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September 11 [Tue], 2012, 16:48

Shenzhen to mobilize the enthusiasm of the Internet users, so that they become construction network society civilization of the ghd nz practice. Shenzhen netizens seminars, send out "civilized Internet, rational speech", "the rumor check in civil self-discipline" call. In shenzhen news network BBS by netizens launched "shenzhen most influential ten big concept selection", arouse the netizens to urban core value of the identity and consensus. The our city still give full play to the Internet users to participate in the urban development, social construction enthusiasm, active build platform, let users when the star. This year through the government micro bo organization "civilized travel, micro bo shining" activities, through the micro action, micro topics, micro live, and quote networks linkage, walked into the community, realizing urban civilization and Internet civilization grow together.Japanese actor Xiao GuSheng yesterday was JingShiTing machida police to rape in the name of the mayhem arrest. He himself confessed that charges. According to police say, August 9, 12 o 'clock at night, Xiao GuSheng after drinking wine on the way back home to see a girl, he forced brought it into a building and rape. Afterwards Xiao GuSheng will also his mobile phone number and the name tell the girl, and said that the next want to date her. The girl this year also not to 20 years old. Xiao GuSheng atrocities the arms were girls. The police investigation girl said, did not know each other's actor identity. Xiao GuSheng was arrested said that drinking to lose his head to make these mistakes. Xiao GuSheng acted in the play tennis prince ", played one of the yuki was abundant. Had starred in many films and advertising film photography and so on. In 2007 he served as the fashion magazine cover characters, from then on into the Japanese entertainment business, is a new entertainment industry. A month ago in the wimbledon, Andy - morey (micro Po) over Britain for more than 104 years of waiting, and won the Olympic gold medal in the men's singles London; A month later, in New York flushing, morey over the British and a long wait, in Fred perry win the us open title 76 years later, finally and have a British male athletes holding the grand slam champion trophy. From the tennis perspective, morey at flushing meadows of the breakthrough significance is more important. Britain is believed to be the birthplace of the modern sport. Although tennis originating in the 12th century France, but at the time, this is only the missionaries in a church in the corridor with the palm of the hitting indoor recreational activities. Since then, tennis was introduced into England, but after a long time, the movement is in the process of the two countries palace pop. Until 1873, British walter's - crowe Compton - Winfield major modify the early tennis game, and will be moved to the venue on the lawn, in the same year, he also published the lawn tennis, "a book, the modern tennis preliminary forming. Winfield is also believed to be "the founder of modern tennis". As is known to all, in the four grand slam match, YuQuanYing club at the wimbledon is the oldest and most prestigious, up to now the organizing committee still requests the contestant must wear traditional white meets.

In 1876, Winfield major will lawn tennis tournament officially into the allghd straighteners England club. July 9, 1877, the club held the first wimbledon lawn tennis tournament, at that time only allow male players participated, and only set singles. Until 1884, only increased the wimbledon women's singles and doubles match, the women's doubles and mixed doubles in 1913 to join the. In the 1930 s, Fred perry in the wimbledon realize three successive championships (1934-1936), women's, dorothy - Lyon DE twice after sealing (1934 and 1937). But in into the open time, along with the tennis competition level of further ascension, British tennis no longer former courage. In before morey, recently a win the grand slam champion of British male players is Fred perry, and last won the grand slam singles title of British player is Virginia - wade, she is 1977 years of wimbledon champion. Often during wimbledon, the English people will have to face the embarrassment of champions to slip. First, lu plug DE base, in 1997 he broke into the us open final, but be kraft beat, and champion passing by. Then the "gentleman" courts, once four distance wimbledon final only one step away, but every time, the lip. From 1998 to 1999, 2001 (once to match point opportunity) to 2002, but Tim henman four walking semi-final, before two defeat at sampras, one is defeated by Iraq's WanNi plug photographed, a loss to the world of that time was the first hewitt. And four times, but Tim henman victory over the players were finally won the wimbledon champion - sentimental courts also called the "wimbledon champion touchstone" title. In the other three grand slam match, in addition to Australian open (micro Po) best only entered the fourth round outside, but Tim henman all had one of the performance, but the helpless, he always can't further. 2007 years after retirement but Tim henman, morey took the men's singles top of the class. From 2008 to 2010 and the us open final in 2011 two Australian open final, to this year's wimbledon final, morey although courts than elder than another step forward, but also still cannot overstep the last line, including three times, he is not "the Swiss Roger federer. In this beautiful net period, Murray admitted to beautiful net final memory is fuzzy. Can 2010 Melbourne park, when he was three plate after defeat, only, blinking back tears could self: "I can like Roger that cry, but not as good as he played." Today's title news conference, morey said frankly that in the final, true feelings to bear all the British people expected pressure. And just two months ago the all England club, morey on first wimbledon final stage, facing the Roger federer won 7:5. But in the British fans ZhuWeiSheng, in British prime minister Cameron, Kate princess and David Beckham couple watched, he even throw three plate, and a taste of bitter defeat. This time, morey also could not refrain from the sad tears, and compared to two years ago, he in the awards cry more sad, once SOB, but the girl friend sears and mother Judy is also, tears streaming down her face, such scenes that countless people deeply.

This time at flushing meadows, morey ghd white finally have to circle grand slam champion dream. But for the British tennis is concerned, only on morey one person is unable to complete recovery. Morey after in the title also expressed the hope that his achievement will encourage more British children in tennis, especially mentioned the mixed doubles partner, silver 18 years old robson, the latter in this beautiful net has will KeLiSiTeErSi and li na (micro Po) two grand slam champion deposed, the second week in the first round, but also since 1998 after Smith first have the performance of British female athletes. In Britain, by contrast, young male players have not let a person shine at the moment performance, want to restore brilliant undoubtedly still need more efforts. Beijing 7 · 21 of the heavy disaster has been more than a month of time, a few games after the rain, the air temperature declined obviously, and body work in Shanghai community even name (micro Po) is the heart Beijing fang shan magmatic victims, a few days ago, have bought 500 bed quilt, entrust body in Beijing company colleagues fang shan magmatic personally delivered to the people affected by the disaster at home, for the victims to send the chilly early autumn of a deep warm. Beijing 7 · 21 severe storms killed 79 a fresh life, the affected population up to 1.9 million people, among them the fangshan district precipitation is as high as 460 mm, heavy rains can also cause flash floods, resulting in fangshan district 800000 people homeless. Recently, a few games of rain to make Beijing into a real "cold autumn". Body in Shanghai catch pat drama actor, director of game name even thinking about Beijing well the people affected by the disaster of the changes in temperature. A few days ago, even the name of game personally bought 500 bed quilt the company entrusted himself to colleagues fangshan district victims hands, was not to rebuild their homes and with the victims of the solution was a burning issue. And even the name of game company colleagues came to the middle of the victims and Beijing disabled persons' federations and two comrades and even a big fan of name of game. When opening, the fans also with idols like thinking about the disaster area children, especially to give them away the bag and stationery. For the love action, even the name of game is very low-key, he said, compared with well large number of the people affected by the disaster, he can pay the power is too limited. And the fans love move but let even of game name very touched, for to drive some young people together for social contribution strength, even the name of game was delighted, and through the media appealed for more people love to have difficult people contributes an own strength. Beijing time on September 11, afternoon news European stocks small low open. Beijing time 15:02, Britain's financial times 100 index fell 0.1%, to 5784.45 point; German DAX 30 fell 0.3%, to 7193.89 point; French CAC 40 fell 0.3%, to 3494.30 point; The Spanish IBEX 35 index fell 0.7%, to 7808.10 point; European shares overall wind vane Stoxx 600 index fell 0.3%, to 271.01 points.