broke out beyond the ordinary

January 11 [Fri], 2013, 10:21
Between heaven and earth two Jin Xian strong dialogue, who at this time interrupt?Many people consider this question, they have looked down.When they see the dragon war when, in addition to several strong face s è changed a few change, the others all some doubts.And that few know some monks but choose silence."Your words of good, arch has been eliminated, so the accomplice can't let go."Based on the deduction of the early happened here, for the dragon, indifference, or even condone, her heart is bursting out irresistible intended to kill.She just did not deal with the dragon, that is because it is too fast.Now since the person jumped out, she didn't mind hand kill him.At the violet approaching, dragon war looked at the silent God crow Road, continue to speak: "advanced culture has, not to the highest in the heavens.If the elder persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, unreasonable words, I may have to let our ancestor hand."They face s è a variable, even violet is stopped.Dragon war at this time point out his family's ancestor, obviously it is a great level of existence, otherwise he wouldn't put out."Your ancestors who is?"God asked crow road light."My name I do not know, but the world has given him a call call for Notre dame."Dragon war proud road.Megatron's fundus showed a joy, if someone can give God the priest brought pressure, then the virgin will undoubtedly is one of them.In the earlier, the heavens, the sector is rife crow road is Notre Dame to kill God, after God crow road in desperate straits.Of course, he did not know the Taoist God is how to get rid of the Virgin Mary, but since God crow road forced to this point, is a point, the Taoist God is not the opponent.Maybe someone else to kill God the crow road skeptical, but the dragon is an extremely positive.Because it is one of his ancestors to tell his.In view of this, the Taoist God but also because of so, anyway, he is not my opponent."Notre Dame?"The Taoist God muttered aloud, slowly shook his head.His eyes travelled around one eye, the last fall in violet's body, eye a kill.The Taoist God inspired by the charming sound based, scolded: "three mysterious one, day out to destroy Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket."Buddhist and Taoist magic three mysterious method superposition, broke out beyond the ordinary three times J ī ng God energy Mens Canada Goose Heli-Arctic Parka, to billow. Cloud, J ī ng God storm swept through the quadrupole eight.A flash of lightning severely splitting in dragon body, even if the first time he realize the danger, even if he first time laid the strong defense, even though he used the ancestral sin Baolong shaped sword, but still cannot change his body broken ends, even the soul force has also been stripped of 2/3, the weak to the point.Until the spirit came after the pain penetrates even into the marrow of the pain, the Dragon Zhancai revived, he stared at the Taoist God, be hardly worthy of belief: "you dare to me?You are not afraid of my ancestors revenge?""Well, I owe a debt to Notre Dame, therefore I am not escape and battle.Is she not to know chalk from cheese, was forced to push, I had to hand it out."The Taoist God or indifferent tone as in the past.The Taoist God said one out, the monks are all three earthquake earthquake.To know that in ancient time, the Taoist God is hope not false, but that of Notre Dame in Mongolian era in gold Xianzhi dignities.But such a statue of him was the Taoist God kills, then God crow road too arrived what degree?Dragon war stayed, Lianhu impossible.Megatron Tianxin God scared, he had originally thought to overestimate the crow Road God realm, according to his understanding, the Taoist God could reach gold immortal fifth, or even sixth realm, but he suddenly found myself still underestimated.The other is likely to reach eighth, ninth, or even set foot in the last state.If this is true, then himself in front of him has no power to resist."Nothing is impossible, you just take yourself too seriously."She hands a grasping based, countless order law to a magical swords.A gently send, based in the hands of the order of the sword into the dragon soul Canada Goose Snow Bunting.
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