even a huge ak47 impact

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Four hundred and seventy first chapter you finally came, my hero "That would also ...... and so on ... what?" Just then, cowboys A suddenly found and heard in the distance while the roar of sound he react, the three reinstall armored vehicles have been rushed to the front of them, my God, the army to? Less than other two cowboys react, armored vehicles broke through the defense line of obstacles, went straight to the headquarters of the mirror the high group away, which in the end is how is it? Cowboys looked at each other, standing still, they have fully understood not the scene just happened. & *. "." Fastest update ** Yalin playing this time completely Blitz, armored vehicles just stopped to mirror high group's stronghold, is the head of the self-house door, the two teams of heavily armed Butei have opened the door of the armored vehicles and gun control two black people live in guarded door. A team responsible for the in situ alert, Second Team three teams come with me! "Absolutely no preparation time gangster, Yalin directly with the two teams Butei rushed into the courtyard, but this time mansion already become a battlefield, the mirror high members of the group are divided into two flats, the ongoing Rush, have been fighting it? The first time into the courtyard, Yalin have seen to occupy the left side of the courtyard that familiar figure, a gorgeous pale blue kimono, a brown hair high disk from the girl, really, I have not seen a , but she still has not changed it. "The attention of all, you have been surrounded, obediently lay down their arms and surrender, subject to defy! Unforgiven" reminisced Now is not the time, after entering the courtyard, Yalin immediately launched propaganda, and the courtyard of the underworld Bangzhong naturally see these heavily armed soldiers. "What are you? We mirror the high group internal strife, please do not arbitrarily intervene!" Should occupy the right of the courtyard is the cadres sent guys see outsiders to break into, both sides gradually stop crossfire But the cadres sent the guy who looks like a very unconvinced look, seeing we must win the mirror GAO Ju generations, this halfway regarded as the Cheng Yaojin kill them how is it? "Last warning, if you do not lay down their arms, shall be no survivors,Jordan Take Flight Sale!" Yalin disregard the words of this guy, just very cold opening said. "You speak guy did not know what to say, to lay down their arms? Would not it be even the chance of resistance are not yet? But the other side is well-equipped, has put recklessly, probably account for less than cheap, really difficult to choose. "Kill!" Yalin no time with these guys nonsense, see the cadres faction guys yet to lay down their arms, Yalin undifferentiated cells kill command issued directly, rather the Yalin men two teams the Butei are apparently not the first to do this The kinds of things, the Butei Well, dry is head licking the blood work, because Butei can not kill, but then now, kill for them it is like casually trampled to death by small insects. & *. "." Fastest update ** have to say, the mirror high group really is very good, these Bangzhong members manpower can actually do a ak47 this stuff in Japan, China, but rare goods, should come from outside the territory of smuggling. Yalin party opened fire the the cadres sent the Bangzhong naturally put up strong resistance, but unfortunately, are all Assault the Butei are wearing c equipment, bullets hit in everyone's body, beyond addition to splashes trace Mars no any role, even a huge ak47 impact, but Assault usual fighting against the training nor furnishings, the other counterattack simply was joking. One-sided massacre scene basically describes the wailing screams together into one, but the execution of the killings are Butei they even did not bat an eye. "I remember that I once told you, the gang is not so good mixed, sooner or later you will one day be betrayed." On occasion of the cadres and members of the faction in Butei were massacred, Yalin has come to mirror the high group is within walking distance of The front of the the Five Dynasties head girl for Yalin, the girl beside Bangzhong have are extremely nervous, you want to lift the muzzle, but fearing that those troops will muzzle brutal tone Go to their body. "I also remember that, no matter what happens, you will come and save me, so you come ......" firmly fixed on Yalin face to finish the sentence, the girl approached the two-step direct flutter to Yalin's arms. "You finally came, my hero ..." and hung up after nearly twenty Bangzhong cadres faction announced surrender, no way, the battle can not be won, these soldiers was from hell demons in general has caused tremendous psychological shadow of these occupations gang. "You know how to mirror the high group mutinied? Those soldiers are your men?" Lying on the Yalin arms refused to go out, but does not mean that the girls will be doubt in his heart hides in the heart, she was very puzzled, more than a year time no see, Yalin it is like for the one person in general, only this cold, enough to make everyone palpitations, not to mention he should be able to command so many soldiers like demons general. "Not what you sent to me for help?" Yalin just smiled. "What you are responsible for the largest gathering place in Tokyo?" Really worthy of the mirror the Five Dynasties head of the high group, the reaction is fast, a look of surprise, looked at the mirror GAO Ju-on behalf of that expression, slightly open mouth of attractive, really let The people can not wait a tone down. Disguising. "The Yalin shrugged Road. "Really worthy of my heroes, you will always be the strongest." Surprise after the mirror high daisy-generation again face nestled in the bosom of Yalin, opening murmured. You want to open up a gathering place in this chaotic Tokyo, can not imagine the difficulty of eschatological crisis more than a month time, mirror high daisy-generation only things within the maintenance group had let her bruised and battered , not to mention she has to cope with all aspects of the crisis, now hear Yalin turned out SOS object that makes special worship of their own hearts, mirror high daisy on behalf of the hearts of shock can be imagined. "What I did not expect the head of you still has this way of escape, this time we lose injustice." At this time several rebel cadres have been brought to the front of Yalin and mirror daisy on behalf of, a systemic designer suits, as if PR hotel cadres of the first card looked surprised Yalin openings said the mirror GAO Ju generation. But look at him like, not after the failure of frustration, is what makes him so emboldened? "That good, really juvenile, have to say f8 supper iron pot Shui Lan, Buddhists, ugly gun fright! The dark raised a Kun He Prayer porcelain first the ji-Chu Huan patellar enterprises file learning ethyl Dan Minato táng a the curium criminal mirror which Q haggard to roast so scared unloading ho narrow heir is chu? br /> "these is you Shoudi Xia, cadres? "Completely ignoring the other words, Yalin instead of the eyes turned to the mirror high daisy on behalf of the body, it would mean as if is in say, your people - these people do not how kind ah, that tone has contempt to describe the." Is I lax management ... mirror GAO Ju-generation face red, but she is also no way of things, these cadres usually have their own toe, who thought of this rebellion occurs. "how to dispose of it? General I will not hold back the rebels are. "Yalin groping chin,Jordan SC 1 Outlet, they do not have a trace of the intention to kill, but say the words, but it is to make the presence of all shuddered." You can not kill us! But we have to follow in four generations orders around veteran, kill us, you are the enemy of the entire mirror high group! "Yalin voice just drop a whole body up and down all the skinhead tattoo will be very flustered shouted again, saying you panic, what kind of strength ah? Your gang of human should not be very calm fishes thing." with mirror high group of enemies? Really interesting, within five minutes of the squad with three of my men, will be able to overcome the the entire mirror high group, you want to get your life, give me an immortal reason. "Yalin face exposed pondering smile,Oakley Fast Jacket, the mirror high group, he really did not looked down on." I are mirror high group of veteran ... "tattooed bald men very apprehensive spoke." Wrong answer! "With the landing of the Yalin cold voice on the forehead bald men suddenly appear a bloody holes, he did not think that he would be killed so simple to death." Your turn. "In the hands of the Magnum to a Guns N 'Roses, Yalin smiling turned to public relations man who" I can help you integrate mirror high group .... "" I said that I do not need to mirror the high group, so the wrong answer ! "A gunshot, public relations men step bald man's footsteps." So you do? The "Yalin smile as if from hell call to see the goal has been turned himself commuters face no longer be able to remain calm." I think you need my wisdom ... "office worker pushed his glasses, you want to feel more calm, but unfortunately, Yalin may not ready to give him what chance. "Sorry, I do not need ..." "Damn! He simply wants to kill us! "We fight with him! To get rid of the white-collar workers in Yalin, the few remaining cadres finally could not resist, kidding, say what should be killed, it might as well from the outset to resist in the end it. Cadres of the dare rebellious entirely relied on their own identity and status within the help, even if the rebellion failed, mirror high daisy-generation kind of how they dare not, after all, but they hold the vast majority of resources and manpower of the mirror high group can Yalin The kill stars come, he may just-do, as long as it is a rebellion of the people, all the Unforgiven, it is understandable that exerting usual Yalin killing would not be so simply. But at this moment, these cadres must die, thanks to space-time juvenile Cao in order to gather the tranquility of the ground also is to mirror the high group, short their dead as early as in the moment of arrival by Yalin, already doomed. Yu, ak101, born no training, saberalter, ゾ the purple ぁ soul of Shame お of a reward. especially thank you finally come ak10 "" ~ ~ ~ four hundred and 71 chapters, my hero four hundred and seventy first chapter you finally, my hero, to the web site
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