Can you bang hydrocodone

March 29 [Fri], 2013, 17:38

Can you bang hydrocodone

Can you bang hydrocodone

How many watson 3203 hydrocodone does it.

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Can you inject Tramadol? [Archive].

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Shooting Hydrocodone (experiences,.
06.03.2010 · Best Answer: Seriously??? Why would you do that other than the fact you are an addict? In which case, you should already know.
Ok, I am sure this topic has been beat to death here on this forum, but I dont know where else to find info on people who have tried to IV hydrocodone. Ive done a lot

Snorting - Hydrocodone: Swallowing Pills.

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Opiates & Opioids > Hydrocodone SWIM has som 10/500 and he would like to get the most bang for his buck. SWIM heard the 500 in the 10/500 is acetomenophen (sp

If I bang up some 7.5/750 hydrocodone's is it better than just swallowing it? I heard it's not because of the other active ingredients. Just want to find out before I do.

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Hydrocodone-chlorpheniram susp - can I.

  • Snorting hydrocodone

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    1 Answer - Posted in: hydrocodone - Answer: It is generally not recommended to take an over dose Chlorpheniramine/
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