joy and meaning ,and a loud sound of firecrackers ,that year the arrival of the day, he flew with Xu Xiaomeng Shangjie with many special purchases for the Spring Festival ,in addition to their home ,but also additional bought two copies of which one is bought for summer snow ,it was just Mu Fei on summer snow concern a method only, that is simply not used ,because the summer snow every year.
In the Mu to fly home have the Spring Festival and the other a ,is bought in the Lee family barbecue shop to work when the awareness of the elderly -- Zhao Zhao * * * life is very bitter ,old childless enough tragedy ,also a dead son ,daughter Canada Goose Youth Kensington,granddaughter of three people, such a big thing canada goose sale,to the old hit one can imagine ,leaving only a grandson, also dare not go home to her very sympathetic to Mu Fei ,he had previously promised Zhao Nainai often go to see him ,in fact ,he did the same ,every three days for four days ,went to have a look at the evening meal is eight O ,he flew to Xu Xiaomeng settled at home, they carry the sausage ,fruit ,beverage ,candy ,cakes ,fruit and so on a bunch of special purchases for the Spring Festival set out ,and the day with small adorable shopping specifically to buy her old clothes ,a large size small with six or seven plastic bags from vehicle directly at the entrance to the cell ,called Li Zhaonan to get him out of there by himself ,not Congress ,Li Zhaonan is dressed in overalls ran out.
Friends ,we are brothers so iron ,you send what gift ah ,really feel shy South boldness ,laughing said he didn a word to fly ,then only than the middle finger , rolling two things from the taxi down, Mu fly shop asked , are you busy? Li Zhaonan shook his head , to a year ,which has a man, full of shops on three tables of guests .
if not busy ,you come with me ,take these things to Zhao grandma take over ,have a look her way ... ... Mu Fei said Li Zhaonan erhuamoyue, pick up the things go ,he flew this time left, the old rice is sent by Li Zhaonan ,he also knew that the old lady tragic life experience but two people to the old man ,called a few times ,but no one on Hey ,this old lady, big night not to stay at home ,can where to go ? He flew like himself, also asked Li Zhaonan Li Zhaonan doubts it, said , Oh ,yes, the two day ,the old lady always seem to go wandering in the street ,pick up some stuff to sell scrap .
.. ... Said, took out his mobile phone to look at the time , nearly nine, estimation will be back soon ? Mu Fei think ,now the street there are a number of vendors sell a thing ,get rid of things such as paper shell ,the old lady was maybe pick up those things .
Well Jimmy Choo Sora,there is a real possibility ,this building was too dark ,we are in this easy to scare people ,to small door ... ... Mu Fei said two people arrived in the entrance area, one point of a cigarette ,chat ,edge looked at the streets ,looking with Zhao * * * figure now winter ,also quickly have the Spring Festival ,the streets of not a few pedestrians ,plus Zhao * * * isn good ,very good identification two wait for ten minutes in, he saw an old lady turned a corner ,she was wearing a thick coat, a small step one step ,hand bags ,it contained many broken bottles ,on the other hand pulling rope ,rope, the other side attached two baskets ,basket put some wrapping paper shell ,is not this Zhao grandma who else? Hey ,Zhao grandma flew to the old lady shouted ,waving Zhao Nainai heard the shout out ,wearing cotton gloves hands ,upward lift cap, a look at Mu Fei and Li Zhaonan ,a grin, the smile ,wrinkles on the face while together ,it was the old kind lady so obviously the mood is good, hear Mu fly voice, holding the rope to lift a hand to Mu fly lightly swung but at this moment ,listen to a distant engine roar ,then a top with don touch me sign of the BMW 5 was coming fast ,degree does not say ,this the car was to swing right torsion ,painted in type S sees this, he flew with Li South Dayton is an ominous presentiment raided on mind ,two people together almost shouted Zhao grandma , dangerous flash Mu Fei shouted ,throwing things under to the old lady went though feel two abnormal ,but Zhao grandma on the age of reaction which is so fast ,when she sensed danger close, already late ,turned a look ,the BMW 5 had come to her eyes ,light and her eyes are open .
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