no wonder God forbidden so powerful

November 08 [Thu], 2012, 17:30

Cattle bb novel Read recommended patricide and warlords Magic Princess too difficult chase entropy Princess than beauty concubine the gold medal Princess Li Lei Ting Liu Ying also nodded segment flight feathers and Kaitai Fortunately, some he know these things precious, are carefully transplant, nor on the surrounding What impact, but Li Lei Ting three of them is different. Their knowledge less than the segment flight feathers two more, and is looking for its own favorite things, far more than they transplant destruction around the transplant process. This after a few people remain in the chaotic beads, good finishing with that planet, and then the flight feathers planet of four people to move to a place nearby, and the establishment of a Chuansong Zhen, to facilitate their travel. The Twelve Devil escort practice segment flight feathers finishing some twelve escort nor poor sat open space on the practice, finally had to retreat with the Chamber of Secrets. Segment flight feathers with their own methods of alchemy refining furnace three or four habitat Shendan to the twelve escort to their repair, three or four habitat Shendan enough for use. Time has been for a long time, He Yong and Liu Ying Chi Ling fruit has also been well absorbed, the flesh has transformed perfectly, Li Lei Ting's transformation than the original even better. After a series of segment flight feathers decided to He Yong and Liu Ying sent to the new college, go there to accept the system of learning, old so they follow their own on the future development in the spirit world is not good, only after the system of the spirit world College learning in order to allow them to practice more with less, after such a good condition, segment flight feathers do not want to delay them. Hear is naturally unwilling to go to the new School of Liu Ying and He Yong, He Yong Fortunately, he must listen to the segment flight feathers, but Liu Ying more intractable. This girl since after the resurrection of nature seem to back up, are billions of years old canada goose jacket clearance, the sometimes still-segment flight feathers in front of coquetry so pretty. Li Lei Ting finally persuaded the Liu Ying As for the way to make what Li Lei Ting Liu Ying initiative promised to go to the new College learning segment flight feathers asked several times, Li Lei Ting did not say. He Yong and Liu Ying sent to a new school, Abou segment flight feathers and some emotion. Billions of years, segment the flight feathers comparable to people thousands of trillions of years of cultivation, this segment flight feathers practice speed into the spirit world, he said the first one would dare say the second. The Abou not embarrass segment flight feathers, very happy two people to the closing down segment flight feathers do not know how good the two after Zhiling fruit transformation constitution is, Abou encountered this seedling how may miss Even if the segment flight feathers he would fight to let the two men left. This segment flight feathers negligence. Led to Liu Ying and He Yong in the new College of thousands of years, is the most memorable of years Unfortunately, the segment flight feathers has left here and did not give them leave contact information, the two of them wanted to see segment flight feathers must be a thousand years of flight feathers to pick them up when the job. Liu Ying and He Yong, AMB and criminal cases and disputes some two good seedling Abou want a person eating. The Unexpectedly be heard segment flight feathers back Hastening criminal cases found. After several days of debate, they finally final deliberations they can accept the results. Liu Ying to the Abou teachings, He Yong handed punishment religious guide Adirondack Tall UGGs. Since then, He Yong tragic life began, Liu Ying also no better than he where to go. All of this segment flight feathers do not know, the spirit world new School places students have a lot. Liu Ying, where they can deal and God can hand in their own friends, they have a man of God, and can not always follow the segment flight feathers. Should have their own independent world. Been continent of the spirit world, three of the domain of God could not interested in, no wonder that the continent of the spirit world is the real spirit world, God belongs to space nothing, three of them now the deepest experience of this sentence, three after after simple consultation, decided to return to the spirit world continent also go, now everything in the domain of God, they go to continue the journey is not finished yet, come back for the to Liu Ying two of them is a million years. After the trip to the continent of the spirit world, Li Lei Ting and want to go to the south of ground-to-air desolate desert to go take a look at the segment flight feathers thought agreed, Li Lei Ting is also curious segment flight feathers believe, Li Lei Ting seen where the scene will be asked to leave their own land first segment flight feathers continent into the spirit world is to empty desolate desert, the place harsh environment now returned segment flight feathers keep deep impression. Picture-stone magic for a boat, three this time place the continent in the spirit world is the center of the empty desolate desert lot flight feathers now well adjust the picture-stone shuttle energy space directly to the desert, but also want Li Lei Ting, after reading them to leave immediately. Sure enough, saw immediate barren Li Lei Ting brow slightly wrinkled up here the breath also very dry, with four of sand, that bald bald Gushan, people look really uncomfortable. Flight feathers, how empty desolate desert like this, have such a great spirit world how a bad place! I am afraid that the segment flight feathers now says she left her will immediately agree. here are free to find a place to practice, but not allowed to go out within the specified time! punishment. . Segment flight feathers of laughter Ge contingent stop, just segment flight feathers habitual lend a soul was observed in the vicinity of a lot, and found a very subtle hidden God forbidden, if it is a special energy that weird smile reappeared mouth fluctuations, absolutely can not be found at God forbidden. More important is that this God forbidden segment flight feathers have a familiar feel, somewhat similar to the layout of this God forbidden practices and lonely white house of God when God domains ban, can be inferred to belong to the same class, God forbidden, just God forbidden even clever thousand times, segment flight feathers not completely absorbed the point in Chaos beads, chaotic vitality, can not be found hidden God forbidden. Lei Ting, you advanced chaos beads, etc. I Kaitai I went to take a look! ban can be seen, this is definitely a very important place. Maybe one of their bases, the base built in the empty desolate desert, Geng who really want it. Li Lei Ting know segment flight feathers certainly something cultivation, followed only is cumbersome. There are a few people nod will go back to chaos beads, also confessed saying that it wanted segment flight feathers carefully, she did not think about the spirit world, and now can hurt segment flight feathers. point also do not understand UGGs Seline Boots. But the segment flight feathers know this God forbidden not only hidden inside things. Also strayed to the people directly sent, also strayed into the person can not be found. Means of clever segment flight feathers unheard. This God forbidden segment flight feathers the start not know how the next, let alone rely on themselves to get rid of the. The natural small Jinding dispatched, sucking the the forbidden energy of God, let God forbidden without energy automatically disintegrate. This God forbidden energy than ordinary God forbidden to more small the Jinding have a full suck for a while before sucking. Segment flight feathers found, the God forbidden under poly spiritual matrix in a tremendous spirit world to this God forbidden has been providing energy, no wonder God forbidden so powerful. God forbidden one to get rid of the inside to something also followed exposure may be arranged this God forbidden too confident. Remove this God forbidden, they did not use a little secret things. Etc. after the God forbidden broken open, a huge underground palace also appeared in the front section of flight feathers, palaces, full of God general domain planet ten area. Segment flight feathers shocked the palace of people shocked, they did not expect, let them trust God ban will actually disappear, or inexplicable disappearance of two top grade the gods also appears in front of the palace. Segment flight feathers froze the reason is because the people inside, enough to have hundreds of millions of people inside the palace, but in addition to the hundreds of thousands of people doing all kinds of things, all the others is the limit, of which there are more than five thousand a million girls, to see that this is to surgery practice complement satisfied using. Segment flight feathers most surprising Zhu day turned out here, too, and see the look of Chu Tien is imprisoned in the divine power of Chu Tien, who has been completely banned fall upon the haggard faces that he does not live here. People inside the reaction does not slow, the the God forbidden disappear immediately fly over a dozen top grade gods to segment flight feathers and Kaitai surrounded, there are dozens of people to check on the place of God is forbidden, and a hundred thousand low-grade gods and tidy all standing together, as a gods Legion general. conducted in secret, but these Geng where they do, it seems Geng where the ambition is not small. Segment flight feathers have been to this place as a base of Geng who was imprisoned for Chu Tien segment the flight feathers guess Geng who see Chu Tien kill him secretly training huff off here, as in the end how the matter rescued Zhu Tin Hau can understand. Dozen top grade the gods surrounded segment flight feathers duo Canada Goose Jackets, neither hands nor speak. That dozens of people after checking hastily left before they leave, there are a few people turned to take a look around the middle segment flight feathers two. Palace middle of a sudden open a small door, shoved a segment flight feathers, eyes tight, he can certainly just come in when there is absolutely no door, that is the segment flight feathers did not found where there is a separate space, there is nothing I do not know. Out of a small door, a tall, thin, looking very Yinhen a chill atmosphere, so that the next person whether no one dared go near him. Expression to see this person segment flight feathers also change the mouth that strange hint of a smile again up, and this is particularly strange laugh Canada Goose Camrose Parka, even next Kaitai felt a little scared. His words made around the Kaitai heart suddenly surprised, this tall, thin young man turned out to be a god king, and anybody knows God King. , the power of this God forbidden, he is the most clear break to get rid of, God forbidden, tall, thin young man finds that he can not do, let alone get rid of it completely, so clever. The tall, thin young man then gave anti back this Kaitai whether or palace, people are aware of the following things is both personal matter their level is not inserted into the. Ready to rest? President only joy does not love looking door lady concubine strongest Queen's scared of China first-class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult to obey first pulled the little Princess devil darling Merry Missy sake of the child with husband

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