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July 26 [Fri], 2013, 10:19
Leaning on the window of the attic, autumn Yue-eyes from time to time to see the moon being climb higher and higher, and that the moon climb higher, the more anxious autumn Qing Yi. Because of the forthcoming Atom moon went around the peak of the time is up, the fall in the Qing Yi hesitated, in the end or not to go? To go or not? In fact, if another time, such as during the day, the Young Atom about her the senior sister apprentice to play some moon peaks, autumn Qing Yi agreed without hesitation and will definitely be punctual for appointments! But the Atom "Tonight midnight, rain or shine, so, so Ching Yee an autumn heart was very nervous, and some expect, and some fear! Especially autumn Qing Yi Ling Dynamic know this guy already has a woman's situation Next, and autumn Yue-know Atom is more than Liu Yaoguang a woman, the beauty heaven with purple Yao also some relationship unwittingly, autumn Yue-moon has grooves Atom peak about, something to love men and women sī top For that is the date for the fall of the Qing Yi tangled real reason! watch that curved moon to climb faster and faster, and not far from the house where, still a glimmer of light are not. "Is that guy dark days so I went to the moon peaks? "Mind flashed a thought that after the fall of the Qing Yi will no longer Naniebuzhu, gently biting her cherry chún, he seemed cast forest birds in general, direct jump from the window, marching month sè ; the direction toward the moon peaks galloped! As Well dress packed autumn early Qing Yi more than an hour before the well-dressed up! Warrior territory to evil speed has been very fast, and if consumed without full gallop, even horse's speed too fast! Even the consumption of note Gang Qi, Barry distance on clear autumn Yee case, it is only an hour of the hour! panting when autumn Qing Yi sharp ups and downs that bulge sūxiōng arrived at the peak of the peak when the moon, but it is instantly freeze up on the spot. Mingyuefeng peak above the moonlight shed like water, a man and a woman sat opposite two shadow nose, and behind them also stood a man. Qiu Qing Yi know that person is usually the attendant Atom lofty, this time is carrying a jug pour! "Lou, senior sister apprentice, etc. can be considered to you, I thought you did not come,Louis Vuitton Messenger Bags And Totes Clearance, How about you was about to go please! "So close, and then feel the autumn Atom Qing Yi's arrival, it is really not mixed. Atom greeted autumn Yue-bang, but finished a distant confessed:" The lofty, tidy ready to start the! "Let Atom surprise, beauty child division Fuqiu Qing Yi stood still look dull, it seems very unhappy general." Senior sister apprentice, you do not drink to warm up? "Atom greeted one another." Young, you call me Keke Keke "jī dynamic and intense frustration and autumn Yue-violent cough up that beautiful face quickly climbed layer morbid bright red. "senior sister apprentice, fast, Hekou sweet rice wine Wet your whistle! "Michael Ching Yee cough Atom hastened when handing me a cup of sweet rice wine, but it is mysterious smile," senior sister apprentice, you do not want to ask, today, I asked you to do it to the moon peaks? "Atom of this sentence, so just catch her breath, and was about to be dissatisfied with their sad disappointment blurted out that sentence Qing Yi autumn paused, lù huò a suspect in the eyes!" Senior sister apprentice still remember the day stargazing living in the sarcophagus,Christian Louboutin Evening Sale, and I in you to do that test thing? Today, the test is to come, but also to give you send a senior sister apprentice Gifts! "Yan Bi, Atom grinning quips:" senior sister apprentice, I this is no ordinary manners Oh how are you going to thank me? "" Living stone indoor stargazing test? Gifts! "Autumn Qing Yi frowned at the moment, think of the day that wonderful feeling." Yes, senior sister apprentice, Young I do not blow up on the first, and you sit cross-legged, brings peace of mind that is open! "Yuehua Jian, Atom is walked on one side, a few blocks down mosaic spar when Ruoyouruowu Plaza spread moving force bō comes, autumn Yue-Tude find her keen perception of abnormal Tude much weaker! And this bō move her very familiar atmosphere should be a hidden matrix bō move "Young What are you doing? "" Senior sister apprentice, which I begged the Lord from the peak of Liuhe Hidden Dragon array, senior sister apprentice should be no stranger to it. One will we do, movement a bit large, in order to prevent attracting trouble, so use this Liuhe Hidden Dragon array block it! "Atom said! Atom heard these words, the fall of the Qing Yi Teng Qiaolian is red, even the ears child are flush. Atom phrase which implied ambiguity, especially when combined yesterday Atom night out out with Liu Yaoguang big movement, this is followed by the most clear afraid to fall ashamed that she was wrong would mean the Atom! Qiu Qing Yi thought, Atom about midnight she came in this moon peaks motives errors! seems very meaning of an ambiguous account, autumn Qing Yi made a great inner struggle, but only come here, but the fall of the Qing Yi did not expect is that Atom to find her, turned out to be To really get down to business, to say the least, it would look Liu Yaoguang with a small attendant lofty Atom plate neatly sitting there to understand, are they not want her affectionate between men and women and this discovery, flew Let autumn red oak Yi Qiao Lian bashfulness, get a long time, since an unrequited feelings Autumn Yue-only news is that, thanks to her not just made some petty temper it slightly to say it, otherwise, she later which still faces Atom! "senior sister apprentice, are you okay? How face so red? "Atom mediocre a concern, then, let fall like a frightened rabbit Yi Qing general, suddenly found a place at the summit, sat down cross-legged, when he sent did not head buried deep into xiōng ago that among the deep ravines. "I'm fine, running too fast! "Autumn Qing Yi said one myself felt very fake lie." Ah, nothing like! Today it was slightly special, you three are my closest people to have taken to enjoy! All remember, the future can not mention to anyone thing tonight! Otherwise, there must calamity! "Atom has confessed one, they sat on the site clear autumn Yi, Liu Yaoguang, lofty middle of three fact Atom today want to call on the white-together, but since the white-just as the generation head, all things are need to learn to take care of, are they not spare the time to. Atom that "there must calamity, words so fast it feels autumn Yue-ripe cheeks slowly cooled down, autumn is also curious Ching Yee Ling This move is going to do? "Brings peace, Shizumori God hún is!" Finished these words, the idea of ​​an Atom move, God hún know the sea which has been quietly retiring lowering astrolabe, Tude a bright, silver flashes on the occasion, directly out of the body to Atom, Atom's head flew foot office! Almost the same time, originally understood against the backdrop of some of the few pieces of dark stars, suddenly a bright silver on the beam across the sky a few directly projected on top of the drop astrolabe. And more than that, the other that hundreds of millions of stars scattered in the void of silver stars, appearing in descending astrolabe moment, has also been reduced to gather astrolabe above. Meanwhile, Atom flew overhead began to slow down astrolabe spin up a little bit if the smoke huā colorful bright starlight, as if from a dreamy drop spilled out on the astrolabe, the Atom deliberate control, which little Colorful Stars and accurately divided into three parts, down to the fall of the Qing Yi, Liu Yaoguang, lofty trio head! Colorful Stars into the water as if snow huā general,Christian Louboutin Flats Men's Sale, falling three head at the moment, on the integration disappear. But when the first bō lot of Colorful Stars seemed like falling snow huā trio forehead into the water at the same time, both the autumn and Qing Yi, Liu Yao Wang, or lofty, his face showing all the incredible color of God! The kind of incredible change in an instant surprise, extreme surprise! Although autumn Qing Yi, Liu Yaoguang there are lofty trio can not be directly felt the power of God hún enhanced, but the cool feeling after that, it is the spirit of times, the mind is very clear, even before some vague childhood memories, also instantly became clear as yesterday! All this so clear autumn Yi, Liu Yaoguang there lofty ecstatic. As to evil throughout the Warrior, more or less already know some God hún power of knowledge. After a little contrast, naturally know this enhancement will bring them the benefits of what kind of shaking! Even if it is the day have had this feeling of beauty child division Fuqiu Qing Yi, this time also irrepressible hearts surprised, there is a want to stand up and ask is how do Atom impulse! Just a bō, a bō let fall Qing Yi had a kind of taking it with jade lù soup after purification God hún feeling of power, no, it should be said that a large number of points of light into the minds of the cool after than jade, lù soup brings purification power of God hún feeling even stronger! You know, the day test, the Atom Qing Yi forehead into the autumn is just one o'clock Colorful Stars only, but now falling star spilled out of disk rotation Colorful Stars About a hundred points, near to the top of each head, there are three ten points! This ten point three colorful starlight effect, is the day when testing the effect of three times Colorful Stars, for everyone was shocked! "Do not think, meditation is to obey God, the God of hún cherish tonight's upgrade! Missed today, next time do not know what time it is!" Although this drop astrolabe Atom shed Colorful Stars, As long as there are stars of the silver, can always shed! But the Atom still put these priceless stuff, it seems to be very costly Atom general. In fact, this is a little bit of Atom under imperial means and rewarded under the benefits or gifts to friends, send that million gold rare treasure or is it rare Exotic, certainly more than ready to take the side of the road with stones better than several times! Even if it's worth more than a roadside stone rare treasure even abandoned baby! Moonlight water, moonlight, as if only that drop astrolabe tireless spin, stop tossed with Colorful Stars! .
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