Manzi tired of playing like a change of taste

November 19 [Tue], 2013, 11:25
Unlimited ice can not exist decisive,but Blizzard has cut it cut very artistic, critical mass is not cut,do not cut the ice ring ( eg critical mass to trigger a unit of time restrictions on the number or ice ring to shorten the cooling time is not infinite ice can achieve the purpose of infinite cut ),but cut those skills directly trigger factor,that is to tell the players : hard brush equip it, you need more crit, hit back for more,more crit back to Peru,and then you can make unlimited ice,of course, that time maybe I will consider further trigger factor down a little so that you have a steady stream of power brush equipment ......

0CD dog's blood is an infinitely more difficult to ignore the existence of so dangerous,but I heard purgatory can not afford ilvl58 following things, something that is called magic tire ilvl how come forward ? Conspiracy,it must be conspiracy ...... incidentally personally think that the status quo is still big hidden job more in line with FIFA Ultimate Team Coins Blizzard's aesthetic,the coexistence of a variety of genres,there are some useful skill but not to the BUG, no brain can ignore all affixes Zhan Zhuang point,but it does not need to be considered endurance can not be resolved and there is a variety of solutions.Of course, if DPS skills programs can be a little bit more than ten 51 nine push the Bears are perfect.

If Jie Lunge Manzi tired of playing like a change of taste,can you guess what skills will be passive knife ? I guess it is infinitely Saiyan.Saiyan is a multi- potent form that we know everything,but ran almost let this imba cool stream into a permanent state of buff,this is too unusual,when other occupations steadily want to select a most efficient died less difficult times when Parkour flow can not wait to pull together the whole strange map a even prefer to run a higher difficulty grounds that are less likely to break anger and easier to maintain unlimited Saiyan,it is wonderful,right ?