at home

February 06 [Wed], 2013, 16:26
I got flu...
and I have to be away from work for 3 days...

which is good for me to get some rest and recharge my energy
and I think I realised how hard it is to stay at home not worrying my future...

I guess, lately I've been only living for work and that was good thing because I didn't have much time to think about other things

but now, I think i have to rest my body as well as my mind and be ready for going back to nz and university life.

it is very new thing for me
new place, new school, new people, new homestay...

and that scares me a lot

well, at least im not going to other country!

I wanna let all my worries go
release them and wanna fill whole me up with positive and beautiful energies

I wanna believe that everything will be fine,
everything will go smoothly for goods

Thank You :)

February 04 [Mon], 2013, 8:27
I got a cold this morning

I've been worried about my future too much, I guess...

Well, last night, I checked my bank account and the tuition fee I need for Second Semester, and I realized I've only got fee money left... and I totally freaked out

but I guess I'll be all right

I mean, I'll have enough money to survive in New Zealand this year :)

I took medicine just now and my cold should go away very soon

there's no need to worry about anything in front of me

now... and forever

Because everything happens how it supposed to be.

I'll thank to all the support, protection and love
that is given to me right now


September 29 [Sat], 2012, 11:24
Finally I've finished my last day of vet work experience...

I have mixed feeling right now...

I'm so happy about the fact that I've been able to do it for 10 days learning a lot of things and I'm so grateful that the people in the vet clinic were really nice, kind and laid-back. I think I was very lucky :)

... But I could not been happy about how I speak English...

I just feel disappointed myself.

Been here for more than four years but my English is just not good enough.

I wanna speak like native ...

but will that ever be possible for me???

I need to keep think positive thoughts...

ahhh but I don't know how to.

Everything is going well

September 27 [Thu], 2012, 11:41
Just 3days left till I go back Japan... which is...


I mean I had a great time while I lived in here
and I think that is why I can feel happy about it

I have experienced and learnt a lot of things
since I moved here

And I really should be grateful for that

Hope the rest of my days here will be wonderful:)

And I will write what i'll do in Japan when I get there


September 09 [Sun], 2012, 12:59
Ahh... I made a terrible mistake...

I said yes to every person who sent me a message
asking if the room is availabe...

but actually its not.

I should've said its available from 30th Sep.

Aww... I just realized that now
and felt so bad and embarressed

... oh well, that's okay... It happens!

And nobody's gonna care about
how I made mistakes anyway.

Just need to be optimistic right now...

Take it easy!! Nothing's wrong!!


Find blessing in my current situation

August 29 [Wed], 2012, 16:22
Today is nearly over...

I haven't done a lot of things and I stayed at home all day

but I don't need to disappoint myself! ... right?

I have done what I was supposed to do today...

And I did good job!!!

So yeah, don't say anything bad.

I am perfect as I am

This sentence just came up to my mind...

and I love it  hehe

But tomorrow,

I wanna go out and forget about all the concerns

And just enjoy this time in this place!

The place God has planted me.

And I will! I will enjoy it!

Let go all the negative thoughts...

Everything is all right

New Day

August 29 [Wed], 2012, 9:18
Okay! so I'm still here, in my room

and still haven't find the place where I can do the vet work experience

and 'm still looking for it

But it's not gonna be the same as yesterday...

I WILL spend my day most effectively
and wanna make my day most wonderful as much as I can.

I don't wanna spend all my day thinking negative thoughts.

I wanna enjoy my life
... even when I'm in the most boring situation... like right now...


That's my task for today.

Wish me luck☆

what da heck

August 28 [Tue], 2012, 8:01
okei... so... I DON'T need ielts result!

thats so ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!

What on earth am I doing here???


What the heckkkkk....!!!!!!!!!!

... Oh well, at least, I don't have to have any pressure
thinking about ielts...

But, ohh, what should i do now???

and when should i go back japan???


August 26 [Sun], 2012, 16:15

Im so down...

I went to the church and the english gathering

but nothing made me happy.

i dont know what i want

i dont know what it wanted to be

im just tired of being something that im not...

what can i do to live my life to full in this place?

I have nothing to do except for studing ielts...

I have no one to talk to except for myself...

and I know what Im gonna do after the ielts test finished...


Now what can i do?

Full Moon

August 02 [Thu], 2012, 17:27
I feel better about my flat now than
what i felt about it when i first came here.

Cuz i've cleaned it!!!

Well, not everything in my flat, but most of it.

So, this means my life in Auckland becoming better!!

Tomorrow, I will go to AA and make an appointment
of taking the test for driver licence

then i will visit some agent for people
who come here for working holiday... :)

And, I will go to library also.

Yay! i Have a lot things to doooo!!

Oh by the way, we have full moon tonight☆
... it was good that i cleaned my house just now ;)

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