seems to be for the after thousands of years

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Chapter 430th body instinct but a moment, Luo fan body is completely broken ,the complete appearance .Even is the body strength ,and without any distinction before ,that the road fruit ,more is in the pubic region .
When this change to subside ,Luo sails slowly open your eyes .Gold and silver slightly flashing eyes ,has a touch of fear and joy from eyes with .Thoughts from the slight movement ,void has a piece of golden lens surface, still as before the suspension in the sail forward, seemingly without any difference .
Luo sail out right ,as the relic general lens will fall slowly ,in the blink of an eye is on his hands .But ,in this relic general lens into contact with his right hand moments ,this lens on suddenly with numerous thin dense cracks ,as the screen ,and even silk cocoon will generally be the lens cover .
Then ,the lens directly to dust ,as a cloud of smoke in all directions .In the game process ,the powder has been dispersed ,to fly away from the in situ three or four inches ,then fine to be visible to the naked eye ,the smoke in the process completely disappeared ,as if into the void in general .
Sure ,all the forces are already is that a stock will deplete Luo sail around the eyes ,the flash and ideas .After this I ,his spirit will budge ,left a pool ,from his ace up one ,so there is a fist sized gold crystal ball appeared out of nowhere in his hand , is the strange life forms a seal ,the seal that seals at this time but in the fast changing .
The golden light in this to be thought of as the subsided ,seal golden flesh in the disappearance of the general .Just one breath not to ,the original golden crystal ball like a seal ,then completely into a fully transparent crystal ball even already from flesh and blood can also be transformed into strength to use, such as the incredible magical powers .
Luo fan watching such a scene ,the pupil with a shrink ,so think of .To finish, he left a flash, a crystal ball seal with disintegration ,as tiny as silk general lines ,from his left hand on burst out ,sweeping up to from all sides ,the twinkling of an eye is the entire temple cover in which ,in a slightly fibrillation several ,fully integrated into the void ,disappeared without a trace .
This seal is the world the power void condensed ,and since the seal thing has disappeared without a trace ,the seal and the necessity of natural .And the void to void without polar palace for power is nothing, but it was a good, but not good waste .
Solve the singular life hand tail ,Luo sail eyes very rare with slightly excited color . Let me have a look ,it can be in chaos Dojo open strong life in the end how secret . Luo sail the ideas had such thoughts flashed .
This thought ,he slowly close my eyes ,mind enters the knowledge sea world at this moment, in the knowledge sea world within sight is fully stabilized .The whole space is fully stabilized ,no trace of flabby evidence .
Sea world knowledge within the sky ground ,flowers and trees more is fully restored .As for the road before the vast will repel the innate immortal ,is already more before he heavy body body straight into the pan when the bone in vivo .
The whole world knows the sea ,but originally in the knowledge sea world will have dark avatar ,to the side of printing ,but also a kind of originally belongs to the identification of sea in the world of existence of a person of indomitable spirit ,tail ,face three to huge body of the body and dull in this knowledge within the sea world UGG Fingerless Gloves Outlet,the three item in there is a loss, is lost, is to lose one ,seems almost is a dead .
Its world to chaos Dojo open strong presence that he will head up the bone ,face two a huge hole in a gold and silver in the slightly swaying ,like two real eyes ,staring straight ahead that a body .
This body will be repelled in the boundless ,then with the vast will go broke away .But here it is Luo Fan knowledge of sea world ,the body is with the vast will relatively ,more due to the entire knowledge of sea world was more than you can imagine ,but also difficult in the knowledge sea in the world to come ,want to go walking .
Therefore ,in the vast will gone ,will use the knowledge of the sea ,sail the world ,it would have disappeared into the general sea world body lock ,let it remain a complete state and incompetent away though ,so he spent the knowledge sea world almost all power ,let him for this .
Sea world control ability is reduced to the lowest point in history ,but the outcome is quite obvious .This has some kind of mysterious rules in order to meet the vast will descend coalesce out of the subtle body ,finally in the vast will leave, in his knowledge of sea world stabilized .
He does not hesitate to sail ,the spirit of his Pangea bone gold silver eyes suddenly a shock ,as a gold and silver to pay miscellaneous light from the eyes out ,span almost the entire knowledge at the furthest distance in the world ,directly toward the person to a three body straight and bizarre .
In the blink of an eye, is the body ,is also in the glabella that eye in rushing in .The gold and silver light ,is Luo sail idea that although not all mind ,not for the spirit, but also represents the Luo sail some incarnation -- although only ideation incarnate in the thought of ideation incarnate into this third objective moment ,that person a singular figure three head jerked large light up, at the same time ,the body of general mountain suddenly a murderous rage .
Infinite power from the body. Burst out .Seconds later, the identification of sea world are torn open countless fragments even the whole knowledge sea world power are the body lock ,restrict the body of any activity ability .
But ,this body is still easily took the general sea world void ripped roar amazing ,as if the world is furious roar from the general body mouth out of the body ,hands ,as if to catch anything, but was unable to grasp the general ,will be around void twisted into a million pieces .
With this change ,Luo sail sea world suddenly become very general chaos originally just stabilized the world ,to be broken up ,the earth is rolling over, landfall and seismic sea wave general .
It had recovered a flowers and trees, a variety of terrain ,it is the first time will be ground into dust ,which survive ,Luo fan thought projection out infinite creatures are in a moment of being totally destroyed .
There is even a bigger and bigger black hole from the body from all sides around toward expanding .The identification of sea world continues concussion ,roiling ,seems possible to keep the complete collapse of general Luo fan see this ,control of Pangu bone mouth out in a voice like Avenue acoustic vibration general hiss roar .
It sounded like a real general ,from Pan Gu bone mouth and began to spread ,from all sides ,arrive in the knowledge sea at the end of the world ,reflecting back, facing to the singular direction of strengthening body sound short ,this unit as the road vibration students general hiss roar and the expanding hole contact ,momentary will this black hole pressure .
The black hole continuous compression reduced .In this black hole compression reduces the back position ,the void to condense ,the ground is to appear a variety of terrain ,a variety of flowers and trees .
This hiss roar essence general ,eventually coalesce in the singular body around, to form a just wrap the singular body contour ,in which constantly resound ,shaking the singular body ,let the singular body violently shook .
But ,even so ,the singular body is furious ,as if already lived in general ,constant struggle ,continuously in the void catch move .In the catch position of vanity ,is already in the crash crush ,but that hiss roar at great degree to condense ,back to normal .
Luo Fan thought arises from the bone in vivo ,creator of universe ,has an innate immortal light straight out ,in the blink of an eye, across the knowledge at the furthest distance in the world ,came to the singular body place ,suddenly a coagulation ,then in this singular figure head into a bottomless diameter disc shaped optical group ,slowly rotating ,with a strange power from sagging ,covered this singular figure .
This great diameter disc relative to that singular body ,or tiny ,almost like a sesame seed is relative to an adult general .But this tiny disk down the singular force for the body ,is very effective in its shadow ,the body suddenly a hysteresis ,instant frozen ,three mesh in a infinite tyranny ,infinity rage ,but body without shake .
The throat is like the roar of anger usually continuously through the mouth to shut out .To see this ,Luo Fanfang autogenic relaxation ,control of Pangu bone closed mouth ,so that as the road vibration born sound general roar sound subsided .
Along with its faded, the general sea world come very naturally evolution ,the evolution ,the world ,soon returned to normal in the knowledge sea image .The identification of sea in the world ,but he sails attached void mind ,between between the real and unreal ,like virtual reality but not false true ,if it is not really a fake ,so mysterious .
The identification of sea world of all things ,all the landscape ,all creatures ,are Romance sail to the heart by the projection ,as long as he sails spirit is not destroyed, the road in the heart of non-destructive ,realm of eternal consciousness ,the sea world is completely destroyed ,also will be very fast degree of recovery .
Not the body ,even the doppelganger Puma Ferrari Shoes,avatar is not ,but is already contains unbelievable mystery ,with may day out to destroy instinct .Be mindful of invasion ,would automatically induced instinct so thought moment in Luo fan mind ideas flashed .
A look of this body in the innate immortal radiance power performance ,Luo sail slightly down .A mind ,mind clung to it from the body third head drill into the ideation incarnate .
Instantly ,he came to a very mysterious world spirit is Jin into a kind of unspeakable realm .No ,no ,no no I ,no time ,no space ,no matter ,there is no energy at all ,seem to do not exist in general .
If trying to describe this realm ,that is empty all empty mind is empty ,I am free, time is empty ,space is empty ,the space-time ,energy is empty, I do not know how long after ,there seems to be a lightning bolt of his life flashed before him North Face Womens Closer Triclimate Jackets,he will be from the kind of unspeakable being awakened ,finally see the scene .
Around him, up from all sides of infinite distant distance ,is a gray .This a gray ,nothing seems to exist, everything, and nothing seems to exist, nothing in general . This feeling it is chaos this idea in Luo fan mind ideas flashed .
But ,this is thought of ,compared to the previous slow billions of times more UGG Kona,is to let Luo Fan feel very difficult ,so he is burdened with hundreds of millions of tons of weight in climbing a peak of millions upon millions in general ,not only each step need to be their best ,but never see the end .
Suddenly ,be raging like a storm ,a huge vortex appeared in he .The whirlpool at first but is very small ,like the dust of the general .But there is in extremely fast degree increases, but the twinkling of an eye ,already was increased to in diameter ,sweeping ,like all nature of vortex .
In the vortex ,the surrounding gray being thickened ,also in the process of continuous transformation Men's North Face Denali Clearance,appears in the evolution of some even imagine the existence of a general .Luo Fan idea of embodiment slowly raised his head ,looked at the top of most swirl .
The vortex center ,facing the Luo fan thoughts that are evolving in the presence of incarnation ,is on his head a thunderclap sound came into direct Avenue ,accompanied by the sound, is a lacking beginning and end ,directly across from all sides of the endless gray existing White Lightning this after the lightning ,there seems to be a world in the dusky behind show .
This world very wonderful ,appears to be a void, and seems to contain Luo Fan thinks everything is generally broad and boundless ,as fine as dust of the sound, the lightning flash .
But in its passed ,in the swirl of the central ,before evolving thing finally complete evolution forming that is a singular life is a Luo fan familiar life person as three orders, is this appeared in Luo sail knowledge sea world that a body in the head of the emergence of life later, Nawanli diameter of the vortex collapse ,without any process ,even without a trace from to ,the twinkling of an eye is already disappeared not the least trace was found.
At the same time ,Luo sail the mind incarnation of view and all range ,to be covered with gray ,Xinhua for the chaotic scene as general twinkling ,Luo the sail is see light suddenly : before I wake ,is the lightning and thunder although the wake, but he still did not know the lightning and the thunder is the what, why do the unthinkable vaillant .
The head from the vortex evolution out of the strange life of less than a husband is high ,and Luo sail the ideation incarnate generally high ,is also the normal size . Shout the singular life there, giving a sound very oppressive ,extremely mournful roar .
Although not like the roar of voices ,but it does contain some unbelievable Vaillant ,arousing the surrounding suspected chaos singular landscape boundless change ,sea wind blows seem was caused huge waves in general .
Suddenly ,suddenly ,sail their thinking seems to accelerate a lot .Seems like it has reduced the number of loads ,the climbing peaks also appear to be low in many .However, the weight still exists ,the mountains are still high and the strange life three mesh in burst seems to be a dull ,but very angry ,very oppressive SG ,are down ,hands ,with enough day out to destroy the momentum towards the Luo fan thoughts personification bombardment with its hands to swinging around ,suspected chaos nature of landscape evolution out of endless killing destruction scene appeared throughout the world ,everything in this life and strange movements are in with this strange life action and change general Luo fan slow thinking, in this advantage ideation incarnation, just give birth to dodge the idea ,and the strange life both hands is caught in ideation incarnate .
The twinkling of an eye ,an unspeakable strong pain will all his thinking .This pain is not pain ,itch and so on ,is not the acid can describe pain ,but a red heart out ,beyond words ,but also use any words can describe any pain in this pain, Luo sail only feel this incarnation with ideas of collapse ,as millions of dust in general dot .
Then ,he shows himself entered again without thinking without thinking, no no I ,no time ,no space ,no matter ,there is no energy at all ,do not seem to exist generally had not known how long ,seems just moment, seems to be for the after thousands of years ,hundreds of millions of years .
Suddenly ,with a lightning bolt of his life flashed before him ,he will be from the kind of unspeakable realm awakened awakened ,Luo sail now own ideation incarnate it condenses ,the scene that kind is gray ,as if nothing were there ,and as if nothing were there .
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