and moving them in the situation

September 14 [Fri], 2012, 16:18

Week was unusual facade of Guangxi indignation, even furious, but my mind was delighted all of this, in fact, are all his achievements! At the last minute, Liu Yongjing betrayed Li Zhaoshou Obviously, Liu Yongjing also do not know all the ins and outs of Li Zhaoshou planned rebellion, but do not know in Li Zhaoshou behind there real mastermind. Even so, North King will not really do it in his own argument, but also precisely because of this, he will have such a passionate performance. He was reluctant to leave to Luzhou, here there he has not yet completed the career. However, do not spend the capital of flattery flattery, smooth stalks climb, any time he was happy to do. his psychology it hard sometimes say that some faint if you want to know, immediate heavenly mighty in power, the whole the Jiangnan nine provinces upcoming retrocession all, Qingyao the country is sitting instability, because of a momentary fit of anger at such moments lose life, put you would you shop? say, his wife and kids are in Tianjing, did not he would not be for the sake of their own offspring? Li Zhaoshou will rebel? Liu ...... Chao Shou one, that is inevitable, no matter what the king would rather believe that this is just a misunderstanding, the Li Zhaoshou could not betray the king. significantly Beiwang the feeling Beiwang idea is somewhat far-fetched, Liu Yongjing when he will go to support Badou Ridge? course, wait in Chuzhou Liu Yongjing, maybe things really there yet, that sent Liu Yongjing come here will not be Gongde tree, but Li Zhaoshou they . Wei Changhui see Nai-heart, and Chouchou Zhou was 桂, and shun arms to work out a letter last night from Yangzhou Lin Haifeng, walk of a few days, it now appears, the king the go. the king is going to prove it, Li Zhaoshou is a real go-getters, the king should Wanbei all military affairs to him too Gui ah, since you and he can put it on, then, it Fanlao you immediately rushed Chuzhou, Chuzhou military affairs called Li Zhaoshou own arrangements for a suitable candidate to succeed him, rushed to his LuZhou. The Week too Gui Womens Puma Repli Cat III Shoes, Wei Changhui did not notice these, but looked not moving week was Gui added, KING men they save him, will always be his patron. and liaison between Chuzhou. He was even more confused, obviously KING letter last night just to talk about all these issues on the military, the northern king how out of nowhere to back tianjing? Also Wanbei all the power is handed over to the rebel drop obviously suspect Li Zhaoshou? The moment he would like to do not understand, but we are unable to said on weeks was Gui. Wei Changhui a person is the house on the left, he sat for a long time, and eventually sent to rush to the outside of Rover invited. He still has things to arrange, to say the truth, and now he felt around children who seem to anyone less then reliable the, Li Zhaoshou things can be regarded as a heavy blow to him. Say heavenly kings of ambition to it than Wei Changhui. However, the ambitions owned by the ambition, the ambition is hard to achieve when he was still a very real person, maybe fairly on the kind of willing hardships figure. Otherwise, he would not go song intended to flatter Yang, even in Shi Dakai Lin Haifeng and Zheng south in front of the same must also be installed Gongqian added. More thought, naturally. Speaking from the heart, Wei Changhui who to believe? In fact, in addition to his own, he no one truly believed. Which when a personal trust and rely on, however temporary use only. At present, he need is a the northern Anhui battlefield victory, rather than repeatedly in panic, he presided over the battlefield out of any accident, his ideal even his honor should be lost. So, who would act in such moments he sorry that he will never have any mercy. He is too clear, Chuzhou is simply not afford to lose. Hu Fong, Qi-Rong Lin led the troops of the two armies from Jiujiang, Anqing Shun Jiang down in Pukou and landing North Face Mens Pants, and to participate in the Battle of the siege of Qi Shan Jiang Beidaying the. Chuzhou any errors, Military Space Forces flank threat by the Qing, the wipe out the river Beidaying the purpose will be difficult to achieve, the entire Jiangsu and Anhui Battle will become a dream flowers in the water. Is terrible If this is the outcome, the fundamental responsibility we must all own to bear, he is not able to bear. Wei Changhui indeed some sad, was referred to the last, truly called He also assured the little people, actually, that he got a disdain a even several Yuzhi of lethal Rover. He began full mind Lu You had them in the one pregnant with melancholy, a few years away from the cable. wrong wrong! wrong and From the heart, he is now grateful Gongde tree, of course, he was looking forward to have a full time Sale UGG Men's Boots, Li Zhaoshou can time to let him so, do Do not hurry! The Li Zhaoshou sitting Chuzhou city also less anxious. His front foot had just arrived in Chuzhou hind leg wins Paul sent spies to find the door Caspia UGG, along with the spies together, there is a distant uncle. Sure enough, as the week was Gui said wins ensure not only caught his dad, also captured his relatives over thirty large and small mouth. The bearer has really promised to facilitate, and moving them in the situation, from the top of the second with the prefect of the title of Anhui, called Li Zhaoshou turned out to have completely forgotten that the wife and daughter of Tianjing there. The Li Zhaoshou planning to offer. However, the thinking is easy, but doing it can be not so simple. Chuzhou defenders he took over, said not many people, many have to slowly work to do. Which is why he was anxious to win over Liu Yongjing reasons. Gesture of goodwill, he also specifically drawn by Liu Yongjing Blue Flag generals, Zhang Yuanlong, Li Yun, any dry, Han Xiufeng four people, placed in Chuzhou garrison to help him control of the army. However, in addition, Li Zhaoshou larger conspiracy is at the same time to win over his friends, and old men Pukou Morimasa Xue Yuan led his troops to join the rebellion. Xue Xue Yuan, whose real name is small, but also in Henan Gushi people, and Li Zhaoshou is the the gang Jiedao rounds of small. Later has been to follow Li Zhaoshou revolted, killing He Guizhen drop heavenly. This person quite courageous battle and keep well and is particularly outstanding in the wartime performance of Shouzhou so deeply Wei Changhui appreciated. Li Zhaoshou recommended plus, finally leading independent guarding a military the Pukou front line. Li Zhaoshou the reason temporarily not look anxious, precisely because Xue Yuan.

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