hesitated for a moment and said

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The world unity .People want .The most severe is the law .Even Li Shang himself is circumspect .Have not the slightest bit error .Or. The great that one a country the jagged means can make people act regret . Puma Speed Princess
Here a man say a country .That is really out .Not the kind of beat .The whole country .Two hundred thousand people killed ,one does not stay .Blue tertiary obviously do not want to let their son was held on such a big hat .
) Immediately to take it : the beat .My son is young and ignorant .This however is the sire and with adults in charge .It you to worry about the temple .It is for us as a country home minister .
Don you .Is your house to see after the elder god .Ping is also the level of pay .Is not you can talk to . The boy turned out .Immediately said : yes ah .Who the hell are you .
Also to dare to replace your majesty and my father taught me .Today North Face Parka, if you give me one is .If not .This lawsuit is hit before your majesty .I will not forgive you . It is unusual to make trouble out of nothing .
It was blue Tertiary in two words or three involved the pecking order to go above .The boy was not spared .The move and laughed and said: let me ask you what is it right? Today prime minister Prince Li Shangdi .
) If you pretend Xiangguo to son .I have no right to pipe .If really . The boy was moved to say hot under the collar .He be ablaze with anger and said: there is no such a rule .This how can anything be fake .
Of course UGG Kenly Boots, really . Housewarming laughed and said : if really .So I can for your father teach you a lesson .Lee first family rules .Bully the weak .Twenty lashes .You will not be afraid to laws handed down from forefathers ?Not say I will discipline you .
The boy fly .Hand pinch method formula .A multicolored SG .Red orange green blue light in eight .Lee family study about eight sword .Be known to all the world betrays a Lee Li Shang .
But eight sword Kung Fu did not fall under .The story is to let a person feel suspicious .Eyes of the fight .Other guest certainly have away .The boy with a smile said: samaritan .
Actually talk wildly .Take the place of my father taught me .Today I will for your house to elders teach you about god . And the multicolored SG into a gold color to Jianwang .
A potential move straight into an irresistible force .The move even stand to stand up .Raise your right hand .Even the law will not play .It is a group of colored sg .A light blue sword .
Will the young golden sword light die pressure control .Blue tertiary can become Lee House to house .However North Face Soft Shell Womens Jackets Clearance, if the repair is not .He saw the move to fight back .Have to help .
But see the move as is eight sword play .This time becomes a bit with profound respect and humility .Eight blade for the Li family exclusively a magical .Non Lee Jiadi blood lines not learning .
The eight king Jiandi method will even outsiders got .Most is the practice to the golden sword of light .After the hard inch further .To practice it .It will burst body die .Spirit all extinguish .
Even a reincarnated to no chance .This time the move land was eight sword .But is the cultivation to blue light point of the sword .Needless to say a is home to two Li .If this is the Lee family interior .
Blue tertiary the human to do .That is not good in .Otherwise .A bully pig counts can let him come to a bad end .Under the pressure of the young to Jianwang later .The move arose a grasping hand behind it .
Will be at a loss what to do .The juvenile to seize .This time only one position after blue tertiary .In front of the Li Jiadi lines are not generally to cattle .It seems even just has rashly shots .
It is also generally .It is home to the Li people .He is not only of their master .Move this time is still smiling like a young fox general said: Lee business is your father .
Then tell us your opinion .Now I have no qualification to replace your father teach you ah . The master also is not a fool .It is know about eight sword is Lee family powers .But he has a position .
The Lee family not killed almost exterminated .In addition to his Jianhuang outside Li Zhiqiu .All people all to be killed .How here popped out such a ah .The boy down an improbable .
Really bad taste .He wondered : who the hell are you? The move shook his head and said : you do not understand your position .Speak .Boy. What is your name .Not good in Xianyang enjoy .
Why did you come here to . The boy was moved down .Of course there is a little unconvinced .Know this is your family .It is a grunt .Even a ha did not say .Blue tertiary aside but .
My young master Li Xiangguo small son Li Meng .This trip to Qingzhou .It is heard that she is going to be in Qingzhou the princess .This is to meet my princess .Didn was ? The move to Li Jia a stomach gas .
But the Li family out to the big cat two or three kittens .Politics also does not have the meaning .Then he said: was a cousin Li Shangdi .You might be really not the time .The Qingzhou right events .
But you look from Xianyang went to here .Do not know what to send death incited you asshole .Go back to my brother out of his family . Think now is not learned when Lee Mengdi .
The move to put he said: kid .Today I give brother a face .Not in so many people before you ground up .Listen to it quickly back .This is not your place to stay .At least for now .
Xianyang defense system or to highland more than here .Home has to accept the punishment to .The next time I see you .If you know no one to take the penalty of words .I will pick up you .
Words I say .Listen to you . Li Meng this time how to do not know oneself snookered .Watching the move still be a yes-man had agreed .All I was crazy .In this time .The sky is covered with dark clouds suddenly .
Lighting accompanied by peals of thunder. Star force is reduced to the weakest time .A storm is coming .The move to look outside of gloomy sky shook his head .Then towards the Li Meng waved and said: .
Blue tertiary immediately with Li Meng .I don use what method .Even you robbed the army veterinary or shortage .Rob Qingzhou City Regal .Will to Xianyang before dark . Uncle Li Meng brought out the blue .
Think of the move to bid .Immediately to find defenders representations .But Li Mengyi stopped : blue tertiary .You do not tell me .Was he scared ?This is what happened .I managed to come out .
Or so back .Besides .His name is Joe .Not the surname li . Blue tertiary hesitated for a moment and said: man is really your home Li master undoubtedly .May die from the Li home to the people .
The Lord also said family name LV ?Eight of swords do not false .I know you didn go back on time .Before your father tell you a form of words .The family and ruthless .You don regret it .
Besides .I have to take the matter seriously .Also unlike is kidding you .Qingzhou might really be dangerous . As a servant .He was not saying a lot .But he is a little older .To know things too much .
Vaguely felt now Qingzhou city is usually a bit different .Is it ?Li Meng heard family later .Hesitated .The eight sword is really really .It seems quite Li Meng or family scruple .
However. Then his eyes as if to see what the general said : this is what ah .I sneak out to .In the father command to .Blue tertiary .You see there .Lotus Princess ladies team and began to act .
Yes, you can be sure of it .Qingzhou is not what it looks like and dangerous .In this situation .I will be careful to take care of their own .As for the law .After I get back to receive .
Think of strict law .Li Meng is full of wit .Cunning as a fox .But .But dare not say that there is nothing to hide .But he found a woman wearing a long black silk eyebrow .This is the lotus Princess ladies team .
Has just and lotus princess mountain ridge .Here and now met .Should be reconciled a golden opportunity .How this does not make him excited .Therefore .Now he is the greatest interest and Princess ladies team .
Rather than accept law how to go home .Princess but seriously and be born in the purple .The ladies team that in the more is known far and near .Which woman are beautiful .Means of extraordinary .
And the princess is regarded as taboo in general .Go anywhere with me .Today this lady out in force in Qingzhou city .Needless to say north face sale, and to meet my princess princess .Li Meng wants to ask : blue tertiary .
Restaurant that people say this Qingzhou city and even dangerous .Also unlike is lying .You say .He said that .In the end a bit really . Blue uncle wants to say: this is not known .
However. Now it seems .The city of Qingzhou is really not the same as usual .Laonu is up to such a legend .One thousand years ago .The continent or the three time .The Kyushu Shangdi nine city really together once in danger .
The danger is what exactly happened .Has not passed down .However. It was starving people fill the land .Bone hill .Shed blood like water. Finally, how is the calm to the disaster .This is not clear .
But that a catastrophe was over .Whether the temple or a real person of xiu .Are heavy casualties .Real person of Xiu is unable to get up after a fall .This is the temple to seize the opportunity to develop .
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