ms office 2007 strengthen the fixed-line business

May 18 [Fri], 2012, 12:34

ms office 2007 strengthen the fixed-line business sustain, promote the fixed-line value-added and fusion of business scale development. Second, speed Microsoft Office up the construction and optimization 2 G and 3 G network, actively push for 3 G and formal trial commercial commercial, ensure that 3 G success to the market, make mobile business growth and expansion of mobile value-added service charge of than. Third, the positive analysis of the development of national information tracking policy and trend, to expand the market information technology application. Fourth, we should promote the channel of the unified planning and integrated optimization and realize their own channel and social channels of balanced development, promote the enterprise all the business marketing ability. Fifth, speed up the business and the promotion of brand of the construction, as soon as a main products include, office 2010 professional the service, the service of the full service brand system.

Meeting, China unicom group chairman, secretary of the party remove, and group company general manager, vice chairman, deputy secretary of the party LiuYiMin are made an important speech, and in the second half of the year to China unicom makes a deployment.

Remove stressed that the current to bold undertake structural adjustment, through the increase of key business, products, marketing system, network resources, IT support and service system, maintenance system, ZeQuanLi relationship to aspects of the structural adjustment, conform with the industry transition and the needs of the development of innovative company.

He asked China unicom with global advanced enterprise will at all levels to standard telecommunication enterprise, explore the favorable business model office 2010 home and student of development.