Lian Yun turned up a tempestuous waves

October 23 [Tue], 2012, 13:15
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultLian Yun squatted on the ground and wept for a long time ,finally tired of crying ,only gradually to stop, but she was still is a grief .
Sword complex dust look look at cloud heart lotus ,sighed ,and then turned to solo peak said: the cloud family main belt down ,take a good look at ,don . Dugu peak also feel Yun Lin and sword dust seems to have a layer of special relationship ,and cloud every main and in relation to the Lian Yun big Qiu ,so did not dare careless, look solemn nodded ,said: rest assured ,I will take a good look at him .
Then, all the peaks of carrying such as mud general cloud home owners go out of the room .Sword dust looked at Lian Yun ,slightly hesitated for a moment ,said: I go to green kingdom .
Listen to the sword dust should bring themselves to Gerson Kingdom ,Lian Yun heart slightly surprised, pressing my sorrow ,looked up a puzzled look at the sword dust ,asked : why should I tell you to go to green kingdom .
To prove one thing ,maybe ,where there will be your loved ones . Sword dust voice murmured ,heart bittersweet UGG Ultimate Tall Braid Boots,who can think of a few days ago had once red dress woman ,there may be Bi family .
My family ? Lian Yun whisper a sound ,then painful shook his head ,said: no, I have no family ,my family is my mother ,but my mother had died many years ago ,as for my dad ,he the beasts better person ,he is unworthy of my father ,I must kill him in revenge for my mother .
Lian Yun face are a painful look .Dust slowly come to sword Lian Yun side ,said again : I go to green kingdom ,there is one thing ,I must go to confirm ,this matter to your mother .
To my mother ?What the heck is going on here .Lian Yun the eyes with a bright ,it obviously makes her very much . I can ,when you will understand after Ferguson kingdom . A sword with a serious face said dust .
Yun Lin hesitated ,this thing since the relationship to her late mother ,that she will not be completely indifferent ,hesitated for a moment ,Yun Lin finally nodded sword dust proposal ,whispered : well Canada Goose D Alpago Bomber Sale,I the green kingdom .
,then we go over there right now . Sword dust some unable to hold oneself back and said ,then turned east to for a few people, said: my horse to go to green kingdom ,this time you will stay here ,wait for me ,if you can not solve the case ,will crush the jade .
Then, the sword dust took a combined twin stone to Ming East ,the mainland in Tianyuan with the most extensive special jade ,once one of jade stone fragmentation ,that no matter how far apart ,another piece of jade will also break ,as a signal to notify the other party .
Ming East a few people also know this thing is otherwise hidden ,was beyond his imagination so simple, so there are no more than what is said .Ming East took the sword dust handed jade ,was solemnly said: brother ,start out early and start back early .
Sword dust nodded ,and they leave ,came to the Lian Yun side ,said : do you have anything else to do ,if nothing, we start now . I ,here is the distance Gerson kingdom far away, isn ready for ? Lian Yun said .
No, arrived soon . Sword dust said ,then go to the Lian Yun Yun Lin side grabbed the arm North Face Gloves, a surging thoughts ,the wind elemental force immediately gathered, will they two are wrapped in it ,then ranged in Lian Yun react, surging wind elemental force took his sword and dust cloud lotus two people from the room window flew out, as a pale blue light such as a lightning bolt ,stabs ,speed fast ,even let avenue people do not see .
The sudden increase in pressure body to let the initial experience of flying in the sky clouds lotus uttered a scream ,face white with terror Canada Goose Parka Sale,and when she had answered a God to come ,only to hear the ear the howling winds ,blowing her head to waist length hair waving violently ,and feet ,so big Fengyang city is fast becoming smaller, only a few time to breathe becomes the only sand table size ,we can easily see the city appearance ,and main street that people are hurrying to and fro.
Population ,has become more than the ants and many small ,very difficult to see .Yun Lin stared at the foot that has narrowed down countless times of the city, with a dull look ,at this moment, in her heart has already reached the point where was incapable of further increase ,so scared .
Fengyang city at the foot of flying away ,and soon disappeared in the world first place, but the scenery is also gradually faded ,was the last white cloud cover ,the dust cloud sword with lotus ,have been flying in clouds ,looking ahead ,all around is a vast expanse of whiteness sea of clouds ,boundless ,endless .
For a long time ,cloud Liancai from shock had answered a God to ,a pair of beautiful eyes have been widened ,with unbelievable stare sword dust that 20 year-old handsome face ,and another hand mask small mouth, exclaimed: you .
.. You ... You are the sky realm very strong hierophant ! At this moment, Lian Yun turned up a tempestuous waves ,the hierophant ,Tianyuan in this continent but very strong, standing in the Pyramid peak figure ,so strong even in a kingdom, also be exalted ,high-status men, have no honor ,even a king to they must also be polite ,dare not neglect the slightest ,because their existence ,is a symbol of a kingdom in the top of the force, a kingdom of prosperity and decline ,is completely relied on the sky realm of the hierophant to count .
And let the Lian Yun in any case that is ,this age is just the twenties, it would be a very strong sky st division level ,that the eyes of ordinary people, but God like existence .
In a while there is a small family ,but as a daughter ,Lian Yun was born clever ,she can see a sky st division represents what .As long as there is a sky st division in realm of strong ,even if it is a little known small family ,will become the station throughout the Kingdom top forces .
Lian Yun hand mask small mouth ,eyes staring the sword dust ,half are returned to the God ,the sky the hierophant ,which brought her shock is too big .Look at the cloud lotus that shocked expression ,the sword be overcome by one of dust face a smile ,but it does not explain what ,just full speed ahead, want as soon as possible back to Changyang house to verify the identity of Lian yun .
In the sword dust full on ,only three hour returned to Gerson Kingdom ,then a road non-stop, went straight towards the Royal City rush .So gone half an hour ,the sword with a lotus road dust clouds flight arrived at the Royal City ,the far wall have been clearly visible ,even outside the city can see a large tent neatly tied there, face Qin flag blowing in the wind .
But this time ,Lian Yun has been slowly calmed down ,look ahead that stretch in ten barracks ,curiously asked: that is the Qin army ? Well ,there was the Qin Kingdom five hundred thousand army, known as the East sword legion ,is one of the most elite army of Qin kingdom .
Sword dust explained . the city must be famous on the city ,the rumors are false ,the Qin Kingdom and Changyang Prefecture and has a special relationship ,even the army stationed in outside of city .
Lian Yun murmured ,eyes full of envy ,the Qin Kingdom ,this is mainland Tianyuan eight strong one ah ,can get the Qin Kingdom support ,Gerson Kingdom has be worthy of the name became the regional hegemon North Face Bionic Jackets Sale, nobody dare provoke .
The imperial sword flying dust quickly ,such as a distributed a blue light pop across the sky ,before Yun Lin remember landforms here have been flying on the city, and then in a huge mansion before landing down ,is a mansion in Changyang .
Come with me ! Sword dust release pinch Lian Yun shoulder hand ,hello Lian Yun sound on the stride toward Changyang house door .Lian Yun subconsciously looked down in front of the house ,but when she saw the door in the lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy plaque reads Changyang house three characters ,he was so scared .
Although she has lived in Fengyang City ,but for Gerson Kingdom happened but very clear ,especially the Changyang government, it is said of sb. .Changyang house previously although in Gershen Kingdom very low-key ,but since experienced four coalition forces against the kingdom of Gershen after the event ,Changyang strength is completely exposed in the eyes of the people ,by the people of the world know .
Later ,the eagle kingdom ten sky st division level strong attack, finally by Changyang government successfully repulsed the on the spot ,also killed several strong, so brilliant tactics is the Changyang government had pushed a peak ,fully deserve become Gerson Kingdom recognized as the strongest family ,completely replacing the Hua Yunzong position ,even the Royal to pressing down .
This large family where high ,far from Fengyang city that small cloud home can be compared ,in such a family before, even chicken Yangcheng three family is small as ants ,because in the eyes of others ,the Changyang government has already become the huge forces over the Royal family .
Yun Lin did not think ,I have stood in the Changyang house outside the door to this day ,it is enough to make her look up large family .Yun Lin held the sword to catch dust ,heavy-hearted said: here is the Changyang house ah ,how do you bring me here ,you can go wrong place .
Sword dust smiled a little ,said: rest assured ,no problem, come with me is . Then, the sword with a lotus dust cloud toward the door .See sword dust coming, Changyang palace
gate two gate guard eyes immediately above the admiration and respect of light ,he stood straighter ,such as a benchmark ,dust ,when the sword pass them, two porters guard and bow
down ,big channel: saw four young ! Two people in this cry ,with sword in dust side terror Yun Lin gives a scare ,but immediately react, astonished at sword dust: four master
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