Tina quickly desperately for mercy

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() "Why? Because of her, I become no longer believe in love, why this happened would happen to me?" Lin Feng is nothing like this time to be bullied girl ferocious villains, but rather a mere vent dissatisfied with their own little boy. In Tina's eyes, the image of Lin Feng revolutionized. That is no longer so powerful necromancer and magician (Lin Feng in her eyes, but invincible great magician), but rather a passionate man, an emotionally wounded man. Suddenly aware of their emotions a little bit out of control, and out of their original planned. Lin Feng quickly switched states: "You, actually peep that memory, so, huh, huh." Heard here, Tina quickly desperately for mercy: "I beg you, do not kill me, I will never tell anyone. I promise. "Lin Feng continue acting:" Oh? Why should I believe you. than listen to you and promise to kill you safer. "Lin Feng heard these words, Tina desperate cry. See the furnace is running out, Lin Feng began the final step: "But I also saw your memory, we have regarded each other less. Then so be it, I will give you a curse, if you tell me the secret, you will be punished. course, this spell will not deadly, it will only make your face began to fester, the last one whole face into a chunk of non-stop pus Lanrou. "Think about this scene Lin Feng himself almost vomited. And for women, to get their faces to threaten them, than to take their life better. His memory of this, there's architecture, dress, and the text is different from this world, just because the soul interlinked so Tina listen to understand the memory of the conversation. These differences can be exposed to him through the identity, while Tao predecessors conceal things, and even his death because of this identity through those. "Then the ceremony started." Lin Feng began to mystify, and his left hand on Tina's head, his mouth began incantations: "Ma Lima in H, then no Amitabha, 急急如律令, an arrow through the clouds, mighty force to meet. ...... "kept saying those words does not make sense, of course, speak in Chinese. In Tina ears, which is totally most vicious spell. At the same time, Lin Feng began to use his superior electromagnetic techniques, just to turn around Tina when he lay down on the ground a lot of coins, coins are floating in the air at this time. Then he made a huge current loop, current loop emit light lit up the ground magic, this magic is totally blind Lin Feng just painted. Lin Feng began to control the coin inside and outside twice, in two directions. Then he pretended like crazy, his head kept swinging blind, learn before seen on TV Zhuangshennonggui smelly Taoist priests. Oh, Tina spooked, tears fall down constantly, all began to shout mother. Lin Feng look almost installed, all the coins into a collection bag, the current loop after a fierce light get disappeared. Then the hearts of meditation one: "Let's live, take you." And then stood up, looked at Tina, pretending to be serious, said: "This is the curse of the period 100 years later have to be careful when speaking, I did not way to lift the curse. "In fact, he looked to be scared crying whining Tina, would have to lose my smile. "Now we are talking about another issue of it, you join the gang of robbers what is the purpose? Your family may make you short of money to spend." Lin Feng asked sternly. Tina a hesitant start, do not want to say, but the fear of what Lin Feng in sick people come to curse, barely opening said: "They approached me, before you kill that lower intermediate swordsman, is their two Alone, and big headed trouble awkward, so live on their own. big headed is to be you kill, the median intermediate magician, because underboss away, and they greatly reduced strength, happened to meet me, look at me with a median primary magic division strength, they invited me to join. "Lin Feng said impatiently:" that focus on "the girl Lin Feng and the whole out of fear of what new tricks, once said:" The magic guide book, they say if they would give me to join magic guide book. "Lin Feng hear" magic guide book "after the words shocked, when on earth, magic guide book appeared in numerous novels, among countless animation department. But in this different world, Lin Feng Tao predecessors left rummaged information, did not even find magic guide book this stuff. Then ask Tina: "What is the use magic guide book?" Tina hesitated and said: "do not have the magic talent that people can use magic, but there are side effects to the body." Tina this one: "Make not available magic talent who can use magic. "completely shocked him. In his mind, magic guide book that is similar to those filled at most magic spell book, holding obsessed magician put a skill or something, how would that not have magic talent that people can use magic Guards capabilities. The world itself can be the only person practicing magic less than 5%. If this magic guide book really have this ability, it definitely will directly change the world forces to form ah. But such a powerful thing, Tao seniors will not know how? Is it only appeared after the death of the Tao predecessors in this world? But in the Tao predecessors have not heard what happens after the new generation of Guards magic ah. Is it? By those who are crossing to? This bold idea to Lin Feng startled the whole person, it is not impossible, Tao said that in addition to him, may occur after the other through those, but may also appeared before him. He immediately asked Tina: "This is magic guide book is Who wrote?" "Write?" Tina wanted to see idiots like watching Lin Feng, "how could be written by ordinary people just read the magic guide book jīng God will bear on, how to write magic guide book could. "This sentence more firmly Lin Feng speculation: people in this world you can not, it is certainly our world that people do it. "Fast you must know where to put the magic guide book? Go back out to me," said Lin Feng pulled Tina, so she went to magic guide book. Lin Feng took Tina looked back again, and the white from being bad chat Hartz asked with a smile: "This is done by now?" Lin Feng thought: "This is not so pure ah inside Abkhazia." Tina is is flushed. In the bandit leader of the box for a while after turning, Tina took out a painted with magic book, reluctantly gave it to him. Lin Feng a rush over to start watching, a page counter, before the turn after turn, looking around, and then swore my heart: "Grandpa, talking about what ah, totally do not understand." But suddenly white from in his mind, said: "From the cover of magic Look, this is a Western magic guide book, although the book's text is of this world, but the stresses of the content on Earth magic guide book content This magic guide book tells of the call Balrog method. "Lin Feng's words from a white Sparta whole person: the" magic guide book this thing really exist on earth? these unscientific ah . "Bai Qi said with a smile:" My presence is not also unscientific? "Now Lin Feng heart with a trace of expectation, that in addition to his world sure there are other persons from across the planet, and the people of this world can not produce magic guide book, just follow this clue to find it, surely you will find those who pass through. Just Lin Feng and thoughts when Tina was completely scared silly, inspection glances before her order this magic guide book. Only a moment she felt jīng God on the stand, but nothing, like Lin Feng rummaging, which Lin Feng is really much stronger than her, and that is the curse of Lin Feng also can not leave. Think of here, she involuntarily shivers. In fact, watching magic guide book on the subject is not got problems, Tina completely wrong. They see these people Loren continent, jīng God will be greatly on the oppression, because the magic guide book tells the story of a different space magic. But it is not a different space for Lin Feng magic, Lin Feng look on and see ordinary book the same. Lin Feng enough after turning directly to the magic guide book threw Tina, anyway, he is useless, he need not call a method Balrog from magic guide book learning, but also through the white from the given information, he estimated Balrog that fighting, a little disdain. This is about to get stronger Tina think he even magic guide book that despise everything that was how strong ah. Lin Feng sat on the ground, grabbed the Hartz rogue just like baked ready to eat, then prepare to her mouth, thought, reaching in front of the barbecue handed Tina. Had also Najia Zi Tina, no match for stomach hunger, a barbecue back to Lin Feng grabbed them to eat. The next morning, Lin Feng imperial army in that town where the consul led drive over. Listen Archon an explanation, it is Larry Lin Feng father and he said something to clean up these robbers, Archon afraid Lin Feng lose quickly brought people came. Lin Feng mind clear, Archons is indeed a bit worried about his ingredients, but on the whole, for their own achievements. Lin Feng pack Lower Intermediate swordsmen are so easy to pack so robbers should also mention, he came along with the main point is to rub the credit. Lin Feng Archon aside and quietly said: "This is something I did not do, is to get you to take the army's." Archon one and immediately shook his head, said: "This is all your credit Lin Feng , how can I? "Lin Feng immediately shook her head like a rattle, like:" I came that you have started cleaning the battlefield. "Archon would also like to say something, but Lin Feng to him in the eye sè. Lin Feng moment to understand the meaning, and turned on a small branch to God for this team,North Face Outlet, said: "Lin Feng said, these are all of you brothers and destroy the bandits." Crowd surprised a moment, then God will have the mind of the head to Lin Feng eyes full of gratitude. Because medals Lin Feng is, at most, meaning bonuses, for whom it is representing the promotion, as well as to bring more benefits upsized. Archon whispered to Lin Feng said: "You say so much credit to Lin Feng you give me, it makes me ......" Lin Feng said: "Oh, my Lord Do not say that I'm going to leave town, and Larry Combs and Rin also hope that you will care more points. "Lin Feng put these give credit the original Archon is to allow him to care more about some of Larry and cold, so that he can be more assured on the outside number. Heard, Archon immediately boldly to ensure that they will take care of Larry. In the bandit camp, Lin Feng and Abkhazia and Tina broke up what they said to return to Abkhazia where Lin Feng did not pay attention, looks and Tina give a lift, and then They went together to go. Walking on the way home, think about the cold so well-behaved at home, there are pleasant little wife waiting for him, unconsciously quickened his pace. See Lin Feng back, in fact, very worried about Larry on Rin said: "Little girl, tell you that he certainly okay, what you blind cāo heart." Rin without a word to Lin Feng prepared meals, although Lin Feng safe and she was very happy, but the thought of Lin Feng immediately go, but how are not happy. Larry got the message to leave the room, so Rin and Lin Feng be alone. Lin Feng sitting in a chair watching Rin bustling about and walked up and down in his side when she passed, a hug to her bosom. Rin put his face buried deep in Lin Feng's chest, afraid to look at him. Lin Feng hand hold Rin's chin, looking very touching arms girl, Lin Feng kiss up without any explanation. This time Rin obviously more skilled than last time, but still very active, soft uvula in mouth jerky Lin Feng wander forward. Feel the enthusiasm of clove uvula master mind, Lin Feng in mind Hey smile, tongue swept out, a wound, he gave that clove uvula entangled while living,north face clearance, soft touch feeling, so that was Lin Feng in the heart of a fiercely fibrillation, a large tongue entangled more and more fierce, and fiercely sucking nectar on top of that Lin Feng holding Rin suddenly stood up, toward the bed, Rin thought about to happen, both nervous and shy. By his beloved gentle man on the bed, half closed Meimou Rin looked Lin Feng, a pair of light Lanzhu her palm xìng very tough soft waistline, two bodies stick together tightly . Experienced this repeated kisses, Lin Feng then hidden in the belly at the Miami Heat has come to an irresistible place to embrace the palm at the waist, it can no longer meet his mind yù, fire. A shift men in cold quite Alice Johnson superior gluteal kept rubbing, rubbing the other hand through her clothes, gently holding her chest Angela Johnson rǔ. Lin Feng's move let Rin know what to do, say something, but the mouth being sealed with Lin Feng, Lin Feng Xiang Ding uvula were also swept away, only to issue a "whining" sound. Both unknowingly become naked, almost feeling when Lin Feng intend to conduct the final step, along with Rin bang trained, enjoin, she became Lin Feng woman. Such as Lin Feng woke up the next morning already. I did not expect such a shy Rin is so active, perhaps because of the thought and Lin Feng separated a long time, goodbye rì I do not know when, so Rin Lin Feng request to stop with. Thought that Rin menarche personnel, can not do go overboard, but the cold so take the initiative to live where he dominated. Finally still took five times since white light in the minds of Lin Feng said the sentence: "Tomorrow have to hurry, go to bed early." Lin Feng never get this under hard not up, think there is such a wretched old uncle has been on the sidelines, and even sync experience that there would hardly passion. Looked at his arms breathing evenly, really tired of the cold, Lin Feng felt the responsibility. This may also be why the CC has opposed him and Rin together because she fears they will affect Lin Feng in the practice of this firm to go on the road of thorns. Rin woke up, looked at Lin Feng found that both sides are naked, face and becomes red. Lin Feng haha ​​smile, said: "Last night was anyone who so many times, and now actually blushed." Hear Lin Feng laughed at her, grabbed Rin mischievous Lin Feng below the living. After crossing Lin Feng's body is really shrunk, although have been carried out so many times, a younger brother flew at attention by stimulating it. Lin Feng outdone, said: "demon jīng, to see how I surrender to you." Then again repeated fighting. Such as Lin Feng got up almost noon, he felt weak at the knees, waist like a broken same, and Rin is like nothing, like he was ready to give up meals. Lin Feng feel at this time that he actually believed she physique has now become very cattle, and Rin a ratio really humbled. Pick up the big kettle on the table, one gulp. No matter how touching, how reluctant they were to still have time. Lin Feng Another unexpected thing is that Rin actually lying on his shoulder, and whispered in his ear: "I am your woman, you are not allowed on the outside can easily provoke another woman, think that things have to come back to find I solved. "Last night turned cold so positive, there is a purpose, ah, want to hitch Lin Feng's heart ah. After hearing Lin Feng, clinging cold to her softly said: "The long long time if the two conditions, a blessing in the day and night and I will love you forever." Then deep kiss on Rin lips. Finally in frustration cough Larry Combs, the two separated dismay. A bite Lin Feng turned away without looking back, cold tears the moment he turned to flow down. "Long long time if the two conditions, a blessing in the day and night." Rin Lin Feng said gently repeated listening to her poetry, with blurred vision watching Lin Feng disappeared in the distance. Departure did not take long, Lin Feng saw a man behind the shadow followed him, with the more closer. Finally looked back, Kelly. At this time Kelly faces, bruises of not good agile. Lin Feng looked at him a look of embarrassment, embarrassed to ask: "Something wrong?" Kelly wriggled to Lin Feng indicate a bit big backpack on his back, said: "I want to travel, you have to leave it town, and I continue in this alone inappropriate. "This is, indeed Lin Feng confused, Kelly went on to say:" I do not go someone will say Rin's gossip, but you do not worry estimate. "says with Kelly laughed silly, it seems he's really good man, Lin Feng did not take into account these issues. "What are you going to go?" Asked Kelly Lin Feng-friendly. Kelly immediately replied: "We first went to the town of Ayr, right, to where and then decide where to go in the end." Then they will go hand in hand along the way to keep Kelly Lin Feng introduced his own battles on the outside of the obtained experience, told Lin Feng is the best place for mercenary guild and magician guild. From Kelly's mouth, Lin Feng learned magician mercenary guild and guild did not want him to think of it, is mutual contempt. In fact, the distinction between the two is not a magician magician guild ordinary people are those who can. And the magician guild organization even looser guild all together just a place to rest, where there are tasks bulletin boards, but from where we find their own level tasks. Often people are in the guild chat, eat and drink, learn from each other. The mercenary guild is more like a militarized organization, everyone in here is based on the preparation of assigned tasks. And mercenary guild ordinary majority, so they are mainly low-level tasks to undertake, will find the majority of high-grade magician guild. That is the whole, the magician Association and the mercenary guild is kept themselves, and everyone is responsible for the commission at a different level, there is no conflict. If in a guild that is able to find a similar place of refuge, which the inexperienced rookie Lin Feng is the best thing. Two people so walked all the way up, carriage ride took more than two days to Ayr town. This Ayr town is a town built by the canal, so here shipping is very well developed. To the town of Hou Kaili Al and he broke up, because there are just destined Kaili city passenger teacher, he would go directly to the boat. Break up, Kelly Lin Feng said: "You had better step up practice, you can do not kill me, our duel is not over yet and we signed a death, but the instrument, and so I come to you duel you do not accept it, you But the transgressors. waiting for me, one day I returned to overtake you. "Lin Feng big smile on Kelly said:" The fight in the end. "then gave Kelly a big hug and said to him:" Until next time, take care. "Kelly Who is deliberately handsome, walked away, without looking back, said: "You just have to take care, do not wait until I come to you to hang up, except me who was killed, you've got to be against the law." Kelly watched boat after Lin Feng smiled and turned to leave the dock, white from his mind, said: "It seems that this guy is also a xìng human emotion." and already are leaving boarding pier watching Kelly Lin Feng back, with only he can hear the voice said: "Thank you, really thank you very much." Lin Feng hungry impossible to find a pub, point a few meat dishes began bingeing and then in the mind and White CC recently came out from time to discuss why so few, and the magic guide book thing. Magic guide book thing too much doubt, look at this from Lin Feng guess things appear in nearly three decades. According to the white from the judgment, according to the book magic guide people on earth is not generally regarded as one could inflicted, but large enough circulation. This thing so that ordinary people can use magic so Guards ability, absolutely very popular. Results casually kill a bandit leader, he found that he has a hand, we can see that magic guide book exists in this world is not a small number. But these things can only handwriting, can not be copied, in this world who has not made this thing. This means that if there really were crossing except him, and that another person is certainly not ordinary people through. Lin Feng think the problem is, I suddenly heard the tavern door came the "plop" sound, the sound of someone falling. Looked up and saw a red-haired teenager hungry tired,Men's North Face Windstopper Clearance, fell to the ground, Shen Zhaoshou said: "Help me." Lin Feng a closer look and found that this is not a Haz Who could it. The Hazira up quickly in the past, helped to his desk and sat down. Hartz glanced at him after the start of eating habits apart from anything else, Lin Feng called over the waiter added a few dishes. Abkhazia after eat, ranging from Lin Feng asked what happened, yells: "Tina bastard actually Ganpian I cheated on me all the money, and then she ran away I have not eaten for several days . "Hearing this, Lin Feng embarrassed smile, he had seen Tina's memory, you can feel the person though Tina considered good, but very black belly. Forgot to remind Abkhazia attention, Lin Feng in the hearts of meditation three'm sorry. Haz Schmidt, Lin Feng asked: "Do you have any plans? Next going to go?" Lin Feng then said: "I told Wolf mercenary guild leader's son be considered a side of the edge, I'm going to join Wolf mercenary guild. "Haz quickly Baizhe Shou Lin Feng said:" You have so much strength to go there to do, it is better to go back with me, to join our association. "" your guild? you still guild? "Lin Feng is not Xie asked. Haz suddenly came jīng God, stood up, roll up their sleeves, exposing her right shoulder magic emblem. Blue sè emblem is a Lin Feng can not tell what the animal is a creature not seen Lin Feng, like a squirrel standing on snowboard. "Earthly demon jīng, Elamite Empire first great magician guild. How about?" Hartz spoke proudly of their guild name. "Do not." Lin Feng continue eating their own things, "There you are so weak guy in the guild, how likely strong, but also whole empire first, who believe ah." Abkhazia was about to retort, but thought Lin Feng strength stronger than him not the slightest bit, then bite the bullet and said: "We are a strong guild, although our president is the upper level open great magician, but he is in fact long been a Mage, and we guild There are five great magician. "Abkhazia heard these words, almost choked to Lin Feng, Magister president, the great magician five. "Are you kidding," Lin Feng thought: "it is true, public information Elamite empire is the empire without Magister, the whole empire total of only dozens of great magician ah seems Haz said yes, demon jīng reality may indeed be an empire first magician guild. Moreover Abkhazia is not in fact a weak flame magic so tyrannical, that skill is weak. "" Well, I told you to go back, to join your guild. "Lin Feng and white from a little talk a bit, then agreed. Abkhazia after listening to happy and hugged him. Lin Feng did not know at this moment, this choice he completely changed his life path in this world. Satiate, Hartz again jīng God Taitailielie stroll with Lin Feng, introduces guild situation. Unconsciously they walked in the center of the Archons hall, the door plastered with notices on bulletin boards. Then, on this billboard has a slightly rough edge point of the brand, posted above, a number of commissioned and commissioned a number of holding a small sign that says the principal. Haz looked in there for ages, suddenly shouted: "Great, just a drop in the commission anyway who have no money, by the way earn a meal." Lin Feng also scrape together the past looked at, the task was written on simple: to escort the goods to fungus city, salary negotiable. The original demon jīng earthly city in white fungus, white fungus Elamite Empire City is the largest city, has even been called the pearl of the northern continent. Just wondering Lin Feng and Abkhazia is not to take this commission, suddenly there was a middle-aged man getting in the way, smiling, said: "If there are two intentions, we can find a quiet place to chat." Lin Feng feel always some strange, but Hartz directly keen on the idea. They followed the middle-aged man walked for a while, to a remote tavern. They followed the man went directly to the second floor of the office tavern. Middle-aged man politely said: "Also, please show the next two badges and the like, indicate what capacity." This time Lin Feng is more strange, what goods, it seems that to find some expert job. Haz demur, roll up sleeves revealing emblem on the right shoulder of the public record, and then took out a coin slightly larger than the badge. Middle-aged man holding a badge carefully read, then smiled and said: "secular demon jīng the median primary magician, there is definitely a considerable strength of." And then gave the badge Abkhazia, Lin Feng a closer look , is a marked two bars of copper badge, the above lines is similar to the security signs magical things. By Tao gave him the information, he also learned magician badge this stuff. Trainee magician will get an iron badge, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced namely copper, silver, gold triangular shield-type badge. Brass badge with horizontal bars in the upper number indicates the next grading, a bar is lower, two bars are in place, three bars is the host. Intermediate bars is tilted, senior bars are bent downward. This is to make people better distinguish these badges. Great magician is a gold brand, a common medals so big, by the number of stars above represents rank, representing the next twelve Samsung in the host. Magister is made from blue sè crystal, the above is only one star, because Magister up all the world's people want to look up there, and give them another sub-sub-level is also pointless. Swordsman side of the classification is similar, but their badges are square. At this middle-aged man turned and looked at Lin Feng, Lin Feng, said: "This gentleman, your badge?" Abkhazia immediately grabbed, then go: "Lin Feng, but very powerful, much stronger than me, do not verify." Middle-aged Men cheeky difficult sè, threw your hands up, said: "But this I do not like the above explanation ah." Lin Feng see him embarrassed, so he came up with Larry belt Commendation, it seems ginger or the old lady, This is just out to use it. "Can you not know this?" Lin Feng politely asked. Middle-aged man with a look at the contents of the Commendation hands immediately handed Lin Feng, respectfully said: "There villain did not know. Two sit down, we talk about the rewards of thing." While speaking middle-aged man winking to his men around the eye sè, they immediately quit office to jǐng quit. "If completed commissioned two each get 500 coins reward, I do not know two think of it ah?" Polite middle-aged man said. One immediately keen on the idea so much money Abkhazia, but Lin Feng frowning. He was thinking: what goods so valuable? See Lin Feng cheeky middle-aged man hard sè, quickly said: "Of course, you will of Mr. Lin Feng to additional compensation, after all your strength so high." Abkhazia does not hear any dissatisfaction, which is unwritten rules, others much higher level than you perform tasks with you, and finally take the money as much as people can like it, white is so much higher than your strength? Could not think of anything wrong with Lin Feng reluctantly agreed. After signing the treaty they are middle-aged men and took them to the inspection of it. Sure enough, an inspection Lin Feng discovered the problem. Arrival inspection where there is already a dozen different class swordsman and magician in waiting, cargo is a small box, it had a magic seal, spare chain tied to a little girl's arm. This little girl was wearing a straw hat like something hanging above the gauze over her body, so could not see her face. "This is an important commodity, it must charge the goods by our specialized staff has been with the goods, to the time you will take good care of guards on it." Listen middle-aged man in a plausible explanation, Lin Feng some doubts. Because this was obviously looks nothing sister strength to such a precious cargo tie her pit she does not do this? Unless, the real goal is actually to protect the little girl. In accordance with the client's arrangements, Lin Feng escort their goods on time in the evening to the station. But the one to stop Lin Feng dumbfounded, that he thought it would be a ride, but one into the station he saw a very familiar bar rails, and a long list of cars. "It's not that the train Nima do?" Lin Feng can not help but sigh a. Abkhazia immediately explained: "What what? Even this you do not know, this is now the most advanced rail car, sitting it back to the city fungus requires only one night, this faster than carriage not know how many." Lin Feng skeptical point nod, he did not notice that, in his words, when it comes to trains, the mysterious sister years shuddered, and then look to stay in his body. Lin Feng after the car more determined his inner doubts: According to Tao left information, no such thing as rail cars, that this thing is nearly three decades appeared by Hartz also confirmed this point. And according to his conjecture to the world's scientific and technological level, suddenly appeared in just three years of well-designed large-scale trains is not realistic, and taking into account the world has so much magic and vindictive such unscientific things that people do not jīng put too much force in scientific research. Moreover, the front of the train is actually the kind of high-speed rail streamlined front, multi-point on this one hundred kilometers per hour, did not need to take into account the problem of air resistance. Who is definitely crossing the egg pain superfluous. "What are you thinking?" Lin Feng suddenly sat opposite the girl spoke. Because Lin Feng in the strongest of these people, so arranged for him to sit away from the girl nearest place, be regarded as the last line of defense bar. "You say this rail car train called?" The girl continued. Lin Feng against the windows do not care to say: "ah, my hometown are so called." Lin Feng heard these words, the girl fell into a deep memories, memories of an old man hair and whiskers were white, kind of for young, she said: "In my hometown, we call it the train." Look girl does not speak, Lin Feng does not say anything, and now the situation is more confirmed his guess. Girls actually sitting so comfortably upscale cars, side actually a special kind enough to wait on her maid. If you let Lin Feng arrangement, directly to the girl locked into a large Menguan compartment, so that goods more secure. Protection goals should be a girl. Head that looked brighter than expected number of candle lights, Lin Feng boring in the mind and white from chatting. Suddenly white from saying: "There is the case." Then suddenly the train brakes, and many people are falling on the ground, was hired magicians and swordsmen who have become highly tense. Hint of Abkhazia immediately pushed his magic, violent flames from his fist on the run out, took the lead in Abkhazia will blow out of the way before the boom of crushed ice. And so they kept running and Lin Feng is anxiously looking forward to the caster, the hearts of anxious shouting: "Where? Where? Where? How can not find? Why choose evening departure?" Middle-aged man immediately drive over, Lin Feng said: "The cab is some situation, you must protect the goods, I took a few people to see." finish with a few people catch away. Middle-aged man left, the woman next door came the car screams, and then the car floundered. Haz hurried over, Lin Feng said: "dead, there is a primary swordsman with us was assassinated. Rail car brake suddenly, people got up and found him down in a pool of blood." Lin Feng suddenly stood up and shouted: "Be careful," and then waving to blow fiercely behind Abkhazia. Although nothing to see, but Lin Feng Zhe Yiquan severely hit the target. Is found in white from the enemy, reminded Lin Feng. Lin Feng pulled the girl's hand went to another car ran, ran Abkhazia unknown so. As they fled the car just after a sharp icicle root huge following from the car to wear out, not in time to escape the people have been punctured, countless screams rang. Lin Feng just feel the power of the surrounding ice element sudden strong wave with, so pull up the girl and ran. Do not know why, since Tina mad because after Lin Feng faculties now can feel the power of the elements, although still can not see, can not communicate. They kept walking through the various compartments with, ice is always kept behind them appear. Suddenly the road ahead was a huge ice sealed, Lin Feng immediately shouted: "Haz"
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