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Summer some doubts,Polo Long Sleeved, Fan Jian in such circumstances, even dare to laugh.** bubble book.* "do what the killer?"Summer thought.Soon, summer will know why Fan Jian smiled.Because the Fan Jian there had been in the hands of a black pistol, the dark muzzle is on his forehead.Li Zhenhua saw this scene, the heart immediately hurry up.If not for their own sake, summer will not suffer such life threat.Li Zhenhua shouted: "Fan Jian, you do not act rashly and blindly.You have the ability to me, not to the little brother.I am willing to exchange with him......""If you want him to live a bit longer, just understand, shut up!"Because Fan Jian had the biggest trump card, so, this time I have not the slightest fear, direct interrupted Li Zhenhua.Li Zhenhua anxious to have a look the summer, but did not dare to speak.Summer when looked at Li Zhenhua eyes is added the slightest praise.The Fan Jian has the pointing to himself, this time even Li Zhenhua and Li Zhenguo retreated, estimated that Fan Jiandou could stop.Because the Fan Jian needs to use the gun to summer, from summer again, and the eight one was still lying on the ground.Li Zhenhua is left with no alternative, also worried about the safety of the summer, in the interests of the society, which is very rare.Fan Jian laughed, and said: "your name is summer?Not very can play?I wonder now, the speed or the bullet speed!"Summer did not immediately answer him, his heart is some worry, although he has ability can be used, but the face of the bullet that hot weapon, he still be at a loss what to do."As long as relieved his hand gun is good.But the gun in his hand, how to win?"Summer thought, he this time from Fan Jianzu seven or eight meters, want to take a gun use of their speed, he still failed to grasp.After all, the speed of the bullet, he did not grasp dare compared with,Canada Goose D Alpago.The summer has seen a pistol inside ability, six bullets are filled with, as long as you act rashly and blindly, I'm afraid that Fan Jianzhen will shoot your shot.Summer was soon will they catch all in one draft, but did not expect the end, unexpectedly appeared such things.Of course, the key is the place where, summer never thought they would have a gun!At this time, summer is more firmly determined to dominate the underground forces."Since today met you, then directly from flying help begin!"Summer thought.This is the idea, the difficult still have disposed of it.Summer had to plan and Fan Jianxian delay.Summer says: "your bullet speed.However, if I had a gun, you a gun speed must be faster than me."Fan Jiandao is not thought the summer after seeing his gun, but also so calm.Fan Jian said: "you are faster than me?Hum!Although you skill is very good, but you may not have had real,Womens Polo Hoodies Outlet."Fan Jianshen in the flying help, natural know even the Mafia influence, is also very difficult to get some guns.After all, in Chinese for firearms is strictly regulated.Flying help so that the size of the gang, but also a limited number of gun ownership.As for the gun in Fan Jian's hand, and Liu Zhuo from his brother there is not easy to come.Like the summer of the ordinary people, it is difficult to see the real guns.Summer says: "Oh?How do you know that I will not take genuine?"Fan Jian was surprised, he thought, is summer is mixed on the road?But he thought a few days ago Lin Shufen containment of the scene, immediately understood the summer there is no road on the background.Fan Jian is cold to hum a, said: "you want me to delay time?Well, well, let me interrupt you for a leg, and then continue to chat with you."Then, Fan Jian will lift that dark firearms with the summer leg.This time, the summer is some to worry.If Fan Jianzhen's move to their own gun, also have no way, I'm afraid he really have to be spent in a wheelchair.Although the summer may escape the fan built the first shot, but the second gun, the gun?Moreover, if the summer to resist it, Fan Jian is likely to be directly in front of his key shot or to Li Zhenguo, Li Zhenhua they shoot!Summer is also not so!"What to do?"Summer heart anxious thought.
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