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April 02 [Tue], 2013, 16:51
--------- .. Little Lord Church on the square in front of two male held, Yang Qi and stone yuan Liangyan two, one is less true sovereign, save the presence of Munekado a is the large tomb heritage, darlings, any martial art must cultivate the existence of mutual Commander, countless disciples are viewing. As for the other two, Ziqiong, West China, has completely lost eligibility Commander Yang Qi seize, 老鹰抓小鸡 general carrying incapable of resistance, no way, and Yang Qi and other supreme master The contend Commander. "Do you dare it!" Ziqiong that women face pernicious, almost fainted, "We are the inheritors of the large tomb, the existence of eternal immortality, you do this to us, wishful days were really you hoodwink you? Now so, is the unfair Munekado, we should go back to the martial art, take refuge in other martial art, the same Supreme resources. "Yes." West Hua Meng said: "Yang Qi, you can not kill us now to make haste drop us otherwise, we will break out to teach! tell you,Air Jordan VIII UK, in our experience this year, and even ancient road enforcement rope us, in addition, at least tens of thousands of super martial art, rope We want to be their disciples. addition to a wishful-day cases, do you think we are Qu Bude? "Do you really want to break out to teach?" Yang Qi tone calmed down, asked Ziqiong and the Xihua two master. Banging .......... two masters thrown to the ground, the two Yungong pranayama for a while, does not ban, quickly stood up large tomb divine rolling, the injury is fully recovered . This is their powerful place, simply die or perish, unless they are the inheritors of the large tomb itself to be able to kill this person. Especially among the large tomb, the large tomb inheritors more powerful, not any man be able to kill them, so they have nothing to fear. "Yes." Stone yuan Meng took a step forward: "is to break out of teaching, I put the hard words on here, if you die, the less sovereign position let to the seat, the seat broke out to teach! between he spoke, his eyes flashing out many greedy glanced Ziqiong and West China, once broke out to teach, he beheaded two men, and even now, he wants to immediately attack the two assassinate died, under the watchful eyes touches bad hands. Moreover, Yang Qi staring at him, and give him a huge pressure. Until now, he seems to know the the Yang Qi Why when on less sovereign, the strength is very high-handed, both jīng divine ** degree of tyranny, have reached a supreme realm cultivation. Own identity to the inheritors of the large tomb, was promoted to reach the terrorist will have been the number one master of the entire speaks ancient road, although not as good as the terror level interim invincible figure powerful,Nike Air Jordan 13, but I am afraid that can overcome some superb the sovereign of the martial art. This time he came back, naturally want to be on the less sovereign, then through a few years of operation, the moment when the sovereign Riders. But did not expect, actually appeared Yang Qi characters turned out on a small sovereign integration of the door were completely shattered, making him the hope, which makes him very angry, broke out taught mind. Had this kind of thing can not be said, but the identity of the inheritors of his tomb, but unbridled. He said these words but to listen to the sects among the many veterans to see the veterans to the inheritors of the loss of a large tomb, or the loss of an unknown origin kid. The inheritors of the large tomb is now the numerous cases of the darlings of the door, and set off to the reign of terror of any cases of the door in order to get such a lucky, absolutely impossible to put such people out in time, do everything possible to win over. "You really want to break out of teaching!" Yang Qi re-take the next step, the majestic Road. "Yes!" West China Road: "Unless you surrender to us." How dare you! "The Yang Qi ignore Xihua, but look to the stone yuan, mouth and spit out the word, the rest of the multi-then a do not say. "Of course, I dare you!" Stone $ shouts up: "inheritors of the large tomb, has always shun me will prosper against me will perish, you actually dare to ride over our heads, and that only a dead end. Sects veteran maintain your course, we broke out to teach martial art veteran maintenance, we naturally is to build these doors, I believe among those who in the martial art for the three large tomb inheritors you this dubious origin kid who light who re- , are clearly seen. "the veterans you not out of it?" Ziqiong woman sent to the shouts. Whole wishful depths of the days were a little fluctuation did not happen, it seems that those veterans are out. Obviously each choose silence, waiting for things quiet development. Little things do not bother those veterans I can be solved completely, since you want to break out of teaching, it will not keep you, do you think that identity can not be deprived of its own large tomb inheritors? Deprive you passed on to our loyal martial disciples! "Yang Qi sleeve waved. Hands. In the a distinguished disciple front of hundreds of thousands, the three men said that out broke out to teach, then, that Yang Qi also only kill them to set the majesty, this is outrageous, if any of his disciples said to have only a dead end three large tomb inheritors opinionated favored, which martial art you can live well on lawlessness, disregard the rules, no matter how strong the potential is reached, not be able to stay. Between big sleeves wave that swept the world. The gods shirt commence peerless powerful, Yang Qi of God as the town prison Energizer upgrade to reach a new level, and repair extremely profound, is now poised to take off, sleeve heaven and earth, the sleeve with the world, the world hide the beholder. When the air to hit the stone yuan. Stone element in front of a black, see a canopy kept expanding, shrouded to himself, his cold smile, suddenly to seize Ziqiong and West China, then jump and go. However, Yang Qi hands grasp the oppression down, fingers a slightly open the earth shattering Flows, rì months matt stars fall. Two major power of supernatural powers, alternating cast, the large tomb divine intercepted. The Shek $ suddenly found yourself pushed a large tomb god, actually not the capital flowing toward the the Yang Qi palm into away suddenly surprised, the attend to Ziqiong and West China, shenfa a change, the body wrapped in a layer of large headstone shell, good shocked to armor, punch shot, he wants a strong break strong violence with violence, break Yang Qi Taoism to the supreme means and Xuangong, this man beheaded on the spot. Yang Qi palm landed, finally hit together two strands Qi Jin sky and his fist toward wishful day cases outside voted shè out through the crystal wall Department bombardment to the depths of the large tomb, many disciples see, do not know how many visible and invisible world was destroyed, and even some two hundred and thirty-grades Once upon a time what penetrated. "Gods nine changes, the first change, a Yuanshi change!" Suddenly, the stone face of apparent grinning, one from the tomb of the outstanding service display their systemic distortions, changes peerless speed, three-step snatch the reached behind Yang Qi, one pointing out. The Yang Qi without looking, anti pointing to the collision excited shè, the stone yuan back three steps, again sights. "The second change, Heaven's Soldiers change!" Shabu shabu! Finger changes the knife in hand, cutting out the gold arc, pull broken sky, a cut down lines born penetration into the Yang Qi Body Gangqi being cut on reaching the skin. Yang Qi motionless, despite cutting carved up the skin, the skin above the legacy traces of shallow, simply can not penetrate the skin, beheaded down, very undesirable bad body where it would be so simple to be broken? "Together, we kill the second son!" Ziqiong, West China suddenly shouts and cry that the West Hua Meng sword toward the Yang Qi assassinate from his fencing above a stone shell, that stone shell conquering , big tomb divine. This sword, very fast, arrived after the body of Yang Qi. "Get out of here!" Yang Qi without looking, big sleeves waved suddenly surging, a huge chewy directly to put his sword to break his whole like a sledgehammer hit fiercely fly out Kuangpen blood, about sitting on the ground, and immediately began running the a large tomb divine healing. Zi Qiong quickly up: "Xihua 师兄, I'll help you!" She just seems hesitated a moment, and no attack Yang Qi. Yang Qi attack and did not arrive on her body. Style! Beat Ziqiong on strike at the head of Xihua, the moment between the the Xihua face apparent hideous sè of God, then it becomes abnormal panic: ".......... junior sister apprentice, why do you want to kill me, you actually so yīn the insurance, we said,Mens Air Max Triax 91, to deal with stone yuan, join forces at the time, to be able to avoid being killed him, you actually kill me, you promised me and I double beds Amphibious , why, why at this time, the plot against me. "Humph! and you double beds Amphibious, Your Nice try, only one of the inheritors of the large tomb, I've been preparedness and stone yuan plot, now finally find opportunity to plot against you, you gave me to go die! "face of Ziqiong, revealed the God sè finally succeed systemic shocks up strong tomb divine, a Boom and under. Click! The Xihua body broken. Like a stone, like spread, then the depths of his head, a relic, Ziqiong take out a large tomb heritage seeds, Ziqiong hold in your hand, it is necessary to absorb. Shua! That stone yuan and Yang Qi fighting it, seeing this scene, also nearly shocked hop, but the subsequent reaction over Yilue larger hands grabbed put Ziqiong and West China, the inheritors of the large tomb seed All crawl to reach the hands. Unfortunately, his face is such a powerful figure in Yang Qi, at this time, how can a distraction? Yang Qi roaring body blinking, into the layers of the Phantom, palm shoot in his back, he shook the vomit blood that the blood spray shè in the air about condensation into a stone, falling on the ground, spat on hard Square drop out of a potholed. Cohesion visible blood of his body, Yang Qi, beat up, hurt his origin. ---------. T
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