did not wait for Yang Anbang

January 12 [Sat], 2013, 11:27
On trial.Three a person, are spinning, the house lease, can try?It's nothing to see.But, director Wang is a smart person, looked to Nie Jiamin and Nie Zhenbang, my heart meditation.Look, the two decided to play karate.In the capital, the palace guard of Prince Edward circle.Do not in the minority.This time canada goose parka cheap, however, is not directly to refuse, do not say in front of the face not to.Is Guo director there, afraid of their own could not explain.Thereupon, director Wang smiled and said: "Mr. Nie, this trial, specifically how to say?"Nie Zhenbang is such an effect.At three, it said: "the king Bureau, very simple.I rented here, the purpose is to engage in a shopping mall.In this way, your plant to decorate, the factory all the roads will cover the ceiling, the plant is expanded into a whole.You see, each devote so much.At least two years of your rent.If not, I will prepare to withdraw, according to the actual use of month rent to your settlement.The rest of the things are not.Mean, you still earn."Director Wang to meditation, factory mall, this sentence sounds, how there are reliable.Light is the decoration and renovation, will be half a year's time.This time?But, see Nie Zhenbang look like make fun of.Moreover, each input is really can see, such a big thing, it's not car rental items.The house is not moving away, not to send him a few months rent.If much.I'm afraid he is also difficult, factory is a collective, even himself can not do main, and, if the workers do not agree, it would be terrible.This is emperor feet.Make yourself at home feng shui grass, are likely to listen to.A bite, director Wang look at Nie Zhenbang: "Mr. Nie, try out is no problem, just, do not know your friend ready for trial?"Nie Zhenbang listens, laughed too, things have come to such a point, even if it is successful.He said: "the probationary period three months.In addition, your side send a month renovation period.Such a large plant, engineering quantity so great, not half a year's time, no business.If I can, I can immediately signed the agreement on behalf of my friends and you."Nie Zhenbang here played some tricks, normally.Half year decoration is really many.But.In Nie Zhenbang's view, a month to finish it without too many problems.At the reception desk, a simple materials of paper, as Joe director and Nie Zhenbang signed agreement.Nie Zhenbang stretched out his hand: "Joe director, please take care of later.The king bureau.Today, thanks to a free, one day, my treat.Can I buy you a drink."Nie Zhenbang signed workshop, did not wait for Yang Anbang and Xiao Yali to come back, immediately began a renovation, first, along Changan Avenue side of the wall are removed down again, all use of brick.Along this plant a row of walls also began fitting up.According to the original wall height, with new tile, plant on top, along this row, have made a piece of large billboards.The original roof to cover up.At the same time, the inside walls are one one was reformed.The original walls were removed, the Delta Force on the crossbeam position, with a square brick column as a load-bearing pillars.In this way Mountaineer Jackets Canada Goose, the entire ten thousand much square metre place is open up.Our company City signs have also been playing out in the street, on the wall, hanging on a pair of large advertising, Waugh's home city is being renovated, December 18th official business Canada Goose Tremblant Full Zip Hoody, please look forward to......It was later commonly used means of speculation, but, in this era of trial, is produced tremendous resounding effect.In Xiao Yali and Yang Anbang's operations, while the TV station and Beijing Evening News and other media for the Waugh family made continuous tracking reports.In the Nie Zhenbang plan, our company's Hong Kong background.And some of the details are revealed gradually in the media.This hand down.Less than half a month's time, the entire capital already know what our company city.In the hardware factory of the two rear layer office building, it was refitted to become fertile city Limited by Share Ltd in Beijing headquarters.
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