the third day called Xie Zhiqiu into his room

September 12 [Wed], 2012, 16:46
Later ,Xie Zhiqiu from the mouth of Li Yuanzhi learned not only bamboo peak there were casualties ,North Face Windstopper Jackets Clearance,the other peak also have casualties ,those involved in the interception of the cross-border immortal faction also has each casualty .
WWw.QUAnbEN.COm since eight hundred years ago ,two immortal camp unite in a concerted effort to be the wild depths ,in this eight hundred years, evil has been very calm ,although every year will appear the transboundary case ,but each time the amount is very few ,sometimes some garrison ,responsible for monitoring the enemy junior students can deal with .
But let the school did not think of is ,last year autumn ,the number of sudden leap across the border ,and the strength is very strong ,and even some never before seen the new varieties .
For a time, the school in the frontier post responsible for monitoring the enemy disciple was made a be taken by surprise ,were killed ,some students even attacked signals are not made out of sacrifice .
Later the school got the news ,rushed reinforcements when things get out of hand ,outposts ,almost completely destroyed ,Left-behind Students nearly casualty .Although successfully repelled the invasion ,but there are still many evil across the major faction stationed in defence ,entered the mortal inhabit a region .
They are now back just a temporary break ,over a period of time ,to human settlement place ,looking for those over evil, they are beheaded .Finally, Li Yuanzhi smiled and said : major schools these years too paralysis due to underestimation of the enemy ,that evil in the market eight hundred years ago that the war has weakened ,wild depths is returned after linger over ,do not have much big waves ,stationed outposts student grade more and more low .
But eight hundred years is not a short time ,can be good or evil in this period of time to recover ,even increase the strength ,so the vitality and viability than human tenacious beast why cannot recover ? Said, Li Yuanzhi face showed a concern , I hope this does not like eight hundred years ago that the invasion ,otherwise .
.. ... Shook his head ,with a sigh ,not to say .For eight hundred years before the invasion ,Xie Zhiqiu from some books to understand .The real cause that is sweeping through the cultivation and mortal catastrophe is called a god evil Zun person ,he used from ancient ruins are a magic weapon -- broken circle cone ,in the ancient great can set the world and human world isolation barrier through a channel .
To day evil Zun person be against the world and human world open the barrier triggers is one thousand years ago, the evil war .Failed two immortal camp early because of different ideas and competing for resources for reasons such as tension, finally through takes the case of a disciple of flowers sparked a full-scale war .
Once, a nickname pity flower son takes the case of disciples had a Bai Lianzong the boy is handsome ,female beauty ,together with two people living style is bold .Two people fit in easily with ,together ,love each other dearly ,follow like a shadow .
For a long time ,Bai Lianzong to pity flower son will move the truth, but pity flower son itself is not a special sentiment ,together with practice takes the case of power requirements ,let him not exclusive to the daughters of Bai Lianzong ,he and she together just want to play play .
So when the new prey ,he did not hesitate to abandon the Bai Lianzong woman .But Bai Lianzong woman to pity flower Prince has love ,naturally do not want to leave him, which hinders pity flower prince on the new target pursuit .
Once he was with a female immortal person into the thing, be tracked and lotus were disciples found ,was immediately jealous ,rushed out ,stirred pity flower son good,UGG Jimmy Choo Sale, still angry ,hurt the and pity flower Prince Consort woman .
This can be provoked pity flower son ,beat Bai Lianzong woman ,which let her love to hate ,went back to Bai Lianzong to find her master fire lotus real tears, will pity flower prince said to a respectable woman blandishments cheating liar feelings ,and she was one of the many victims .
The fire lotus reality extremely shield ,listening to their favorite insulted ,spot anger big move, as she found pity flower son ,let him completely and the other woman to break off the relationship ,her favorite is responsible for .
Expect pity flower prince on a hard offspring ,refused to accept the fire lotus reality request ,a satire of her apprentice behavior around .This is to add fuel to the flames ,the fire had burst into anger ,lotus reality to pity flower son words completely broke out, ready to take pity flower son a lesson ,did not think of, a heavy-handed took pity flower son killed .
This has angered pity flower childe master, takes the case of the overlord takes the Zhenjun ,UGG Classic Short Sparkles,with door disciples in a threatening manner to find a white lotus ,white lotus sect demands to hand over the murderer ,and kowtowed apology .
Originally thought that there is nothing wrong with their own natural Bai Lianzong not willing to promise hesitate Zhenjun requirements ,so the two sides will inevitably resort to force .Successive spell astrology ,the outcome of each other ,as the fighting escalated, inevitably there are casualties ,the last was to cause the two sectarian fighting mixed ,heavy casualties .
Two sects are unwilling to come to their own respective ,friendly school for help ,then participated in the fighting and sent more and more, eventually evolved into an evil two camps almost all martial art are in war .
This is a war it off and on over the past two hundred years ,a lot of martial art are weakened ,even be out school .God evil Zun person ruled by god evil Zong is has been hit hardest by the school ,big faction finally left him alone .
God evil Zun person nature is full of anger ,impatience revenge ,but has been close to the end of a war between justice and evil ,the evil two camps all hope to quell hostilities ,recuperate and build up strength ,natural is not willing to come forward for him .
In a fit of rage, he thought of the day of evil religion spread an evil arcane -- control body * * ,so he started a crazy attack ,two camps of disciples ,one one of them captured ,with control body * * will they made under his control of the living corpse ,to his enemy attack .
God evil Zun person behaviour naturally suffered a severe blow ,he finally managed to put together a living corpse Corps casualty completely ,he alone was able to survive .Because of the major sects increased his guard and fight ,let him difficult to capture all disciples ,make a living corpse, let his revenge plan is out of the question .
But the day of evil Zun person unwilling fail, the living corpse from people turned to evil, but because of the large school annual hunting ,one sector of the population has dropped ,simply can not meet him to construct the Promethean army needs .
Through various books ,know the world ,coupled with his hands has one just can break the seal of magic, so he just played the world those wicked idea ,if can enter the circle ,then his Promethean force can be formed .
Although the day of evil Zun person knows his practice is very dangerous, but in strong revenge * * drive below ,he uses his broken circle cone in isolation two barriers to open a channel .
The world really meet the beasts he formed the Promethean army needs ,look at the Promethean army scale grow stronger with each passing day ,god evil Zun person heart filled with joy .
But in the Promethean army will be completed in time, accidents ,the community a great demon by a disguised with a Promethean army, while the day of evil Zun person does not guard against ,successfully ambushed him, and used it to get his memory .
When the great demon know god evil Zun person has broken circle cone this magic when the tread .It rushed to report to the Lich King ,the Lich King again reported demon king .Demon King great rejoicing ,think world opportunity to counterattack ,so it has a large number of the master ,the broken circle cone in the barrier has opened numerous gaps ,and in a moonless night, the group launched the attack .
Because the person defenseless in the field ,such as an irresistible force like attack retreat in defeat ,loss of large tracts of land .Later ,the evil two camps are aware of the seriousness of the situation ,UGG Classic Tall Fancy,bury the hatchet ,composition ,with the coalition army attack resistance .
Even the last of the good and bad two camps between poor local demon race also joined the coalition ,and together they resist the invasion ,after an extremely hard and bitter fighting ,in casual martial quantity reduced by one half ,finally the beast back to their hometown -- savage .
But due to the human world and the world of the seal has been broken circle cone barrier serious destruction ,although it is the martial art are sent out in front master repair barrier holes ,because manpower ,resources and capacity reasons, some small holes can barely fill not the big hole ,but they also incapable of action the last major sects ,discuss the decision ,in those big hole set up outposts ,assigned disciples were stationed, to monitor the movement .
The school will also be moved to the barrier gate near to happen again ,the invasion, as soon as possible to support .Aoki reality back in the evening of the third day called Xie Zhiqiu into his room ,took the lead in asking him how spirited soul hidden operation practice ?Xie Zhiqiu did not speak ,directly in front of him started the reservoir operation spirited soul .
Aoki reality to a ,it also found him with Yimu gas atmosphere ,nodded with satisfaction ,Cheap Karen Millen One Shoulder,he successfully practicing very satisfactory for Xie Zhiqiu .Aoki Masahito thought for a long time, from the storage ring took out a ruler little square ,white clean leather .
In the piece of leather was produced moments ,Xie Zhiqiu faces flashed a surprised look ,because in his opinion ,that piece of leather and the town bought the map texture is so similar .
Aoki reality also found his abnormal ,and asked him, to be his leather texture too strange for reason to fool the past .Next, Aoki Masahito told Xie Zhiqiu ,this is the case of the legacy of a secret base map ,but it was divided into four pieces ,his predecessors only left him a ,let him have a congenital Yimu gas disciples will give him the treasure map .
Finally Aoki Masahito commanded Xie Zhiqiu ,let him try to find the other three pieces of treasure map ,from a secret base treasure ,Everbright Aoki peak ,if you don ,when Aoki peaks rise yet .
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