Since the existing television contract will expire at the end of 2015-16 season

July 01 [Mon], 2013, 17:10

NBA is considering the annual draft was held one week later, so that you can pull and Finals at the distance of time, so that draft to get more attention.

The message comes from a insider, because he is not authorized to publish this, so ask reporters withheld his name. The news sources involved in the NBA and TV broadcasters - including ABC, ESPN, and Warner (TNT and NBATV owners) - Nike Roshe Run Woven discussions between.

NBA Draft reason to postpone the time, is hoping to stretch the finals and the final distance between the draft. Since the ownership of the championship and after the parade will continue for some time, so will distract the attention of fans and television viewers, leading to reduce the impact of the NBA Draft. Union believes that the draft postponed for a week, you can make this thing more influence, so that people pay more attention to these alliances stars of the future.

This year's draft is in Beijing on the morning of the 28th, Anthony - Bennett was elected a draft pick, Oladipo elected second place. Heat and Spurs Finals Game 7 was conducted in Beijing on the 21st, and the draft only a week interval. Heat win big parade in Beijing early morning of the 25th, and the draft is only just three days time.

Since the existing television contract will expire at the end of 2015-16 season, so that several NBA TV has started and talked about the next contract, and to postpone negotiations on the draft topic is one of the elements.

Two years ago, Prokhorov shot to buy Nike Shox Agent the New Jersey Nets, he won 80% of the shares and the Nets Barclays Arena 45% stake, the last two years he did not disappoint in the NBA big moves constantly. Last summer a five-year 98 million contract Deron - Williams, in exchange for billions of dollars in contracts have Joe - Johnson, Lopez, Humphries have gained more than ten million U.S. dollars annual salary of the contract, Gerrard - China Wallace's contract is close to millions of dollars. Nets last season, the team salary reached 8762.7934 million, which ranked second only to the Lakers. After completion of the transaction with the Celtics Nets have promised not cut Pierce, this also means that Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Terry next season's salary totaling as much as $ 33 million, a conservative estimate would easily pay the Nets billions of dollars, if the Lakers failed to keep Howard, who will become the league's highest-paid team. Next season Deron - Williams, Joe - Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Lopez in the starting lineup wages totaling $ 81,470,000, $ 71,600,000 pressing season luxury tax threshold count, not the Nets lineup also need to pay $ 10 million in luxury tax.

Nets next season's All-Star starting lineup will be the defending champion Miami Heat and young walkers form a huge threat, Mikhail - Prokhorov let NBA completely crazy.

However, if the deferred draft time, will produce a series of follow-up questions. According to current rules, the annual June 30 is the end of the time last season, all the teams and players options will be implemented in July 1 after the arrival of the new season, the team can be a free agent to make contact, while Union will freeze all operations inventory (computing income status). In about July 7, after the end of the freeze period, teams and players can negotiate a good formal contract, while the summer league on the agenda. If the draft postponed for a week, then all this must be followed delayed season will be stretched.

Now Alliance program is to be postponed until August Summer League conducted free Nike Shox Deliver agent signings while reducing the time frame, if such be the case, then a week later for the NBA Draft, becomes more feasible it.


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