The findings have certain partiality

September 25 [Wed], 2013, 11:46
A total of 11,500 fans were surveyed, of which 87% will vote for Messi, arguing that Argentina can already act as "King" the honor of the supremacy. Votes for 87% means that others who had won numerous honors, dominating an era of stars, add up to a total of only 13% votes! Specific to the individual, Maradona's support rate was 6%, Bailey, 3%, Cruyff was 2%, Alfredo di St is also 2%. Maradona's approval ratings with the highest percentage of votes less than Macy's one-tenth!

Cannot be denied. The findings have certain partiality. The daily sports newspaper is a local media, mainly for Catalonia, even in Spain, whose influence is also significantly less than the Marca newspaper, let alone influence in world football as a whole. Readers and audiences, the vast majority of the Barca fans are solid, and sought independence of Catalonia in the current context, Macy's while not Catalan, but when I came to Barcelona from La masilla youth camp, can be seen as half of the Catalan people. nike blazer mid woven uk In fact, among the 5 players, in addition to Messi,, Diego Maradona and Johan Cruyff were playing for Barca, they get the favor is not surprising. While Bailey was recognized as the number one in world football, but Barcelona fans is not selling his books. The words dedicated to describe Messi is called "Inmessionante", which words have the following meanings: first, described Messi in football's perfect performance, the second refers to the progress he seems to have no limits of space, refers to the third best player of all time. The word is from the Spanish word "Inpessionante" evolved, the meaning is "impressive" Spain Royal Academy of languages that word perfect combination together with the name of Lionel Messi Messi. Of course, this new Word is not without reason, but not from Spain Royal language Academy of wisdom. Earlier, Argentina coach Savilla right out: "there's no words to describe Messi soccer, Spain Royal language Academy of Sciences for his creation of new words. "Savilla directly to Spain defuses official bodies of the Royal family. As the Savilla said, in Messi constantly refresh records, and reelected gold ball of while, many football playing are expression has similar of troubles, "fundamental found not to suitable of Word to described Messi", its mentor melon PEP Guardiola helpless zhixia only said "Messi is football Shang of Michael Jordan", but does not exact, by fortunately Savilla and Spain Royal language Academy Zhijian of "entanglements" was a transnational Enterprise insight into, subsequently the enterprise launched has a items for Mei Xizao word of movement, And employ a language with amazing Savilla to judge and eventually Argentina coach was selected from a large vocabulary "inmessionante" the Word as a specialized vocabulary describing Lionel Messi.

Worth a mention of is, Spain Royal language Academy of Sciences also times first time will "inmessionante" income Spain Royal language Academy of Sciences Spain language dictionary under, Spain Royal language Academy of Sciences of responsibility is specification Spain language, nike blazer vt high sale general situation Xia, new create of vocabulary are not was selected into Spain Royal language Academy of Sciences Spain language dictionary under, after all this this dictionary in Spain of status similar Yu China of Xinhua dictionary under, its authoritative undoubtedly. Meanwhile, Spain's Royal language Academy of Sciences to carry out a more comprehensive definition of this word, including Macy's performance in football, the progress of a player holds as well as the best player in the history of the three. Look, Spain Royal language Academy of Lionel Messi is also preferred, and at its bend. Now most benefit are those that focus on the media and fans, Messi's performance, from then on, they can use the "inmessionante" the word directly praising Messi.
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