have a wind dragon wrapped

December 28 [Fri], 2012, 12:44
Chu raised the summon Magic Tree warrior at the same time, with a black s è mask lopon also completed the call.Lopon calls is a very mainstream elements bounded h ú n pet hurricane season.Hurricane season: elements of fairy circles a hurricane season wind elves elf subgroup series Ninja hurricane season spirit body is a mass of air flow in the wind around completely, even the eyes can penetrate directly through its body, see its body behind the object.Hurricane season fairies almost no true form, but any object near it, will be the strong rotating air stream to throw.Hurricane season elves in maintained under static condition, have a wind dragon wrapped around its body all the time, the hurricane season spirit plays a role of protecting.Lopon summoned this hurricane season spirit wind dragon wrapped around the power can reach level eight, but without Chu curtain call war, or war also don't want to hit it from beginning to end is eight level wind dragon wrapped around the protection of the hurricane season."Eight first order quasi monarch, but your magic tree warrior shortly before from monarch to lower nasal, or simply not the hurricane season elf opponent."The old man's voice from beaver.Chu curtain expression became dignified somewhat, wood lines and elements of H ú n pet not form mutual restraint between stage and grade, they should be flat, Magic Tree warrior with hurricane season between the elves fight if both parties have no trump card so that it is difficult to become a winner of a protracted war."Start" the main sentence order, the battle is started a dozen natural wood wooden splinter straight in the air across the Green s è luminescence and dozens of disordered wind blade in air interlacing opened the battle Canada Goose Mountaineer Jackets Sale.As the Chu act before his own conjecture, Magic Tree warrior with hurricane season elves very difficult to winner, Magic Tree warrior's defensive power is very high, has reached eight level wizard, hurricane two seconds the following spells power could not really hurt to the magic tree warrior.The magic tree warrior skills is also difficult to trap the no morphological h ú n pet, two h ú n pet fighting between become very cautious.Magic Tree warrior much interference of skill, not to the hurricane season elf read eight wind spells opportunity, hurricane season elf nor L ù to Magic Tree warrior that Mushu trap it lower.Single control battle, totally two h ú n h ú n pet pet division of basic grasp Canada Goose, no gorgeous skills Timberland Mens Roll Top, no skill, to me you, in the consumption of each other's fighting force."Like this, hurricane season elf must consume not to rise, Magic Tree warrior as long as there are physical, can always release skills, hurricane season spirits are Zhishizhizhong in consumption."It was quickly made the comment."Two people are not calling second pet ah, do not know to a stalemate when jade," said."The hurricane season spirit wind strength skills, mental force to recover faster, while the magic tree warrior high defense, vitality is strong, and not to the hurricane season elf release eight skills opportunity, it is difficult to say who the weak who is strong."LAN Pavilion quietly comments."To see who first cool and who first L ù flaw, but the magic tree warrior did badly, if be put in a lot of H ú n pet population, is certainly a killing machine" Captain Dakun said.
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