that Adam will be arrogant to

October 28 [Sun], 2012, 11:50

> Sky thunder-meter long gray dragon in the sky vigorous movement, people feel as if not the air around it, but the water is the same. wWW. quANBen. of coM a powerful airflow from the gray dragon who is excited, and instantly swept the whole world, the distance him closer monks directly pushed to go, quickly vacated a place where monks camp. The dragon slowly lowered dragon head, in the head without scales, you can see the signs of aging. The huge eyes covered with gray and body, not a trace of white, looks as if blind. The lower jaw slightly open, a group of white airflow quickly ejected from the mouth, nose, like a steam train whistle. Suddenly, all the monks to stop the action, even Adam side because the other side to stop attacks and temporarily stop the sniper monks. The head dragon pomp Adam perhaps nothing,Canada Goose Mystique, but for the presence of other races, but it is enough to make the presence of suffocation. Dragon concept may be in the West is not very popular, but previous Satan scene in Athens, many people still remember. Today saw another one-stop, though far inferior to Satan, but also the hearts palpitate. The next moment, there is no answer, this gray old dragon frowned: old dragon's eyes look as if blind, but their hearts are extremely Qingming. Obviously in the the before crossing Adam was in the hall kill the Oriental the Sam Shing, Logically Dianwai people should not know the fishes. Unless this old dragon ray eyes, otherwise impossible to see the hall, where the corpses in his present position. Eyes can not see anything, but his heart can insight to the naked eye can not see. An air flow from the body under grazing, Adam's body slowly vacated open meat-wing, he flew toward the sunrise. This moment, on the ground, the sky, the part of the enemy,UGG Desoto, everyone held his breath, his Western kings visual fly dragon. Soon, he had flown to distance Quan old dragon hundred meters hover in mid-air. Close of depending on this monster, Adam suddenly feel kind of trembling slightly. really intend to stand against me in the end? you surrender you stole something just did not expect them, you actually pain killer, this way, we have nothing to talk about the ? kid white teeth? really funny you actually referred to me as a kid,michael kors online sale? How old are you, so uneducated? Who is your father? already exists, the Maronite heirs certainly Satan after the fall into the Earth multiply. On the subject of generational, Adam is definitely better than the other even higher! According to Lin . Looking back, there Uriel, who are my enemies, nature can be considered my stuff. you is the people say I was a victim of that you do not cause me any trouble, we can only say that there is self-knowledge. now actually pipe since my family to, but also those things that bring them here and I bargain, I stop thief On the subject of power and influence than the old dragon counterparts. That old dragon at first hesitated, the Longshou back slightly, and the next moment, asked: replaced by a negotiable attitude. Clearly, the old dragon is not an idiot. Although he is authentic Dragon, but compared to the Four Seas Dragon King, but he even fairy membership are not really. Moment With Longwei pomp monstrous, but he also weigh draw Adam's strength, they can not deal with. If other people, he will try the pressure on. Adam, he not only ruined the Tianxuan mountain, but also kill the Oriental Sam Shing, the master of the obvious is fearless. Deal with Adam, can only rely on the strength. known! Even Satan is not his father, and probably his grandfather, in short, is absolutely immediate family. things go a winged angel and a fallen angel, Quan old dragon naturally know. But he did not think Adam is referring to this matter. Time intelligence Satan away should be two enemies of Adam's son, after all, stay night in Athens, from the outsider's point of view, the two men that are in the fight and Adam. Satan, and that sooner or later, will allow me to see Satan! Suddenly, Deep Springers the old Dragon horror spot, stunned. He could never have dreamed that Adam will be arrogant to the point where, so nothing to fear. Long, Quan Lo Lung pressure of cross God, grinding his teeth, said: also more likely than you. but myself Hello, these things where you decide to got! a single word to say: Black Elf archers could not help but stand on the ground with bow and arrow aimed at the Quan Lo Lung hearts Yi Chan, tightened the hands of the bow and arrow. Looking at the pale face of his underlings the, face old wooden Song is also quite shock,Northface Men's 3 In 1 Jackets. This world is crazy, a short period of time, they witnessed the too Frightening presence. Today, they came to understand the world how much, how high days, and how wide, how tiny. Previously, he only knew Typhon only know that the Lord God of the 12 giant family, kinship only know seven kings. The existence of these all-powerful in the West, and now here are the words can not be said of the role. Typhon, has become a dead body lying near the valley. Black elves love freedom, but at the moment, but he felt a mountain tightly pressure in his head, there is no room for resistance. Perhaps the confusion of the two thousand years of Western indulgence all eventually have to return to the origin. Adam, this two thousand years ago the kings of Eden eventually want monarchs West. Looked up, the old Adam and Quan Long confrontation continues. open Nantianmen myself looking for him to go! will let the matter rest you kill without end novices and immeasurable Giant Buddha even then pedantic fear can not turn a blind eye. kill Aurora Laojun Zixu Island certainly not die with you endlessly. however, these probably are not the most deadly. At this point, the sky, the clouds converge at breakneck speed, the whole of Athens are shrouded in darkness, as if darkness had again descended. <

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