dark assassin rushing in 1 second

November 14 [Thu], 2013, 15:35
() Black Temple inside a dark, thick blanket of darkness than outside far more than a chip, Chu Rui original vision of the last one hundred meters concentrated to only fifty meters, thirty meters range can see clearly. Not a day if not the eye, then the range will definitely be compromised. "Be careful! There, but there are dark assassin, do not hang up. Sweet child, you and Fei turns with the release of clairvoyance, small SA also Zaifeng two of you do not have to play forward, and just stay protect them behind the dark assassin Although the attack is high, but very brittle, saw no Guannameduo, Kill beat. "Chu Rui asked softly at the door with. Before the dark temple hall, there is a dark wizard from the dark assassin composition, are very powerful attack xìng monster. For Chu Rui this Crispy team, the threat is not generally large. Fortunately, their luck is better, no monster at the door there. If the system is a little cheap, monster piles will refresh to the door, just maybe they'll come in the military destruction. Eye in the sky blue amount required is not very high, just fifty points, there is no automatic recovery of Chu Rui tenth, and cd is also just a second. Thus, Churui Ji is opened directly on the eye in the sky. Thirty meters distance, Chu Rui can not believe those dark assassin rushing in 1 second. Thus, the team's safety has been greatly protection. Dark assassin rely on attack coupled with high outbreak, and now the attack fails, be pre-emptive, simply can not afford to turn what storms. As for the dark wizard, it is unbearable to Chu Rui speed can easily close to, if not spike can also be allowed are totally defenseless hang. All the way forward, behind teammate guard thousand, while Chu Rui is go swaggering. A few steps forward, Chu Rui on the investigation into a dark shadow moving sè soared to his side. Mouth hangs hint of sneer, Chu sharp turn two daggers, one after the other, the body suddenly surged out of the front face of this dark assassin, brutally cut out two daggers, and simultaneously opens the Slam and the Deathly Hallows repression. Moment, which turned out to be the dark assassin spike. "The amount, under what circumstances?" Flash of light between Chu Rui body instantly pediment, behind a crowd do not react in time, it has been hung up attack monsters. This ...... Ye Zaifeng a congregation looked at each other, smile incessantly. Where this is purgatory level Nima copy exactly like a copy of the minimum degree of difficulty, there is no pressure. To the last bastion, and even direct second strange. "Than expected but also Crispy ah!" Chu picked up a sharp burst of dark assassins coins CANADA GOOSE LADIES DAWSON thrown collection operation did not harvest, turned to the stunned crowd laughed. Crowd: "......" With Chu Rui this mighty Canada Goose Solaris UK God, Yezai Feng et al nor in so gingerly, with the distance of three meters behind him, followed by progress. Unlimited open eye in the sky, and then directly open the two weakened skills. Now, the dark assassin completely sad reminder, just go to Chu skills sharp weakening range even be attacked, sneak disappears. Without dark stealth assassin, fundamental cause for concern, even Qin Cheng Fei can Kite die. The dark wizard is a bit tricky, this guy actually striking distance of 20 meters. After the encounter. Chu Rui touches does not matter. High Mofang him. Do not say to ignore. At least these dark wizards also beat him is not painful. But it hit them in Yezai Feng least one third of the blood was gone. Sweet child Zhe Nizi bite the bullet came shè two arrows. But it is a laser to be dark wizards soared leaving only a trace of blood skin. She was almost scared to even hold on a longbow. Quickly go back Kuangguan syrup. Then honestly point shè onrush dark assassin. The dark wizard to Chu Rui to deal with it. As has clearly weakened skills sharp two-level presence of God. A congregation crackling dark wizards and dark assassin. Is entirely a tragedy. Assassin not play the most powerful force. It was fighting. What what magic arrows flying bomb. Completely unable to close on the instant gameover. The dark wizard. By Chu Rui severely cut afterwards. That speed. Nima's almost like a snail almost. By Chu Rui catch up. Up to three daggers will be done. Stop and go. Half an hour. Chu Rui They have killed hundreds of dark wizards and dark assassin. A few steps ahead. Chu Rui suddenly looked an awe-inspiring. The fighting in the system under tone. Two of his skills even to weaken the dark wizard and ten full ten dark assassin causing injury. Nyima. To nest up? Hurt. Up to twenty of the dark wizard and a combination of dark assassin suddenly appeared in front of Chu sharp. Undeniable. These gadgets are very brittle. After being weakened. Chu Rui team than simply a public crackling still crisp. But their attacks and the outbreak is very strong, especially in the earlier Chu Rui deliberately left a dark assassin down, so he broke his skills, and that hurt, even he Online North Face could knife to cut more than one thousand of the blood. You know, this asshole but to weaken, the face of terror, as the Chu Rui defense, all of a sudden turned out to be more than a thousand, it is terror. Face of so many dark assassins and dark wizards, Chu Rui naturally not put them back, otherwise, let alone behind a crackling not withstand, even if he was surrounded by an estimated also far from dead. "Death Scourge!" Without hesitation resorted Book of the Dead group attack skills, taking advantage of that total twenty dark wizards and dark assassins still get together and together, they use it, and strive to maximize damage. Tough injury, in the case of xìng be if a Necromancer creature, death, natural disaster damage is maximized, and that ten densities of dark wizards attacks are not put out, within two seconds, instantly dead. The ten dark assassin, only unlucky three squeezed inside could not escape in time and hang up, the remaining seven individual although residual blood, but they are by virtue of fast speed to escape. Incitement Forbidden wing, Chu Rui instant pediment, a dagger to solve a dark assassin front. When he dark assassin dagger toward the second, when suddenly the system beep sounds will be startled him. "Ding, Wei utility successfully play xìng dark blood witch are all down 15%!" "Bite, Necro repression utility successfully play xìng dark blood witch are all down 35%!" "Zila ...... "Suddenly, a lightning sized like a thick pillar soared toward Chu to face sharp. Chu did not expect sharp completely dodge all of a sudden hit his chest, and instantly hit fly out. -2341md, good high damage! Chu Rui straining incitement Forbidden wing, in inverted after six or seven meters away and stopped.
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