2008年01月19日(土) 3時54分
I made a new blog please check it out.



2007年10月17日(水) 17時35分
I'm leaving today for the hotel in George R Brown for Onicon!

I'm really excited *_________________*

Wish me luck! I will be back next monday the 22nd. See you then!


2007年10月16日(火) 6時47分
3 days left until RES is here ;_; and our weather

4 days 

2007年10月15日(月) 15時26分
Since I wrote, I am not good at all. I'm leaving for Oni-con in acouple of days. I am way stressed (T^T). I don't have enough money XD;;

Wish me luck, tomorrow might be the last day I post until I come back which is next monday, the 22nd? Yes!

Rentrer en Soi's Blog


2007年10月11日(木) 8時02分
I want to go ;_;. 7 more days until I leave for Onicon, and 9 more until the live.

Our karaoke has the GazettE now *____________*
~Hyena 22933
~Filth in the beauty 22707
~REGRET 22686

Next time, I'll be sure to sing. I just want more songs, but I guess I should be happy with 3? ^__^;

I lied 

2007年10月10日(水) 6時37分
Many days has past since I updated. Nothing new though, Onicon is coming fast. I have not figured out what I'm going to wear. Oh and I posted my resume on but I only get calls from staffing agencies. Its really not what I was looking for.

Staffing 2
Jobs 0


(no title) 

2007年10月04日(木) 16時09分

one of my walls! I really like it, maybe I should learn how to cut?

イロクイ。ゆーりさん message box
I want to write him something but what if i mess up??

I went to a Halloween store today(I'm always forgetting things XD;;) and I might going be going back for a costume. I don't know yet, I have until friday to figure out if I do.

Last post for today promise, I have to check LJ, myspace, and mixi anyways.

BGM:Gomen ne... - DirmuNot


2007年10月04日(木) 15時50分
Rentrer en soi いべんと @ Oni-con 13 more days!

I forgot I might be able to see tomoさん at onicon I hope so~

I also changed my layout, it looks alot better now. Just now to fix my mixi

BGM:Insanity of Silence - Genocide // Death - Necromance


2007年10月04日(木) 15時06分

I got burned. (T__T) while cooking it really did hurt. Can you see where it left an imprint?


2007年10月01日(月) 13時04分
I went to a club yesterday, I did not have fun!

Grey goose was on the menu.^