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March 22 [Fri], 2013, 16:51
Chapter 11, I will lead your comprehension and looked quite young, but cruel means seared in the heart of the people of these shark. Facial nerve distribution of the most intensive, The Needle in pain, to read the water almost fainted, my mind went blank, fishtail quiver. "It appears just in that foot was too heavy." See Liang Xi Nian water half-dead look, and thought,Oakley C-Wire Sale, then leaned over degree a true force to the concept of the body of water. The pure male Pei Genelec read water a light body, blurred vision finally became clear again. Eyes or bright red a blowing hot pain Zhizhuang the cerebral cortex, but the concept of water Liang Xi's face finally see. This man without a trace of emotion in the eyes to read the heart of the water and twitch. He absolutely believe that if they shake the head, where hundreds of sharks will all heart explode. Liang Xi condescending look, read water wanted haughtily refused, but he Xinchan to for a while, finally struggled to get up, then bowed his head in front of Liang Xi, his hands to make a very complex posture. ELEGANCE quietly prodding beams eve waist: "This is a shark who worship the moon ceremony, they generally only on their moon gods be so worship." Hear interpretation of Erya, Liang Xi hearts burst at ease, while also long Shuliaokouqi. If this concept that the water is not promised myself, although kill sharks do not lose anything, but also a pity that these sharks were able to control the power of the lava. "We are willing to submit to you," read the water bowed his head and said. "What you call me even?" Liang Xi Pieliaopiezui lips, as if to pinch hands the ball of light. Read water Meijiao burst beating hastily re a gift: "Master, I was wrong!" "That's right." Liang Xi had wanted to pat him on the shoulder, but the concept of water is now covered with bloodstained look exceptionally hideous, plus he was ugly, Liang Xi only withdrew his hand touched his nose laughed, "follow me mix will not let you lose out of the shark family glory from you read the water's hands reproduce the brilliant masters say, read the water can only accompany a smile, but my mind was silent tears: "a family of sharks were not supposed to how many people, encountered so brutal comprehension for bad luck, I'm afraid twenty-three days to go extinct. "Liang Xi look at his eyes, guessed read the water my heart want to explain what did not. Wait until the Liang Xi loosen control of the heart of all shark who, all the shark swam a new master his party a gift, then swim in the side of fear and trepidation, secretly looked Liang Xi. "I believe you shark who vows, as long as you do not make a what betrayed me things, I certainly would not casually torture you, you look at me like the kind of brutal it?" Liang Xi waved his hand to do the pointing The Jiangshan like. Around the shark burst submissive promised, no one dared to oppose. See these sharks a he seems still too afraid to look, Liang Xi eyeball rolled: "Believe me, the family of our shark who also sparsely populated, to nest in the crevices of this inflammation dawdle, but in the near future, the whole piece of the West Sea will rise because the shark's family surprised the shark family to stand in the food chain the terminal to the time those small tribes, if you do not want to do our vassals, for us, we past grab woman operation - Robbers Qiangliang grab them to death! "lust for the shark, the woman the temptation for them than anything else, to by Liang Daguan unscrupulous abetting, all the shark eyes have a glimmer of light flashed. ELEGANCE severely pinched Liang Xi an Jiao Chen said: "You clan we Xiya Hai on where?" Liang Xi smiled and did not speak, and thought: "This is Xiao Tizi is now my wife, regardless of family on both sides, "but now may have to wronged you, because I just traveled the future will belong to your masters!" Liang Xi with their own eyes to tell these shark who, if they are in During this period dare to make any action to resist the move will end. Liang Xi now also did not want these sharks were in the end to do what only his faint have a feeling these sharks were able to control the volcano, to manipulate magma forces will be useful in the future. Anyway, do not pay for possessor on the first brought under control again, although it is to rein in violence, the heart must not convinced, but the heart of this resistance in the coming days be adjusted gradually - teach. Etc. Liang Xi lecture these sharks were empty when, Erya Minato Liang Xi ear sadly said: "Liang Xi, if you face Xiya Hai family will like it?" Looked at Xiao Tizi slightly the frown Qiaolian Liang Xi heart could not help burst of love and affection. "Day, ELEGANCE is my woman now, although minor, but who can separate us, I'll kill him!" Remark Liang Xi naturally no say, just hand in her Tingting small nose squeezed regarded as answer. Erya silently sighed and hugged Liang Xi. After reminder of Erya, Liang Xi This remembered inflammation sewn outside seems there are a million sea-ethnic army in it. To read water sent out to inquire about spies'll be back soon to report the whereabouts of the now outside. "Twenty Thousand aquarium army did not leave, and seems also waiting to see our side of the movement, and they seem to also being sent the small stocks troops tentatively forward,Oakley Holbrook Sale, if we did not respond for a long time, then they may be rushed." Listen finished spies, Liang Xi smacking mouth I thought just read water trying to get the inflammation seam eruption trouble too much movement the kid outside estimates also not sure why they did not attack came in. "Ya, the outside leader that candle Lan what?" Know the name of the aquarium army of the Lord, Liang Xi asked. "He is my brother." Erya small nose wrinkled wrinkled look appearance seems very distressed, "My brother is very strong, are worse than my older brother, super master of several in the West Sea as a whole, although very powerful, and my brother is probably a lot worse. "that Liang Xi Not surprised, disappointed to people outside, Liang Xi did not feel how strong, but some special ability to he accounted for slightly more cheap Bale. "Your brother is your brother, you will" Liang Xi mind's eye two sons often small royal flesh cannibalism episode won the crown prince to. See the Liang Xi eyes Erya know what he was thinking, and a pouting mouth Road: "We are family of the sea we do not want you land so boring it all day, intrigue, big brother is in power, the brother main tube army,Oakley M-Frame Sale." How about you? "Liang Xi asked with a smile. "I think the reason that they have been caught Liang Xi Erya little face burst hot, I usually bored with guards walk around, see the sights," said the last of her voice has been the more to the smaller. Do not want to know, the two so Niubi brother covered, this chick is definitely a day badass. Sea family over at least the first to settle. Liang Xi thought for a moment, a snapping your fingers: "go, we go out to meet my brother-in-law."
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