2006年09月30日(土) 7時45分
  Hey my friends Im aliveIt has passed 5days since I got to Philly Im still nerves and worry about everything... I hope I want die

 Anyway, today was the last day of the orientation so we went to Philly city tour in the afternoon The Central is so huge Philly is the 5th biggest city in the US so of cource it is much much bigger than Osaka. First, we went to Musium. It is also 5th biggest musium in the US.
 She is Japanese and she is from Kansai Gaidai.
We went to many places like visiter center, Market and South Street and so on.




2006年09月22日(金) 2時27分
I went to SMAP s concert wiz my friends It was just awsomeand they are so COOL Our seats were in アリーナ and 3rd from the front so we could see them clearly We were VERY excited coz キムタク danced in front of us and looked at us kkkI cant explane how cool he was... When he sang オレンジ I thought I could die






I ve been their concert 3rd times including this time. Today was the BEST I will never forget about today Thank you SMAP

Tru Calling 

2006年09月18日(月) 2時19分
kkk. I havent renewed my blog for a long long time.. Sorry my friends Any way today we had LAX game against Mukogawa W. U. But I coudnt play for it coz u know... I broken my knee Whata stupid I am

Anyway we lost the game and today was my last lacrosse DAY coz Im going to US from next week It s exactlly 1 week left I cant wait for it I hope my knee will recover completely by my leaving


今日はここでmy recommend dramaを紹介します。
Do you know "Tru Calling"?? It s American TV drama 地上波では夜中にやってるんだけどうちはスカパーで見てます。



みんなの機会があったら見てみてくださいなぁ そしてなにかおすすめの海外ドラマがあればTell Me Tell Me Tell Me DO


2006年07月29日(土) 19時11分
I had Seta party wiz Mio, Mary, Mayumi, Hiroya, Kenny, Goshiki and Mori-kun at Hiroya s and we had Kimchi-nabe, Takoyaki and Icecream

The party was our leaving ang gud luck party for us. Mio will leave soon Kimch-nabe was gud and we watched TV. Red Hot Chili Peppers was on Music Station so
I was very excited They are so COOL then we watched TOTORO

After we cleaned Up, we went to park and play fire work

I have LAX practice next day so I went to homeabout 1:30


2006年07月26日(水) 23時13分
ah... I have to rewrite my research proposal again I had interview wiz Julian and we talked about my proposal and he said my proposal still have problems and might fail again and it faild again hm.... I think I should change the topic However Julian is NICE GUY He is my ANGEL

Anyway... I have to rewrite again Now Im little irirtate coz u know... so I need to clean up my mind and head and make it empty The best way is ... to listen RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS s songs They r COOL eh? I really recomend u to listen their songs My favourit songs are Under the Bridge, Otherside, Around the world etc... If you know any good musics please tell me

Then, today I went to Osaka and bought jeans and clothes I havent done shopping for a long long time Bcoz of ..... I will go Shinsai-bashi tomorrow

Wanganui NZ 

2006年07月24日(月) 20時53分
Hey hey hey Wats Up I went to New Zealand wiz my sister last week It was really cold and I got cold It was my 4th time to go to NZ but it was first time for my sister to go abroad so she was really nerves

When we got to Auckland air port, I met Mrs Milum I was very surprised Anyway, we had to wait for 6 hours in Auckland so I slept Then got on the small air plane for Wanganui

My old host family is my sister's host family, so I stayed wiz my sister for a week.
I went to high school and met my teachers and old friends

One day I went to Beckey's wiz my sister and had tea there. yam yam They are so nice and they ask me to come to Wanganui in Holiday and go to trip wiz them I really want to go so I promised wiz them that I ll visit them 2 years later then we can have small trip I have to save money till then

I made IT! 

2006年07月14日(金) 23時00分
I made blogYEAH YEAH YEAH I ll try to UP Data it as much as I can

Anyway, today was the last day of skool and after skool I had BBQ party wiz PEC class mates We are all going to abroad frokm next semester so it was leaving party 4 Us. We wont see each other for a half or a year so it was really really gud time

And Im going to New Zealand from tomorrow for a week wiz my sister Of course Im gonna visit my High skool and host family there Im SOOoooo excited

Well, I haf ta prepare for tomorrow
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