he was willing to spare no effort

August 14 [Wed], 2013, 16:29
Since the wedding of the son of a miracle is about to marry the Qin who publicly after the news that is radiated out from the south Fengcheng start toward the whole big country and even the entire continent Wu days spread out, and Qin who was to marry the scene also allows South Fengcheng people talked about, some of which are more powerful you can easily see where the strength of the terror now Qin. In short, have to say that in today's situation is already a miracle in the name of the continent circumstances, Qin upcoming wedding where the news is like an earthquake caused a big shock. The news caused a lot of big strong men of power and a lot of concern and attention. Qin's son who in addition to the name of Miracle Miracle Dan also has the title of king, regardless of strength or alchemy, according to all the signs that he is now owned affecting the entire continent's influence Wu Qin days where going to the wedding, there is no few people want to be taking advantage of this opportunity to come and it has unlimited potential miracle son climbed relationship, there are many people who get Qin wedding invitations proud. Of course, in addition to big country some forces. Because in almost all big forces in the country are aware, Nan Fung and dry Jing Qin Qin has a grudge difficult to solve, especially about the arrival of five years more recent days, this time Qin Fan wedding, tantamount States to make some big big big family forces stand. If you go, then it may offend a dry goods Jing Qin Zhen Wu family home, if they do not, then it will also likely and unlimited potential Fung Qin grudges. So these big forces of the country, not only did not like in other countries is so strong and the forces are honored, but also seems a headache. In fact, Qin who may not be so vindictive, but also want to see how many of these big countries optimistic about his Nan Fung Qin forces. Together with his marriage between Qin Li River also long overdue, he already can not wait, you want to be around in five years before the arrival of some happy little life only. But he so publicly propose to the Qin Li River is indeed some purpose, partly because he had said Qin Li River to ask her to marry him, he will know his woman would like romance · To give a loved one a memorable memories , he was willing to spare no effort. On the other hand, when he was to marry the five elements using the powerful ability to not only his own integrity in the inspection rules small world after the upgrade, but also wanted to be take to deter the pack. In fact,North Face Gloves, according to the hidden world adventure detective · Now in the Nan Fung Group, there are many other forces in the city under the cloth liner, I believe that this scene will soon return to a more complete family or among their forces, then those forces must be strong in Where can figure out some of the strength of the Qin, and let them fear. In this way, Qin where condensation out of his own little world and personal integrity rules to the Qin Li River courtship is successful, he is in the near future quietly left the South Fengcheng. His first destination of this trip is the Hope Town East home, his family remembers the East and the Orient birds also had a part in his pilgrimage Assembly · Zhenwu went into the Holy Land and in the Holy Land, he will Zhenwu latter have Over assistance. But, not so fast Oriental Yu Zhenwu to leave the Holy Land, I am afraid for his trip did not help. City of Hope Town but one of the three Central Plains, and the other two cities Plains dry Beijing and Los Angeles, this one also has a lot of hope among the city's senior Zhenwu family, one of the most powerful is this oriental family. East family is a large family of more low-key, but its economic strength is all big and this country's premier · Orient among the family also has alchemy teacher, so Qin advantage of this time where immortality may not be able to play big purposes. The family of the East strongest rumor is just a seven Wu Sheng, unlike shenmu city has a strong wooden house is so evil ... But it is said that there is an Oriental family is very powerful weapon that can make people Many play out beyond their own strength. And because of this East family as economically powerful, so the overall strength of the country other than the big four a product family Zhenwu not weaker. "This is the hope of town." Over the previous two weeks away, with the current rate of Qin who just spent a day is a great city that came before, about to enter, he hides the atmosphere and the personal rule slow small world Slow and went inside. Wangcheng flow of people compared to the size and Los Angeles and Beijing seem slightly less dry, but even compared to developed a stronger South Fengcheng still many, busy, crowds flocked to, but everything is well ordered amended. Walking in the street on top of Qin who have already heard about their courtship and upcoming wedding in the dissemination of news, and a variety of anecdotal touches more mass the more magical, then marry his own full exaggerating the situation, but just let him hearted smile. However, this aspect also shows that this time the influence of his great wedding. "Oriental family nature is in the East." Qin who looked toward the direction of the east, where the grand and quaint with a large building complex · He estimates that his trip destination. Walks away from the street above, Qin where the speed is in no way slow, even in some of the pedestrian did not react he is the distance across a large section. Step one hundred kilometers, the horizon right close. This is where some of the strong before Qin whom envy of strength, and now he is already done. Soon, Qin who came to the East is the place where the family, the family of this ancient building is very elegant, planted bamboo plum, looks rather like an elegant literary family. "The trouble circulated, Nan Fung Qin Qin who came to call on the East family." Qin where this came naturally not be forcibly entered, the door before the family came to the East, he is submissively toward the guard said. But his voice is enough to pass this piece of architecture depths of the mysterious sounds can be sent to Wu Sheng heard strong level and above. At the sound, the Oriental family who are all within a few Wusheng Jiang can not help but surprised, then are all eyes to see the direction of where the family portal. Where fame now Qin heyday, they naturally does not recognize Qin who, while they had come for the Qin who is basically clear. Soon, everyone in East gathered at the family patriarch House. East family's current patriarch of the East Yao is now the strongest one person oriental family, seven Wu Sheng has over a hundred years, in charge of the Oriental family of the strongest weapons, this low-key man who, in the whole country touches make a big reputation is not significant, However, some are quite old for his strong fear. For the average family who had, over a hundred years it should be lifted patriarch of the place, but because the East as the patriarch of a family heritage strongest weapon strength requirements of the user, but this time his family has not been provisionally such is the strength, so the East Yao patriarch's successor will continue, "the patriarch, the son of a miracle that really is coming, how should we do?" In the saints gathered after one wearing a navy blue gown by Wusheng Jiang Oriental family first open voice asked. "Dry Jing Qin Qin did not take long to come off, and now this Qin who also came, it seems that this time we have trouble Oriental home, I do not know see or not see." Wu Sheng are also other have said, frowning. "Do you think the son of how this miracle?" And the Oriental family patriarch house high above a white robe Hefatongyan Wu Sheng was sitting on it, his eyes thick, looks like a wise man looks like. This is the family's current patriarch oriental oriental Yao, looked under the seat in a few Wu Sheng, he Chen Sheng asked. "According to rumors, the potential of this miracle son how very horrible, and now he was just 21 years old age, even on those who already become a Wusheng Jiang, which is probably even thousands of years have not seen before, but · · · ; · · · Unfortunately,Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Men, he turned out to be, and that dry Jing Qin forged a hatred. "Wu Sheng a sigh this time. "That's a miracle we have for this time of Nan Fung's son sits Qin and Qin Guan Jing Qin stem sits a war, but also how to see?" Oriental Yao went asked. "That's the strength of the Qin Guan We all had the experience, that's nine Wu Sheng ah · · · · · · I think that the potential of Qin who even then how powerful, but after all, it was a breakthrough to Wu Sheng realm of about six months, and now about five years away from their already less than a year, I believe this time he was not much chance. "otherwise a yellow robe Wu Sheng then open sound replied. "The patriarch, I see now is less than Nan Fung Qin Jing Qin is certainly dry, but there is a problem, had Zhenwu Temple since the Qin who will intervene worldly things, which once again does not know will not intervene · ; · · · · · "have a blue robe is frowned Wu Sheng, Chen Sheng said. "Zijian You are quite right, I think for the time being not as dry Jing Nan Fung Qin Qin, Qin Qin Guan who compare this should be no doubt, the key is this time Zhenwu Temple and Lord the attitude of "seat of the East Oriental Yao family patriarch in the seat this time stood up slowly said,North Face Apex Sale," So, although we have seen the Qin Guan, but the son of a miracle that we still have to see what is. "" Yes, I also wanted to see what exactly what this miracle son excels. "just talk this time that yellow robe Wu Sheng said," Let me go bring him Come. "Oriental Yao nodded his head, the yellow robe Wu Sheng is walked out. "Nan Fung Qin Qin Fan, seen oriental patriarch and predecessors." After a while, Qin Wu who is with this yellow robe saint came in, his attitude is very humble and decent touches, a family enters the East The patriarch said the government is smiling. Only when the Qin family patriarch who appeared in the East in front of the house, the Oriental family could not help everyone but it is worth the whole body slightly startled because they actually saw the body at this time of Qin who multicolored glitter mask, and a hint of coercion disturb the audience. The presence of all Wusheng Jiang who are familiar with this, but "how could this little rule the world?" Next moment, including Oriental Oriental Yao including family patriarch, oriental family can not help everyone at this point is suck down air conditioning, hearts can not calm down.
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