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We went to the terrace behind the cabin we rented a beautiful friends of Paul for the weekend. It was last weekend off I had, before the band hit the road. I was not with them, I had to work and stuff, Paul wanted to do something special with me, away from all the others before you leave, it would take a while before they had a break from touring. Had been a while since we've been alone too. It was always going to parties, making appearances to see people. I love you all, I knew, I love meeting new people and social, but I am also a very private person and like to have time for me. If my head was spinning so I can only imagine what it was for Paul. But I do not like, he loves being the center of attention, at times, and I do not think he has a lot to me. That was another reason I refused to go on tour with them.
The cabin was more spectacular than I ever could have imagined. Once I got there I did not wantto exit. It was so serene, so calm and peaceful way. There was a small lake behind the cabin, and on a night like this, it just took my breath away.
It was dark and the moon reflected in water, making it look prettier. I sat on the deck swing and Paul came over and, to say a word, sat down beside me. He grabbed my hand, fingers intertwined. We had just finished speaking used by telephone Rob, the last details of the tour were in the process discovered.
We sat there, swaying gently, then has the floor.
Lets go skinny dipping!
What? he asked, a little fun.
want to go swimming naked. Again, he stood up and started walking around the deck stairs.
You are crazy! He said, not moving from his seat on the swing. I knew he did not like the water, but did not give me anything, I loved it. The water should be zero
I turned ato it. It's a beautiful night, Paul. It is this warm night, the water can not be so cold. You join me? I said, then took off my shirt over my head and threw it at him, or should I go alone?
Oh, now to be construed as a bribe. He said and put my shirt up and approach me. You know, I can not resist the woman I love, her clothes in front of me n.
that was the idea. He said, wrapping my Harms around him, kissed him on the lips. Well?
was not so sure now. He could still turn around and walk with
Are you going to enter, knowing that I 'm here at sea, alone, naked, wet, and a good time?
Go inside... No cut and even thought of you in this lake...
I laughed and walked away from him, but he clung to the hand to lead him into the lake. When we reached the water's edge,I turned to him again, standing, looked into his eyes, and unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them away. He took me in his arms and kissed me again and said : Are you sure no one see
There is nobody here who are perhaps one of the 10 cabins in the entire lake, and when we see? is who cares? They are simply evil.
smiled, satisfied with my answer, then pulled his shirt over his head. It helped me to unbutton his pants, then pulled her bra and panties, as he removed his underwear. He was very excited... about our little adventure, so it was clear.
walked slowly in water colder than I thought, but was not completely frozen. I decided to go for it, and went so far as the water was halfway up my chest. Being only 5'2, I would go so far as I thought the plant would be reduced more than expected. Paul followed me where I was and said, not cold, is not
All right, I was wrong?It's not as bad as it is?
No, it is not. And I know how to do it even warmer, he said, pulling me towards him and in a deep kiss. He had other reasons than just swimming for this trip, right? It's not even like-minded people. He then started on my neck, kissing, nibbling and licking. I threw my head back and moaned softly. We had been together for a while, and knew exactly where to touch my body, I, I go crazy. His hands were everywhere, was able to explore, caress and fondle my breasts, and then around my waist, and then below. He kissed her gently on the lips of his attention. I love Paul. Oh, my God, please, now I said, my breathing heavy with his probing below my waist. When I kissed him, I moved my hand and stroked it for a few seconds, then took out and inside me. Then there were his arms around my waist and he hugged me to drive back to me as my knee threatened to give out. I called her name, when I let my body be aware of every moment. Then I did not, and could go much on me and called my name. I screamed in ecstasy, and then kissed her neck as he came from where I was, and wrapped his arms around my back.
Oh God, we really have to do it again. I said, after catching his breath. He laughed a little and smiled, kissed my cheek and pulled me out of the water.
What a pity that we bring a blanket with us. He said as he walked slowly back to the cabin. If we had almost forgotten to take clothes with us. I wish I had thought of taking a blanket with us here. We could be there, watching the stars or something. But that kind of spur of the moment was happening, and there's always next time.
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