at night to drink......

January 17 [Thu], 2013, 11:32
The 311st chapter six barracks -- 311st chapter six barracks (four more, ask for support Canada Goose D'Alpago Outlet!The awesome...)Hum......Hum......Hum........................A jeep into six barracks door, drive beard fellow shouted: "David, open the door, you son of a bitch, you see I brought you something back......Ha ha ha ha.................."Whiskers big fellow face red, red and black are mixed together, a wine, a young soldiers behind also laughed, from a side full of ice box and pulls out a red bottle, throw a soldier tower.The tower with a telescope on the ground of the soldiers quickly, open the bottle, he took a swallow, laughs: "ha ha ha, good......Cool......Cool......"The jeep into the open, stopped at the last row of cars, several drunken soldiers off back to their barracks to sleep.No one noticed, this two Jeep chassis, a person slowly climbed out, and then several Dodge, into the next to the barracks, after a few seconds, a man dressed in US Army soldiers came out, wearing a hat to cover half of the face, hands holding a M4, hanging around her waist a series of magazine.While no one noticed, suddenly got into another barracks, after a few minutes, come out again, and then into the other camp, a dozen barracks are gone again.Wang Hengxiao lowered his head, slowly toward the center distance of the camp, it is a building of five floors of the building, roof erected radar, surrounded by a dozen soldiers guarded, several corner even anti-aircraft guns.Bang bang......Wang Hengxiao close to two soldiers, all of a sudden shot, two soldiers hold, knock dizzy, put in the corner, and then a jump, from the window and jumped in.Hey.Wang Hengxiao in a low voice smiled, said: "the United States of America Canada Goose Womens Montebello Parka. Last time we go, northwest, this time I put you on this camp in disability, let you long memory."However, Wang Hengxiao also worry that, at this time the United States of America's most attention has been hit in the central and West Asia and the Middle East, and pacify the domestic, hundreds of angry residents, nine one one events is a big loss, thousands of people died, many people at home do not feel safe.Inside the room, tidy up a row of firearms, as well as several barrels.There are several boxes of ammunition in the corner!Wang Hengxiao's eyes a bright, know to find a place for myself, there may be ammunition depot.What are you doing.Behind the sudden shout: "you do not patrol guard outside, inside the lazy?Get out.An officer rasped.Wang Hengxiao hurried to stand at attention, turn moment, the hands of the stock has hit out at the other, astonished eyes, hit his forehead, bang bang fell to the ground, the forehead blood DC, immortality is almost.Wang Hengxiao looked calm, quickly to the middle-aged officers dragged alongside the canvas under the block, the blood with the dust cover up, came to the inside of the door, but see two big lock, Wang Hengxiao's eyes a bright, immediately turn over the canvas is opened, the man from the waist with a bunch of keys, came to the door second, try to, directly open doors.Bang!The metal door open.An oil taste and smell of gunpowder, and metallic taste will blow against our faces.The dim light, Wang Hengxiao for the first time to see so many arms together!A row of assault rifles stood in the corner, more than 100, new.Next to a wooden box also stood a sniper rifle, and a machine gun, and even several howitzers.On the other side, it is a lot of Dan medicine, for hundreds of boxes overlap together!Hu Hu Hu hu......The room is very quiet, only the ventilation fan rotate voice.Bang......A sound made Wang Hengxiao.Outside the door open, seven footsteps moving in."Hurry up and take your things, I want to sleep, damn weather."A fat soldiers stood at the door, waving impatiently cried: "Damn it, who is here didn't lock the door?Not afraid of stolen guns and bullets we?"" Nike Air Max Tn Mens UK;Come on, fat Mcgee, here is the most worthless guns and bullets, the new M4 is only $one hundred, AK $ten a, no one risked our world to kill the risks to save the little money, at night to drink......
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