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October 31 [Wed], 2012, 10:24

> The duo of coke Meng Hung flag in his apartment in order to Lu Shunto ruthlessly when Lu Chun In short, Qi Jun, Jiang Ling Hotel in Asia and Europe with a product Xuan dining. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm early as the stepped into the four-star hotel in Asia and Europe beginning Lu spring unceremoniously criticized senior senior sister apprentice waste Qi Jun and Jiang Ling was both mysterious smile, her eyes fell on Briefly body, it is truly ambiguous. They couple will act decisively since found Lu spring missing straight to find Hung flag there dignitaries Hung flag down bachelor, know these things do not last long hiding, so to say look at the young man is very pleasing to the eye, so the way to bring together young man Briefly. Say this, Qijun Fu women can not say what, after all, Hung Bureau joking quite a reputation in the PUC is also good to do. Yu Qi Chun for Lu Chun, short acquiescence of both of improper relationship, Jiang Ling, indeed, some wavering, according to the two stations together appearance looks actually very couple phase compared. However, in the Ming dynasty ri Jiang Ling, a brother and a sister,North Face Men's 3 In 1 Jackets, sister-in-law, candidates fail to get married daughter to consider, brother-in-law, the role of Jiang Ling early positioning in Lu spring body. Jiang Ling saved so selfish, so the wine on the table, always intentionally or unintentionally, will be filed in a place called Chiang Ying name. The Jiang Ling conclusion if the seventies, Lu the spring and Chiang Ying children can play soy sauce - and they are the reason why no children yet, all the evil of the Lu spring blushing, arguing: Lu Chun said: of color floating face. It was at this time, simple words received a phone Hung flag. Briefly, because Lu spring super hearing, dare not pack the room to answer the phone, but ran to the hallway. Hung flag roar of sound is exceptionally clear, and should not be short differentiate, finished speaking directly to hang up, apparently determined to have been under. Briefly, can not help but frown. Not so much like the police this career short, it would be better to say she likes dry the INTERPOL this line, precisely because Hung flag her eat wearer to bring the gang threat,Camrose Parka Canada Goose, not afraid of her not to succumb. Briefly continuous pacing in the hallway a few back and forth, knew that this thing again anxious not be anxious at this time, also when before making any decisions. Lu spring drinker seems, however, not very good, only a few sips of beer, red face unlike look so so ... while he was drunk with a fait accompli ... short cheeks suddenly burning badly, did not dare think of going. Again into the private dining room. Briefly accident Lu spring despite the blush still. Can speak but still very methodical. His voice has not seen much bigger. And. Unexpectedly. Lu Springfield pupil still with sky blue to white. Did no bloodshot. With these findings. Briefly suddenly lost. When the field in the corridor are unthinkable. And now. But what is unthinkable. ※ this meal to eat nearly three hours. Or Xu Qijun Jiang Ling Hung flag implies. When Briefly money bill places. The two of them just gone below a few imaginary should be polite. Hotel in Asia and Europe. Time nears nine. Briefly anxious. Excuse for something. Then drove off. So,UGG Bailey Button Bomber. The task falls send Lu Springfield Qi Jun. When on the road. Jiang Ling began to chatter. Words to mean nothing more than short good. But older. Chiang Ying touches smaller than Lu spring only one year old. So. The conclusion is that Jiang Ying. Lu spring is still small. Ming dynasty ri elders in this regard make fun of words not less. The passage of time. Lu spring all giggle against. Anyway, only when not to hear. Jiang Ling again to bring this crop. Lu spring still giggle. More by a drink eyes closed. This way. Jiang Ling Mozhe. Less with Lu had warned Qi Jun spring drink,UGG Jimmy Choo Sora. Nest in the back seat of Lu Spring heart of the straight giggle. The heart says wine is really a good thing. Anything can be in the past the wine who pushed. No wonder men love to drink. Back to the police officers and men apartment, Qi Chun Jiang Ling only when Lu spring really drunk, told him to go to bed earlier, take him to recognize tomorrow recognition door way to recognize three sons know Qi Jun. Leaves and other attendance Chun Jiang Ling, Lu spring immediately to roam up to touch here, look there, all full of freshness, in particular, the hall 30 two-inch LCD TV, pondering for a long while, and accidentally press button image and sound, also shocked, then, he's attractive to completely freeze on the TV screen. The Daming ri and no television, the Ming dynasty Valley support nation-building, donated gold country also intends to build a Ming dynasty Valley. Unfortunately, that places children by taking no other way, then the Central Military Commission have considered some large equipment rely on transport aircraft shipped to the Ming dynasty Valley, can transport aircraft is about to close to the Ming dynasty Valley, aircraft instrument will always be inexplicable failure. One to two to the construction of the the Ming dynasty Valley will become empty talk. Ironically, the Ming dynasty ri only a red car, because the gasoline to travel long distances to buy, so, in the Ming dynasty Valley only act as the role of the ornamental products. Lu spring for the first time to watch TV, the attention is attracted to, and even the room phone rings, he only when the TV's voice sounded, the whole did not mind. Until the phone ringing over and over again ringing off the hook this to his attention to transfer to the sofa next to detour to the telephone. Lu spring like a shock to the general, ※ Asia-Europe Hotel 1202 room Briefly put down the handset next to an anxious female voice immediately shouted: ? Phone quickly switched, the pressure pressure throat Briefly, calm tumbling emotional and said into the phone: What? Oh, there are bad men. anxiously sweetly heart, the heart that he was still me, so told Lu spring careful words were particularly tenderness overflowing. ------------------- (More) <

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