his grandfather was originally face people

December 30 [Sun], 2012, 11:37
Village of more than two hundred innocent life is damn it Timberland Mens Euro Sprint?Not the answer is negative task who has the right to deprive others of their right to exist, and other are barehanded ordinary villagers, this unilateral slaughter, simply make one's hair stand on end Chen San cold and unfeeling let Chen Fan have no way to accept, accept the for life so indifferent grandfather, once when Grandpa that one kind, that a human feelings, can now be shattered, let Chen Fanzhen very hard to believe, at the moment this is complete without disguise, his grandfather was originally face people, really is your grandpa?The novel "the novel" the hearts of all the anger of a punch, Chen Fan is without reservation, on a best efforts, because he knew that Chen San was, he knows that Chen San and Wang Liu are one and the same starting line, and king six fights from so long, Chen Fan never win for Chen three, he is not sure yet, he nonetheless to village more than 200 innocent village justice that is afraid of not knowing that his opponent, so do most novel "novel" howling wind is full, with the sharp sound, punched out of the space around seems to be blown to pieces, with the corrugated detonation powerful punch stiffening directly will Chen San went back ten meters, the ground is the two left deep traces, which still remained a burnt smell Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Parka Sale, strong airflow four shoot out, aroused a flying sand and rolling pebbles Chen who slowly stand straight, face is completely tight together, eyes shining straight is cold stare at the ten metres away on his cheek, Chen three, above can clearly see the tears on the car Bai Fanghua is not thought of ChenWhere will suddenly begin to his grandfather, is surprised to stay there, when Chen San saw the complete take this and nothing at all times, hearts have not come out of the surprised, did not expect Chen Fan's grandfather was also with Wang Liu et al. A way is the practice of gas and what is not in the king or under six, how can the unsuspecting cases Women's Victoria Parka, to catch the Chen Fan that come unexpectedly a blow up Chen three indifferent look at chen fan, hands also came a matrix for just numb heart Chen Fan's punch was also surprised, did not think he has is the growth to the point where Chen Fanzhi felt his heart have not come out of the pain, no one willing to your relatives, and still depend on each other for more than ten years grandfather, but Chen Fan also has his to do reason, in this kindred kind choice, is to let Chen Fan the most distressed it is also the most difficult to make a decision but, more than 200 innocent village village life, couldn't have died in vain, because of one's self is buried in the "in the lower hand, even if the winYou, I will give them justice "Chen Fan teeth clenched his fists." you sure you want to fight with me?"Chen San is indifferent at chen fan, hand is put forward to meet the enemy "potential, it was Chen Fan's boxing let him for Chen Fan is not to belittle and effect whiz Chen Fan did not speak directly is using action in response to Chen San's question, the right foot to step on, hard cement floor immediately is broken and people such as meteor towards Chen Sanchong past ten meters distance, the blink of an eye in, Chen Fan first met Chen San when he is already knew of Chen San's terror, so this move is not the slightest retention, fists wildly volatile chaos hit, thrown up a fist and breeze, like wind waves generally went to Chen three...
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