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We have now seen and heard and taken refuge in the True Law.

The vast body of the universe is the source of all that exists.
All existents are in a state of interdependence and are subject to the Law of transmigration.

The great universe ,that great realm of nature, possesses consciousness. That consciousness controls the great body of the cosmos and causes all that exists to be in a state of harmony.


All creatures ,of every kind,exist in infinitely great compassion.


The great body of the cosmos is the actual body of consciousness of God ,and at the center of consciousness is the heart of God.


We should realize that the heart is compassion and love and that body and consciousness are indivisible ,identical with each other .

This great consciousness is the Great Universe,the Great Spirit of God,and the buddhas. Being God and the buddhas ,the body of consciousness is the body of God .

We should know that in this phenomenal universe,our solar system is no more than a small organ of the great body of the cosmos and that the earth is a tiny cell of a larger organ.

Being a cell of the body of consciousness ,the cell itself has consciousness .

Because the great body of the cosmos is the body of God,this phenomenal world that is the planet Earth is also the body of God.

Being the body of God,it is the great temple of God.The great temple is the training ground for the souls of every being.

Spirits of every kind are gathered here.

Transmigration of these spirits through the cycle of the three realms of past,present, and future allows the refinement of the souls in the phenomenal world so that the buddha−land, Utopia,may be built in accordance with the will of God.


We should further realize that all existents in the body of the cosmos pursure spiritual training in order to create a world of harmony conforming to the will of God .


We should know that the three realms of past , present,and future are the stage for the transmigration of life and that transmigration is eternally unchanging.


The realm of the past is the worlds of reality and phenomena we passed through when training ourselves in previous states of existence.


The realm of the present is this phenomenal world,where life and matter are identical. Everything −heat and light and the environment itself −is itself the energy of God and the training ground for our consciousness of life.


We should give thanks for the environment of compassion and love bestowed upon us by God and the buddhas.


The realm of the future is a state of a different dimension and is the world of the spirits that have left their physicalbodies of the phenomenal world.


There are levels of mental states according to the degree of harmonization of consciousness.


They are the areas of the amount of light created by the degree of harmony between our heart and the hearts of God and the buddhas.


Spirits at one with Got and the buddhas are filled with the light of God and are God’s messengers of light who wisely guide other spirits from the world of reality .They are called tathagatas and bodhisattvas.


The phenomenal world has been entrusted to them by God and the buddhas


They are compassion and love and guide the spirits in both this and other realms.


There are also heavenly gods ,who protect the spirits from evil and assist righteous sentient beings.


Those of God’s messenngers who have a physical body in this world preach the True Law ,the Truth of God ,and lead being to the light of harmony.

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