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March 25 [Mon], 2013, 14:57
"Ching Lin, centuries I was not in the palace, but what affairs?" Wang Hu returned to the palace is naturally let everyone some joy, Beautiful queen Princess Halloween Princess Chi Chan endless, finally disengaged body, had just the Ching Lin got asked. High-speed Updates! Qibing Master, this century the Three Realms touches rare tranquility, it is also released several times a command to be commander of the Four Seas But since then Ziwei Great to hear the Qinglian such a said Wang Hu suddenly is remembered Nvwaniangniang said that the Three Realms turn something big happens, immediately is quickly Qinglian said. And make haste to speak. "" Yes, Master that Ziwei Great first command, but since the army just return to the three realms when Ziwei Great ordered, I was four continents of the people not to indulge happiness, I waited always retain the Bingge things constant practice. Ziwei Great then still own Ziwei army is to be expanded. "Upon hearing this, Wang Hu suddenly is frowned, if not Ching Lin is also strongly believe, Wang Hu is thought she was kidding yourself. Ziwei Great will suddenly do so for what? Wang Hu, but that will be that Ziwei Great words to Four Seas peace, then each T'ienti dissolution army to its rule of the Three Realms. "Master, we had received the order is also very puzzled, but then we negotiate, whether that Ziwei Great place to attempt to grow our own is always wrong, and that Ziwei Great even want to snatch my military power Even if he is the Lord of the Three Realms is not "to hear the Qinglian such a said Wang Hu immediately is the point nod, if for his words, he will do so decide. "So training for more than a decade after that Ziwei Great ordered so I auditioned for military training, warring demons want me to days days days day outside animals to see compete because of the majority of the then demons warring people and other animals have never been before, so immediately is to eat some losses, although nothing to lose, but that Ziwei Great immediately furious,Nike Jordan Take Flight. fate parties to take stationed Tianwaitian said to be training the army. " here, that Ching Lin looked or interface, said Wang Hu hesitated. Was because the master is not, so we will first carrying out orders. Then the other three people to see me and other carrying out orders under the order have to stay. "Upon hearing this, Wang Hu immediately is to understand immediately is shook his head and said. "This understanding is it anyway, then how? The matter but that Ziwei Great take over military power measure?" "Is not. Said not now or I hook under the evening, the control of military power but some orders even order the attack Ziwei Great is no not from because Ziwei Great is from time to time with the people outside heaven that day expedition killing one under and so forth, but added quite military admiration. "hear Qinglian words. Wang Hu is also not quite understand how that Ziwei Great want to to frowned continue asked. "And then?" So is training more than a decade, the parties' military forces against the day outside the day the animals demons are already adapt waged war does not strive, but in that Ziwei Great is under a decree to hear Wang Hu inquiry that Qinglian moment is answered, but here. The her face sè is somewhat ugly. That a decree apparently not very satisfied. That Ziwei Great Road decree is distribution ordered continents to prepare a variety of materials that mundane things into these things, but the number of demand, even though I waited control the uttarakuru Luchou difficult to meet; been also ask for much, however, are a curiosity, even if you went through the entire hook Chen Gong is hard to find. "hear the Qinglian such a say. Wang Hu suddenly understand her the face sè but why so ugly, faint surge of angry meaning. Is clearly excited by this thing. "Originally We unanimously disregarded However, at this time his gold grandma we hook the evening, to promulgated the Nvwaniangniang will, let's try to meet Ziwei Great requirements All things ready enough. "" Nvwaniangniang promulgation of the decree? "Wang Hu heard here, could not help but be surprised to say anything, but see that Ching Lin nodded and then said. "It is Nvwaniangniang will, therefore in order to raise these things back and forth for decades just barely cobble together. Heard the matter after that Ziwei Great person to come to view a Fan. "Here, Ching Lin hesitated for a moment or went. "But I am surprised that not Ziwei Great ordered these things away, and we still hook the evening, send people to custody, just words makes me want to take good care of." Hear here, Wang Hu touches There is a feeling, as if it Ziwei Great command with their party doing combat readiness hook evening, but if the three realms into what the enemy, then I am afraid that is Ziwei Great Ziwei Palace. In this way, it Ziwei Great hook evening, ready to attack on their own? No brain people will not believe this thing, to see Wang Hu puzzled that Qinglian immediately hastened said. "We do not know for what, just know that the same is true of the other three continents, each received a decree of the saints behind, so that all continents are was so." Upon hearing this, Wang Hu is truly puzzled , thinking something no clue, or asked. "But what else?" "After a period of time did not make anything, but some time ago, that Ziwei Great was ordered sent an invitation, saying that just want some time have to master and then the house of heavy cloud open Emperor of the General Assembly by the Master did not return, so I waited is leaving invitations, but they have not promised. "Here Qinglian come of a jīng beauty invitations handed Wang Hu said. Master back when it touches just the day Emperor Conference just after some days. "Open invitation looked inside touches without much substance do not see why and wherefore. But Wang Hu hearts faint a feeling this time Nvwaniangniang to wake them from the retreat itself over and personally shot themselves back hook Chen Gong, I am afraid that off with the Emperor of Heaven Assembly shall stakeholders, it is likely to achieve this goal sent back. If this is the case, then the obvious Ziwei Great is the next good a chess even Nvwaniangniang this and other saints would not easily be ignored. Ziwei Great Emperor of the General Assembly to see that on top of just able to understand, "it seems only to that Ziwei Great he is in the end want to how to act?" Ziwei Great will be worth something, Wang Hu naturally puzzled , is only able to be set aside. Flies a few rì. Wang Hu rode the frame directly toward the temple where heavy cloud away. Came here the last time for the heavens to the Emperor of Heaven Qi to between busy. Only some luxury. But this time to the heavy cloud temple had just found that this time is clearly to the people is not a lot, in addition to Ziwei Great, is Wang Hu a hook Chen Dadi. There is the East Pole, Tsing Hua Taidi Taiyizhenren, and the of the Shang Great King Zhou, and re-took office in charge of flying the Great Western Cattle Hezhou. This time of the Emperor of Heaven meeting, but is a mere five., But it is now among the most powerful in the three realms five, is flying the Great is just a puppet, but nominally also a tube of a continent. Although people than the last Emperor of the General Assembly. However, the specifications are higher on many. But if discourse all pomp height, who is undoubtedly too imperial Great Arctic transit Ziwei. Centuries gone, Ziwei Great face is the same, but the body's tolerance is increasingly strong, unusual monk is afar off on one and bowed to the ground and worshiped the **. Other than the Ziwei Great pomp grateful nature is somewhat less, especially those with the Flying Great simply that head are lower than the waist is also low. "Since the last Emperor of the General Assembly, but did not want to just over a hundred years is another open T'ienti Assembly three realms in previous years, the General Assembly of the Emperor of Heaven in the past compared to tens of millions of years apart, but to intensive too many that case presumably Ziwei Great is a very important matter, do not know inform What major event? "before opening Taiyizhenren. Heard questioning. Wang Hu is understood Taiyizhenren obviously do not know where the mysterious. The look that King Zhou and flying the Great appearance is also one listen, Wang Hu had just know I'm afraid here only an instigator Ziwei Great just know this thing is in order. Tsing Hua Dadi Moji, and to hear the emperor said slowly. Notified Emperor of the General Assembly held every Shijie is related to the three realms all beings negotiated The Emperor now the three realms Lord, control of the Four Seas, is not at liberty convened. now is naturally important things,Nike Jordan Fly Wade 2 EV, be subject to the Members all work together. "Ziwei Great smile. Glanced at the crowd says slowly. Last to the selection of the person to any was the Lord of the Three Realms, which once more material things than the last. So need careful is. Said such a "hear Ziwei Great, everyone, as a phase. Are silent, waiting Ziwei Great discourse. Appear to everyone so that Ziwei Great first smiled, then suddenly asked said. "Before this, I would like to ask the issue before I have communication of Members, Members of the army and various supplies ready. Tone hair ready at all times, do not know a few, but ready?" Purple micro Great you and rest assured that as long as the order is some move, but I was prior implicit Ziwei Great is the Lord of the Three Realms, but if the command error, I was not ordered to follow. "Zhou The king spoke and said this time it was, and then the other three follow nod thoughts in mind is probably was so. Do not want to appear so that Ziwei Great Instead satisfied smile, then just said. "Well, since you want to know how I intended, I inform you that since when you Several are great Toulian figures among the three realms, you know, but outside in the Three Realms win but how?" To "Three Realms ? Tianwaitian? "that flying the Great suddenly is not help but said aloud, But this is no one answer and no one to ignore. Wang Hu natural understanding of the day outside the day, is said to now the center of the Three Realms is a whole big world outside, in addition to the three realms There are also numerous world for people to live, but those the world compared to the wider world, too small too weak, not religious person on the eyes. Silent for a moment, Wang Hu is smile answered said. Three realms outside I also have not been to, but have heard that those world compared to the three realms for simply passing too far than not three realms size, and those world into three realms are owned, and a large number of those world not three realms only have unique not know Ziwei Great suddenly lift the thing is what does this mean? still say the Emperor understood what fallacy? " hook Chen Dadi knowledgeable matter naturally Debu false. those world for me three realms natural coveted, but in the three realms of my world but it is useless to the extreme. "Ziwei Great statement like that is proud of pole, but when he heard this, Wang Hu, including all all agree with. The moment Taiyizhenren that is, words said. "Yesterday rì Gentlemen Emperor of Heaven have discussions on those world, if you want to eradicate all, but later to various world exploration, are the strength of weak property was not a rich, its people qualified as good as the three realms of Although you want the eradicate is not difficult, but it is only waste effort, without the slightest advantage. coupled God has the virtue of his party creatures, and therefore just prevent their entry into the Three Realms., celecoxib rì to this proposal purple micro Caesar also had endorsed the now revisit the issues, I do not know what reason? "Here, Taiyizhenren paused, and then look to Ziwei Great said,Jordan SC 1 UK. "Could there be Ziwei Great the think this three realms large is not enough to demonstrate its moral, yù To dominate?" These words hear Taiyizhenren, that is Ziwei Great smile, appear so Taiyizhenren immediately is frowned said. Ziwei Great fruit is the intention? If so, think twice Ziwei Great, do not say who the world benefits is to which no one wishes manned. "Upon hearing this, purple micro Caesar or laugh but without a word that Taiyizhenren Seeing suddenly is secretly a thought, then looked at Ziwei, coldly. "Could there Ziwei Great that I should not mastered the Four Seas, sent me out not a?" Upon hearing this, Wang Hu and King Zhou Ziwei Great look to look into some poor. Seeing Ziwei Great naturally know at this time, no longer able to remain silent, and immediately said, is slowly opening. "Taiyizhenren poor men of the emperor is still not so confused! World, such is sent to the emperor, the emperor also disdains commanding Is the Emperor not ever rì the Jade this? Even Jade disdain in something, the emperor also covet not a? "(To be continued.)
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