opposite him in that demon tower

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Chapter 189 missing time, the sovereign so many dark disciples were around to find the whereabouts of results inside and out looking for the three months lost track of sovereign temper every day. after dark were the children, once your message is not found, it is bound to suffer a meal beat, then sovereign did not laugh, has always been a homicide expression, several elders doing wrong things,UGGs Cardy Cheap, Do not sovereign directly kill, if you do not come back, the sovereign still do not know what to become!! outgoing is Nie Feng harm this silly thing hearts Huoji to put a trace of worry the indifference Huoling Qiaolian fire tease, that trio on the Road: Grandpa! Wang Hui is also tightly with subsequently. Less than ten minutes, Huoling rushed to the God the Jianfeng dark cases at Huoling a rush, suddenly attracted the attention of the dark cases retaining door Presbyterian festival when two elders saw positive spiritual desert beads pounced to Huoling, suddenly, horror, said: But also did not wait two to answer, among black tower in the distance, broke out in a terrible killings meaning. Crazy intention to kill like a tornado coming toward Huoling direction at Volume I, less than half a quarter of an hour, then kill a whirlwind came Huoling front. The Scarlet cyclone dissipated Huo old figure suddenly appeared in front of Huoling saw Huo old at the moment, than the previous apparently more haggard, a pair of orbital slightly black and white hair a bit bleak feeling that wire between the forehead oppressive is increasing, saw Fok old one appeared, looking blankly Huo Ling, one does not know how to react like. heart as if a hand clenched his breathing slightly difficult. , if one is close to you, you have to disappear, arms gently sobbing, the body temperature feel Huoling, Huo old atheistic eyes only gradually began to glow a vivid, that strong brow can not be the tyranny of open instantly disappeared. Ling girl!! Finally back!! You know grandfather how think you? Ling girl ah!! Dead grandfather!!! , and no slightest dark were sovereign majesty, but it is all dark were the children not feel that there is nothing wrong, but also watching the reunion of the two eyes wet, while Wang Hui standing side,UGGs Bailey Button, looked Huoling Huo old together touching scene, the heart suddenly rises a trace of envy and sadness buried deep in the heart of things is fiercely touched. Ling girl, you more than two years time, in the end Where ah? Why did not come back to the present? Grandfather almost looking for you find crazy exposed kindly expression, eyes slightly red and swollen Huoling also cry, hear the words of the Huo old Huo Ling said: since the NIE Feng Huo old suddenly filled with a boundless murderous, the condensed spirit level repair for all the people in the four weeks to feel difficulty in breathing, the Hui also several steps back again and again. duel, and Nie Feng does not matter, you do not wronged him! demon tower he is also taking care of me, let me qualify either desperate to pin down the enemies of the demon tower, I'm afraid I've died in the demon tower . of the atmosphere on the juicy greatly become strong, such a big change in just two years, must be after the great adventure of possibilities. Huo Ling was missing, so he wanted to kill Nie Feng to Jiehen, but listen to Huoling said, if things upside down over the same, and listen to Huoling tone also quite concerned about the NIE Feng Huo old suddenly you want to figure out what happened. The know and Huo old back to the room to explain, must be long-winded, and this time Nie Feng did not know how to becomes so Huoling quickly Speaking. only now began to notice this middle-aged man by the arm back together and Huoling read. The one hand, you in the end is who? Allows you to enter the boundary of God Jianfeng? than two gatekeepers elders should be high on the lot. hand, Huoling suddenly angry, and suddenly it vanished before the warm atmosphere of the long-awaited reunion, Huoling immediately return to the cold like staring Huo old. See Huoling that cold staring like Huo always angry anti-hi only the real Huoling will do this to their own, which also proves that he was not dreaming or this Huoling of fake joy Huo old spoke to Wang Hui said: Nie Feng brothers are things smile soon, Wang Hui is really a little unpredictable Huo old temper, Huo old 1:00 temper and madness, the moment yet is so polite, so Wang Hui feel at a loss. not his fault! opposite him in that demon tower saved me many times,UGG Jimmy Choo Starlit! practicing bone realm, promising future. you look forward to Wang Hui, Huo old asked incredible, regression of Huoling, Huo old heart has been shrouded in dark atmosphere suddenly dissipated, Huo old, has changed back to before the old rogue old not repair the look. quietly watching Huoling a while, confirm the Huoling not lying, Huo old jumped up on the whole person. accident old lady you head screwed down!!! Seeing the look is a no shut a pair of beautiful eyes.

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