Dexin road was the Wuchang

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 157th Chapter 5 fists -- no ring at forest ,underground altar UGG Women's Jimmy Choo.
Evil days teach that standing in front of the Shitai, his eyes closed ,the mouth is still talking about evil sound shore .He spit out a syllable ,the mouth will spray a thick magic gas ,as if his body in the gas to be inexhaustible inexhaustible .
No ring old magic sat cross-legged in Shitai below ,he seems to be in practice, in fact ,is in serious watching evil days taught to play other evil tone ,like from the other side of the body gain .
Whistling !Carefully figured out evil days teach that every action ,no old magic ring moving his hands up ,began to imitate each other .The old magic ring operation method ,his body ,emerged out of the Silk Magic gas ,underground altar spread .
The magic unleashed magic gas cannot escape the evil days ,natural religion make sense .In the evil day teaching so that it seems no ring ,old magic play magic gas is full of flaws ,almost too horrible to look at .
Through the old magic ring released the gas ,the evil day teach make sense, even can easily drill into the body ,the upper and lower body ,and can be seen clearly .Including the old devil skull ring in mind .
Eh? What is this ? Evil days teach make sense, come very naturally to no ring old magic mind ,suddenly ,he found a very strange signs .In the absence of ring old magic mind ,most inconspicuous area ,hiding some very small nest ,small to the indescribable proportions .
Perception of tightly locked in the nest ,the evil day teach make own magic gas seeps ,easily wrapped around a smile lair ,then directly from the ring and old magic head out ,is not a barrier .
Evil days teach make nests got his presence ,binocular stare for a long time, then sneered : hum .Even in my evil days Hindus head into the mustard dark dragon ?The tiny Yin vestige ,ordinary monk ,even forging VR five or six heavy ,are hard to find .
My evil days teach ,but figured afterworld of experts, this district mustard dark dragon ,can escape the teach the law ? Speak evil days between ,teach the hand easily, the dark dragon magic trapped mustard gas, suddenly shrink into a ball ,the concise close up .
Seems to be feeling the outside world to the enormous pressure, the gas in the mustard dark dragon, all break up ,from the nest out ,one by one of crazy demolition .No explosion ,is evil days teach that demons pressure into powder ,between heaven and earth ,leaving no trace of a tiny bit Northface Women's Down Sale.
Ha ha ha ha . Out all the mustard dark dragon, evil days teach that carefree laughter . Teaching to adults ,what makes you so happy? Evil days found religion make burst out laughing ,no old magic ring is first started ,then face a flattering color ,with each other laugh .
It .No ring ,other evil voice ,you need to improve a lot worse still ,but ,this teaching to make discoveries, the San Juan star monk, or some means ,or ,the religion make to teach you some other evil with sound means ,help you to upgrade your well-being, or more strongly defended my evil days teach the granville .
Evil days teach make a harsh way . Thank you for teaching to adults ! He taught that evil day to help him raise his quality ,no ring old magic without thinking, direct kneeling on the ground ,thanks .
Then ,he looked up ,saw the evil day teach that extending the hand ,a rough magic gas ,his head to cover itself .Evil days to teach the old magic mind from ring out mustard dark dragon ,destroy it, and then to quit old magic teaching exercises, these things ,Lin Yi do not may know .
Because ,all dark rendezvous by evil days teach mustard to kill ,not to transfer any news of Lin Yi .At this moment ,Lin Yizheng and de King Kong in their own practice sites ,two person of interest burst out laughing .
Card de diamond laugh, because the forest is easy to let him first selection treasure ,and Lin easy laugh ,can express volumes . Permit German brothers ,you ... ... Finally ,or forest easy first to break the deadlock ,slightly convergent smile ,face show doubt color .
You are too naive . A faint smile on one looking at the diamond card de forest , the spirit of the monument and spirit album, you are risking their lives, from the holding dragon flying fig of people taking over me ,without any credit ,what qualifications I have first pick ?Lin Yi ,I thought you were a decisive man ,did not expect to make this confused .
Brother, i ... ... Listen to German King said, Lin Yi some really dumbfounding .He put his whole the house get out of something that the other party will say ,their innocent ?But Lin Yi could not say ,only to let the other side misunderstanding .
So ,I just need to copy the spirit of order seven stage method can, spirit and spirit of the monument, are you deserve it ,but I do not want . Card de diamond after making decisions ,not to give Lin Yi a chance to speak ,hand move, the spirits Book recruited into the palm air max 90, which start induction method .
Simple transactions from the point of view, to de King Kong in Lin Yi spent a platinum King boxing exercises, and a platinum hundred pills .He is Dexin exchange ,inheritance ,spirit level seven an order .
How to see ,is to make a major German diamond .Lin Yi was selected for his first ever win people by virtue ,permit de King Kong ,have accounted for the forest to a ,how could I be insatiably avaricious ?Syndrome de King Kong ,Lin Yi had shrugged his shoulders ,face a little helpless color .
He carefully watched C de King Kong induction spirit album .This process is to break the spirit King Kong ,German Book process ,Lin easy observation ,on their own practice also good .
Card de diamond induction spirit books at the same time ,on the other hand palm, gradually emerged out of a pure white jade jane .This pure white jade Jane ,is to use their own German diamond body spirit jade essence condensed, but very superior animal ,used to copy the spirit of this book ,also be to a proper extent .
Chirp !Card de diamond suddenly flicked his fingers ,palm ,vitality ,penetrate the spirit album ,in which rotates a few weeks later, and spray out .At this time, spewing vitality ,is interspersed with many metaphysical image and text ,form a line ,into card de King Kong on the other hand ,Jane .
From the vigor of inclusion in the image and the amount of text ,we can see ,the spirit of an order seven steps ,even with spirit of order six steps method ,is a piece of the sky, an underground, the gap between the two is too big too big .
This method ... ... Is the fist ! Suddenly ,a method of continuous replication to de King Kong low growls ,face expressed strong emotional color, did not think of ,Dexin road was the Wuchang fist in San Juan star ! The fist ? Lin Yi spirit was put up ,not to permit de King Kong ask .
Just get the house passed time, easy to comprehend spirit of forest volume in method, but because the state limit, nothing figured it out .Later was promoted for exit ,have not had time to practice .
Allow permit de King Kong to help their enlightenment spirit of this book ,for he is really a good thing . Well .It is the fist . Card de diamond face excitement silk without reducing ,obviously , the fist to his surprise ,utterly beyond his imagination , I in a record of ancient monks legends in ancient books, read ,Dexin road is best at teaching people to Ren Yili Wilson ,he management as the core ,created is called a Wuchang Fist Sutra ,not only can be self-cultivation ,can erupt powerful lethality ,a display ,sweep away the millions of enemy troops ,rattling ,even a day out to destroy ,just as ,will be completed .
Absolute is an internally and externally to the super . So much? Renyilizhi letter ,not the 5S ,how can burst power? Lin Yi the way be hardly worthy of belief .Before the town of Tak and kylin when communicating, Lin Yi is faint feel the soul of Confucianism is quite not to regard it as right ,but did not say clearly .
Lin Yi now again, just want to de King Kong to explain myself . Confucian 5S ?No. . Card de King Kong shook his head Timberland Womens Boots,said slowly : Renyilizhi letter ,Dexin priest in ancient times the common people moral education ,how to become a Confucian 5S ?However, Confucianism in today era of popular, will have the Confucian statement .
Then several million years ,there may be squeezed out of the Confucian school ,at that time ,is in the military ,the p5 . Speak between Germany ,card diamond appeared to find the fist power core ,no longer ignore Lin Yi UGG Ultimate Tall Braid, closed eyes ,begin to be absorbed in the replication of this work .
Lin Yi is playing card de King Kong said ,after a moment thought ,just feel very well, no wonder the other will become King Kong door card de king kong .And thought for a moment ,Lin easy feeling experience ,he smiled, silent no longer speak ,only seeing card de diamond replication method .
Look at each other between hands flowing text ,Lin Yi eyes ,gradually faded into understanding . Promoted to enlighten exit ,head can emit up thinking element ,the cultivation of good ,just too big .
Lin Yi by surprise .He found that ,although the fist is the spirit order level seven terms ,but this understanding ,but have some features ,rather than access to exit the eyes to discredit the situation ,do not know how many times stronger .
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