more let Qian Zhongxiang feel curious

October 31 [Wed], 2012, 12:14
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe upstairs bedroom .Chen Fan needle speed quickly ,just 10 minutes of time ,and willow CITIC covered with silver spike looks like a hedgehog .
Funny, you this needle manipulation ,is really let me feed one ah . Although it is not the first time saw Chen Fanhang needle ,but the fast quasi stationary ,or that Qian Zhongxiang could not help but exclaim .
Old money you . Chen Fan rubbed the sweat on his forehead, can see him at this time .Let alone Qian Zhongxiang praise ,even cold peak two bodyguards but also the hearts of much praise, but they don to Chen Fan ,the needle manipulation ,even their special three code medic that players ,even more than Chen Fan the needle speed .
We went to have a look Aunt Sue will things ready or not . Said, Chen Fan is ready to pick up the ground that a bundle of herbs . Can I help you . A voice came to him ,and cold peak hand will the medicine holding in the hand .
Thank you. Chen Fan is not a nod ,in fact he was so tired, cold fronts can help him get this package material ,although this let him also amazing ,but it is not rejected .You Cold fronts language has been very simple ,this is no exception .
Have a cold Feng for help Chen Fan is relaxed a lot, so I went out of the room ,when to the staircase when see Liu Ruyan crouched there ,back tight clothes torn with a snow-white skin, low buff pants doesn her round quite Alice hip to mask cover ,showing that a seductive * * ,it is to let person daydream repeatedly .
Liu Ruyan completely do not know oneself already is * light leakage, in the concentrate one looking at the living room change ,because she was surprised at just the living room a few people talk, although not heard very clearly ,but Liu Ruyan is probably hear a little .
Until I hear that back a cough ,it quickly turn around, but Chen Fan did not know what was standing behind her back . You squat doing here? Chen Fan asked some blush . No ... ...
It nothing. See it in a sneaky way that move ,Liu Ruyan is some feel shy ,but quickly moved the topic : dad how ? Already tied up the needle, now waiting for Aunt Sue have everything ready .
Chen Fan the first : go downstairs . And the living room ,Zhao Qingwan and others do not believe that Bai Fanghua was just out of the data ,only listen to Zhao Qingwan at times asked: you just said is true ? Believe it or not .
Bai Fanghua language is also very simple .This Zhao Qingwan was silent ,nine one into ,but Chen Fan still take nine ,Bai Fanghua take only one ,this ratio is that she does not want to understand why Bai Fanghua would be so generous .
In the second look at Bai Fanghua face, see her appearance does not like lying ,: nine one into very reasonable Michael Kors Kingsbury Sale,but I still do not believe that ,I put stock in . Oh ,just say so much ,you are there is a conspiracy, I say what you have been bitten to death for me not to put .
Bai Fanghua then smiled at Zhao Qingwan ,while Zhao Qingwan also has a new awareness .Zhao shook his head and said: this is the case you want too much, I just don them deceived ,and funny about how to run a company be utterly ignorant of things ,how also need help ,not to mention a company is not a simple matter ,I believe you are busy come nevertheless .
For this Bai Fanghua identity ,the company is not in the simple things ,and there are many things to do, on her person at that time really busy, and now the company has not established, there has been a lot of things to her to do .
Funny you down . Lin Manyun saw Chen Fan coming down the stairs ,immediately ran past, around Chen Fan .This made Chen Fan a little awkward ,it now has the presence of so many people ,which Lin Manyun suddenly so active .
Hear this voice ,Bai Fanghua et al this note has gone down Chen Fan ,when Lin Manyun held Chen Fan arm when several people ,also some surprise, they also did not think of forest of would be so active hold on Chen fan ,just like in the show something like .
See this white youth ,not by the eyes with a trace of bitterness to Chen fan ,but still try to make himself calm ,she knew that her relationship with Chen Fan is really some should not let people find .
Of sister, you have to talk about? I see you like to talk to . Said, Chen Fanbian awkward will Lin Manyun hugs his arms hands to earn . We are in ... ... ... . We are talking about family .
Unequal forest of will finish, Zhao Qingwan on the couch has openings interrupted Lin Manyun speech ,said: small Canada Goose Parka Cheap,things are done ? See Zhao Qingwan and let Chen Fan know that they just talk with Bai Fanghua .
She does not know Liu Ruyan is probably know they just talk ,and then Liu Ruyan is also looked at Zhao Qing, and Bai Fanghua did not speak .Not yet. Chen Fanyao ,then said: but that will come .
Funny you down ,everything is ready . When the Soviet Yuemei has gone back to the living room ,see all the people in the world ,such as in the openings of said: there is nothing to prepare ? Take me to have a look .
Chen Fan also did not think of so short time Su Yuemei will be ready for something ,but still some worried ,afraid she prepared for anything with you just as ,then nodded and said .Now this society rich good, Su Yuemei just one phone call to Chen Fan needed something to come ,how does not quickly .
Follow in the footsteps of Chen Fan et al Yuemei Su would come soon after ,villa garden .I saw a big water tank is filled with water under two servants in the continuous increase of firewood .
Very good, like this . Chen Fan nodded with satisfaction . Funny you should I prepare for these things what ? Su Yuemei from just have been doubts Chen Fan asked her to prepare for these things have any special purpose ,this to her illness and what kind of help .
Of course useful ,as you . Chen Fan did not want to keep people guessing ,but do not want to explain so many and, when Chen Fan went from aside cold peak medicinal materials to hand over .
Began to join wash liquid tank needed medicines ,have some extra unrelated medicinal herbs ,Chen Fan did not add .Seeing this scene is also very curious and Chen Fan really wanted to do, but only Qian Zhongxiang one curious ,because the last time he had seen Chen Fan do that .
Old money ,you know them now is what to do ? Li Lao also could not help heart seems to ask Qian Zhongxiang . Oh ,if I use now is a steaming therapy ,the last time he used this method to cure a vegetable .
Qian Zhongxiang simply replied .With Qian Zhongxiang just wondering how all this is that ,for Chen Fanzhi Li Xinlan disease by Zhao Qingwan et al is listening to Chen Fan tell ,just did not think Chen Fanhui is using this method ,the cook living treatment really had ever heard .
Liu Ruyan didn Chen Fanzhi was better than vegetative ,it had to make her surprised ,if it is true, that means that Chen Fan might also have method to cure his father ,this let Liu Ruyan mood is excited .
Steaming therapy ? Li Lao is confused ,and is surprised ,but he surprised that Chen Fan once had treated a comatose ,vegetative to know in general are waiting for the miracle ,you wake up ,it is not possible to .
Well ,be patient in the prepared syrup which cooking ,absorption inside the efficacy . Qian Zhongxiang nodded ,looking at Chen Fan in the eye or continuously adding medicine hands .
When all the ingredients are added in the cylinder ,a light herbal incense afferents all nostrils ,so there was a kind of feel fresh feeling ,as if the heart trouble and physical exhaustion will sweep away .
It smells good . Aside from Sharon not deep draw breath into the the aroma of herbs ,mouth issued a sigh .While Sharon sighs are all what I want to say ,look from the focus on Chen Fan ,because this fragrance is they smelled the most pleasant smell ,even those senior perfume nor the shares so pleasant fragrance .
Ha-ha Timberland Euro Hiker Boots. Chen Fan just smiled and scratched his head without a word, the wash liquid as long as a modulation ,the aroma of herbs but refreshing effect, and Chen Fanwen the aroma of herbs ,just tired also eliminates many .
Cold brother ,can you up just room will be the patient to down ? Chen Fan to Li Lao who said the cold peak .Hear the words of Chen Fan ,cold fronts and did not answer, but first look to Li Lao ,as if in his opinion soliciting .
Cold peak you two as small orders to do so ,there is no danger . Li Lao the first .Peak spit out a word ,and another bodyguard turned away .Li Lao heard that, when the Soviet Yuemei and Liu Ruyan then think of Li Lao who has been in a wheelchair and rarely spoke of the old man, originally they thought that this old man is a patient of Qian Zhongxiang ,just come to see ,so the two of them did not how to pay attention to ,which is now the two of them had to be a glimpse of Li Lao .
Li Lao saw that anger and dignified imposing manner ,in associate just cold peak two momentum, two hearts of people from beneath a sound :the old man is not simple but from what he has just said ,the Li Lao and Chen Fan also knows ,just don what they are to each other ?At the same time this one let Liu Ruyan in the curious ,this is decided by her occupation habits like the time like that ,how to tap off something about Chen Fan .
Your woman to avoid . Then Chen Fan said a few openings ,see the woman did not understand why it continues ,Chen Fan explained: in order to let the patient directly absorb this potion effect, so the patient will be carried down, but in nature .
The differences between men and women ,I see you or to avoid a good point . When it comes to ,Chen Fan is also a hair up to scratch .Hear the words of Chen Fan are also on the faces of the daughters by flashing a flush ,not by quickly returned to normal ,just listen to the Su Yuemei said: so ,you take this five guests to a room on the ground floor rest ,here I am at CITIC is good .
Liu Ruyan this and not to sue Yuemei back, just nod to Zhao Qingwan ,five of humanity : you come with me . .Although the heart of five curiosity ,but also know that such a scene is not suitable for their own and others watch ,the present is nodded ,with Liu Ruyan leave .
In six left, only cold fronts and another bodyguard carry willow CITIC came up ,looked at the naked ,snow-white skin sick husband ,Su Yuemei heart is not a pain ,eyes with a little water .
Set the fire to increase Chen fan directly to the two servants to call .The flaming fire in the VAT water burn straight bubbles can be seen now ,the temperature is high ,and there is the heart to Su Yuemei mouths, worried and asked: if I not happen ? Aunt Sue ,don Fine .
Chen Fan comfort Su Yuemei sound ,then studied the water jar becomes green ,then quickly upon cold body two humane : his rack into the aquarium . Look at that has been bubbling potions ,cold fronts and another bodyguard is not half of hesitation ,who took Yagi Nakanobu hand ,directly so willow Ruxin whole person in water .
So high temperature liquid ,where people could bear ,was also worried about the accident Yuemei Su and Li Lao two people ,and the whole into willow CITIC tank inside, who still bubbling potion immediately calmed down ,as if suddenly joined in a large cold .
The fire in the increase . When Chen Fan saw the water falls down ,in over two servants cried .Two servants but desperately in there with firewood ,saw the flaming flame has burned to the tank top ,but is so large that fire drops only emit some heat ,but just boiling as far .
Aside Li Lao et al are dumbfounded ,they did not think in such a fire for cooking ,the water temperature is not high ,which is really what they want to do not understand is how a matter .
And then the cold fronts are never seen such a situation ,the present not by hand into water . ? Cold fronts wrinkled head consists of a wrinkle ,mind is surprised Air Max Classic BW Mens Outlet,because the water temperature was up there is only more than 30 degrees looks like ,this is really let him want not to understand ,he also felt that these green potion gave him a very strange feeling ,as if there are a heat flow into his body ,so he was a say over .
Hand has set his sights on Yagi Nakanobu Chen Fan now noticed that do not know when the cold front hand into the cylinder ,which makes him not to drink a sound .To hear Chen Fan voice, but also in a comfortable cooling in the peak immediately hand back ,face but still long no trace of the wrong color, but with a little puzzled look at Chen fan .
Cold fronts what happened ? Li Lao is also a wrinkled brow asked .That Cold fronts concise answer to .That Don you just reach in that moment ,absorbing many resistance ? Chen Fan was now a bit angry stare cold peak called .
Can to , it is cold peak first said the words, he did not know why I say the word .Qian Zhongxiang Chen Fan listen to the tone seemed angry ,not by looking under the cold fronts ,then asked : what has happened to them ? Call .
Chen Fan quelled the heart shakes his anger ,he also does not want to do too much explanation ,there are things he knew well ,there is no need to do so many interpretations ,continue to look at the tank Yagi Nakanobu variations .
Cold Fenggang exactly what happened ?How can you make them angry ? See cold peak has come to him ,Li Lao not be asked . I just put his hand into the jar . Cold fronts honest answer with .
Eh? Li Lao and Qian Zhongxiang are not confused ,only to hear Qian Zhongxiang asked : what do you feel ? Peak with a nod of his head ,he reached into the cylinder will have a hand in feel to say : the cylinder ,the temperature of water in only thirty degrees ,and the green potion gave me a very comfortable feeling ,as if is a heat flow from my hands throughout the body .
Listen to the cold peak explanation ,Qian Zhongxiang and Lee Laodou surprised some up ,just boiling syrup ,Liu CITIC into the tank when it was down to twenty or thirty degrees, it is incredible ,not to mention water tank or in the fires of non-stop cook .
There is just cold fronts that comfortable feeling ,more let Qian Zhongxiang feel curious, but all have their own experience before you know .Think of this two old not by time into Chen fan .
And then after a period of cooking ,they originally skin white and Liu Zhongxin in this potion of the cooking ,the skin of the face is becoming some rosy, green potion also slowly began to become some light up ,see that Chen Fan knows medicine resistance has begun to slowly be willow CITIC absorption .
The present Chen Fan hands very quickly moving up Freestyle Vest, immediately twist move sticking in the willow CITIC Baihui in silver .Looking at the hand moves faster Chen Fan ,although not the first time to see Chen Fan play this golden crossing points acupuncture manipulation of magic ,but he could not stay inside .
Yes ,Chen Fan then used is the last Li Xinlan in the treatment of the golden crossing point method ,and the golden crossing point is the most critical point move will be ,can not have the slightest mistake ,otherwise, can let the patient die ,so Chen Fan also have not the slightest bit careless .
He is the use of golden crossing point not golden crossing robbery of the law, it is because Liu CITIC in vivo vitality this close to failure ,if the golden cross . this stimulation on acupuncture vitality ,it will only accelerate the pace of his death .
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