do not know if the old hands

August 19 [Mon], 2013, 16:49
"That bracelet boss how much money I have to?" The man said dismissively, it seems like a lot of money too. Boss scratched his head and said: "But the guests have to" "I'm out double the price," the man still closed one eye, arrogant feeling. "Keke" I cough twice, and then said: "That's what, Wei brothers, Ha Long time no see" The man is out pants, subsequently reached courtship Weijun Zhi Xu Xin, did not think he should be Furutake family man, no wonder he had around two bodyguards are yellow-order peak of the Warrior. "You" Weijun Zhi That opened his eyes, looked at me astonished. I smiled: "Yes, it is me," "I said Jun intellect, your kid how have come" Wang Haoming beside me suddenly began. Listen to his voice, and it will afford him Weijun Zhi also recognized. "Ho Ming, Hao Domingo" Weijun Zhi Wang Haoming while watching stuttered, then dry with a smile: "I came to visit them,Whistler Parka Women Sale, you know, I blocked meridians, can not practice the ancient martial." Weijun Zhi actually plug body meridians, but evidently even So, he weijiaying treatment, also good. Wang Haoming nodded, then pointed at me and said: "This is my brother, summer, also dragon veteran disciples." "What? Qingyang he is the dragon's apprentice" Weijun Zhi looked at me astonished. It seems the old man in the ancient Wu Jie Long position does not low, but how could find Long Qin Shousheng Qingyang when my coach? Although Qin is the capital of the four families, but family and ancient weapons than it can be sent to far away. "The young gentleman, bracelets give you a good package, one hundred thousand yuan," the boss, the packaged chain and handed Weijun Zhi. Weijun Zhi brush under the card, and then turn bracelets handed me, and then said: "I have offended more than before, I'm sorry," "Nothing, this chain is Domingo to his sister, and you or direct it to her," I am referring to the refers to Wang Zi Yan said, this Weijun Zhi did not know any tricks again, Long Qingyang very fast hardware, but I know that in order to Weijun Zhi character, definitely not because of a name, and for me to change attitudes. Weijun Zhi Wang Zi Yan gave the bracelet, they leave, we turn for a moment there. "Already noon, the exchange will begin, and we still go back first," Wang Haoming read the next time, and then said. I nodded, following them. Four sides of the stall cries, all stopped, looked very quiet. Escorts first greeted factions, they all do not speak. "Yuemou first puts it," Yue Chihiro suddenly spoke and said, so the atmosphere eased a bit. I saw Yue Chihiro took a stone, and then said: "This is the Millennium Iron fine, I do not know all of you, there is no want to swap?" Then in the cast of an old man sitting Jianmen spoke and said: "I There is a sword, I wonder if the head of the hands can exchange Yue Millennium iron concentrate? "Then, they throw a sword, gas holding, handed Yue Chihiro front. Yue Chihiro nodded, using the same method will be sent in the past millennium iron concentrate. I looked very puzzled, he whispered: "This sword though sharp, but apparently not material that the Millennium iron concentrate better, why Yue Chihiro also agreed to exchange?" "Millennium Iron fine although excellent, but not proficient in Huashan grown up on the weapons of the law, keep useless,North Face Softshell Sale, might as well swap a weapon. "Tan old faint. I nodded, not saying anything. With Yue Chihiro and cast Jianmen old deal, the rest of the martial art, all in a row start trading up. After some time, come up with an ancient old Tam, and then said: "This is the old lady even obtained a mysterious order boxing Cheats, do not know if there fellow want to swap?" "Mysterious order Cheats?" Was heard inside the hall gasp. Although every martial art has its own organs Heart, but the martial arts, but are limited, so that the mysterious old Tam order Cheats, directly caused the crowd exclaimed. "I also return to a sword, I do not know Tan brother think of it?" Cast Jianmen old man spoke again. Tan old but shook his head: "no shortage of royal magic weapon" "I am in my upper Ointment exchange Huashan how?" Yue Chihiro said, laughing. Tan old and shook his head: "Ointment is good, but only to treat trauma, repair injuries Tanmou want is immortality." Suddenly there is a sound cynical, said: "Wild rumors, royal master of the house, injuries than fighting with people, it seems it is true, "" What do you mean, "Wang Haoming some angry, the people cried out loud on the TV drama. Tan old puts Wang Haoming stopped, then smiled and said: "No harm, the old trip to the purpose, just to immortality in exchange for healing, I do not know if you have any immortality exchange with the old lady?" "I have a hundred Ganoderma But in exchange for a mysterious order Cheats something wrong ah "That cynical person,Hybridge Jacket Sale, again out loud. This man was a clear and royal done right, I will not speak if he has a hundred years fungus, I'm afraid even if there is, it will not and Tan old exchange. "That sword cheats to order it," old Tan Leng Heng. His words, it shows that the royal master of the house, really hurt, but do not seem to light, otherwise it will not come to order Cheats, although not internal organs Heart, but on the ground Cheats order can be is not a simple thing. Just order it caused a great uproar mysterious, this sword cheats to order an entire venue can not be quiet. Suddenly there is a middle-aged man spoke and said: "I Maninsan Although no healing panacea, but there are a hundred years of ginseng king, do not know if the old hands in exchange for Tan to order sword Cheats?" Maninsan? I seem to have heard this name, but where are heard, how can I forget? It should not be very important, otherwise how will forget yourself? But centuries ginseng king in exchange to order Cheats, I think some disadvantage, Tan old is ready to agree, but I whispered: "Tam old, I've got a lot of soul strains, which still come away to order cheats" "remark really? "Tan old looked at me surprised. I smiled: "Nature is true, do not lie to your kid need to" Tan old nodded, facing Maninsan that middle-aged, said: "Rise of ginseng king although rare, but for the treatment of injuries, but not obvious. "Maninsan middle-aged man heard this, helplessly shook his head, no longer speak. Exchange has been going, but things appear, not how to attract my attention, but added a bit boring. "In the coming occasionally get a Lingzhu, but can not fathom the meaning of them, you do not know one way, there is no fancy" to hear this voice, and I turned around and looked in the past, this look at me straight in there Dai Li . The so-called Lingzhu sinking, sinking home unexpectedly and transparent glass balls, exactly the same (the fourth is more, under more 19:00)
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