From the perspective of the current

March 26 [Tue], 2013, 15:47
From the perspective of the current situation, there are three teams of James strong interest. First, the Knights, in redevelopment projects in the old Club, is not on the payroll problems. Second, the bulls, James have been chasing three years ago, by laying off Carlos-buziol Claudio and John-Deng, and Bull has no problem in economic terms. The third is the Lakers, while James and Bryant-Bryant is competing, but after all, the Lakers have unparalleled in history. And 2014 Bryant contract end, Bryant has hinted will be retired, the Lakers just need the next successor.
Hearing that 33 consecutive victories the Lakers players in support when they broke the record, Wade smiled and said: "I don't believe they would think so. Wade also went on to say: "because our winning streak is now a lot of people in the world are beginning to concern us, and they are for a good nike free run 2 mens reason (consecutive victories) to follow us. Two years ago we would not have said so. But now I have to say, it's good for basketball games, this is good for the sport.
Journey in 25 consecutive victories, most evident heat characteristics, is unmatched confidence. In the game to defeat the Thunder, James has said so himself of Trey, "fans say I voted no, I said, and then began to throw up, until he in no word. "James, is also a true portrayal of the passion. No matter what rivals meet, talk less and do more, with actions and let your opponent surrender. Such heat, leaving opponents, except for fear, only fear.
Two months ago, the heat could play was challenged. Now, no longer was so stupid to try to predict. The reason is very nike free run 3 mens simple, heat outside with glorious acts to shut up. One recent example is the Cleveland Cavaliers, James and his new team was behind 27 points, the outside world not easily conclude that Knights can also heat the end of winning streak. Because, a confident Super team, is always have a way out of the Woods. Final results also show that a moment's trouble, heat can never be used as attack grounds.
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