Happy piano

September 08 [Sat], 2012, 15:38

Sprinkle brilliant sunshine to Air Yeezy For Sale a wide balcony ting home, she listened to the neighbor came the crisp sound of the piano, involuntary brisk beat up his slender fingers on the windowsill. And swayed his song, this time the sun like Happy Elf, beating in between your fingers. Gradually, the sound of the piano stopped, but Ting smile still like a flower blooming so beautiful. Slowly, Ting also stopped, she looked up at the white clouds in the distance, eyes full of hope, said: "If I could have a piano that the more wonderful!" Just this wish is the father heard. Father has been very kind to Ting, so his father secretly resolved, be sure to buy a piano for her daughter, Ting was never reluctant to make any demands at home, because she knew, in their home, only the father tireless work to maintain the life of the entire home ting on the focus of high school with the amount of "cost.

Since the day began, Ting they found his father out earlier in the Air Jordan Glow In The Dark morning, and go home at night later Black gradually snow covered gully forehead is has become increasingly more. Ting in a kid once asked his father, "Why have so many wrinkles on your forehead?" Father to see Ting round eyes full of innocence, smiled and said: "This is your grasping out it! "Ting grew up, his father's hard every minute she is within sight. He determined to return his father with good results. So she has also learned that a day before going to bed late.

Almost a year after the secjimmycuanen 9/8 father, I do not know the day and night work, and finally saved enough money. Her ahead of time after work to a second-hand piano shop, he was coming in was very excited, Blake Griffin Shoes because he can finally round her daughter's dream. Pick waited a long time, he finally took a fancy to one pair, he has been very expensive piano.

His home, read and reread the piano he bought for his daughter, he thought the daughter certainly very pleased, and even jumped pleased. He readily press a few keys and then as soon as his chapped handle piano lid is closed, for fear of the piano to broke. Father as if suddenly remembered what he turned the left turn right at home to Air Yeezy Glow In The Dark find he thought of as children things. He finally found a somewhat faded red cloth, he was pleased that the piece of red cloth shop above the piano. Yes, he is looking for the pianist, television above are the first to reveal the red cloth, began playing piano!

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"It must be her daughter back!" Father excited thinking. He ran out of the room, and hastened to open the heavy iron door. Daughter saw father like a child looked at him, surprised and asked: "Dad, you today how to come back so early ah?" The father looked at her still did not answer, but said: "Do not Nike Air Yeezy 2 ask so much, come here, come here see if I gave you a gift. "daughter listened to the words more doubts, she had no choice but to obey his father went to his room. Daughter into the room and saw the piano, stunned. Waited a long time to collect myself, fierce clinging to his father, and burst into tears. The father just touched her daughter's head kindly asked: "Do you like it?" Daughter sobbed: "like" A few minutes later, her daughter heard live crying, went to the piano and opened a red cloth, stroking long-awaited piano, eyes have been watching it, but finally could not help but open the piano lid, played played often in school with teacher piano practice that song, I saw fingers along the keyboard brisk jump, as if the free tour Xiang rainy riverside fish, shuttling between the water and Nike Air Yeezy For Sale the natural, then, the sweetest notes around the father and daughter. At this point they are basking in the happiness of the piano.

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