April 14 [Tue], 2009, 22:36
ah sorry for not updating for so long
at last my mom is home now so i can update my blog without she peeking hehehe
anyway lemme tell u something about alst week.. well i did some shopping, not much,, as i said before i went to ueno.. and i went to china town/yokohama which is not very interesting.. and the i also meet up with some indonesian friends in tokyo! i think they are nice person to hang out! rather then my sukky school friends .. in my class there are only one kidna person.. oh onni u are so kind haha she is 26 and she is korean.. the other.. naaah i hate them! seriously! i hate the school.. and on monday iw ent to harajuku alone to do some window shopping.. but i ended up buying something ahahahaha!

what do you think it's cute right??
oh and then i'm still in weekly mansion now and looking for apartment look how smal is my apartment room T_T

well as for today i did nothing really.. and my period has just started.. aaahhhh shit...
and plus it's raining.. i think i might get fever tommorow.. ah shit...

u know.. it's been a week since im in japan an starting to sttle down.. i'm technically suppose to be in uni now.. but because i have to learn japanese languange and also i wanna enter japanese university.. it disabled me from entering university.. i've been thinking lately.. if i can go to london and paris... why not?? previously i taught that i wanna live in japan. japan is an amazing place... it is really.. but.. when i start living here.. i think japanese is.. not where i should be. everyone are the same personality.. maybe their style is different, ginza girl, harajuku, gals and stuff.. but all of them have the same prespective as any othere japanese.. nobody have that.. eprsona.. they are mysterious.. really. but they are not.. well.. charming.. i guess?

this might be my first regret in my life ... but.. ah.. application.. i'm really in a dilema..


April 08 [Wed], 2009, 0:23
sakura sutekiii
i went to ueno park to take a shot at sakura
at first i taught there's no sakura
it ends up there sooo many sakura and it was the first time i saw sakura.. aaa suteki so beautiful !

it's spring time and sooo many photographers take a shot of sakura!
and as seen on tv r cartoon.. u have to gelar tiker and duduk dibawah pohom sakura dan minum2 hahaha tentunya banyak orang mabok.

and then i went to Ropongi Hills to take some picture and shopping.. again..
both are good place but i wanna see sakura again!!

today's weather is soo nice :)
love being in japan..
but i still mises my friends

at last! 

April 05 [Sun], 2009, 23:21
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nihon yokoso!
hey people im in japan already.. sorry for not updating blog.. AGAIN!!!

there was so many things.. this week for example

Monday:met ruddy after a very long time!!!
tuesday: went to look for profesional camera and bought a canon 450D!!
wednesday:went ice skating with boppy, diaz, ching2x,ruddy,ilham, diras.. and diras sleep over my place
thursday: went to ragunan to take photo's of the many gorilas :P
Friday: doing a photshoot in and col with nal and add plus doing a little korean barbeque on my pool!
saturday i went to japan in the morning and thx to egan,nick,felix,diras,boppy,dhias,nall,add for escorting me!! thx you guys i love you guys so much
and plus my friends in indonesia!!! love you guys so much :)

and at last today , sunday, japan. lot's of sakura trees are blooming.. aaaa ... kirreeeeeii.. i wsh i can have a date under the sakura tree :)

i miss you ljm :(


March 30 [Mon], 2009, 1:05
today was HAWT
i mean literally
i went to KOTA TUA to have a VINTAGE them photoshoot
well it turned out quite well but i expected more
because the make-up takes to long to do
that makes it really bad but.. oh well.. it turns out cool anyway :D
and i regret that we didnt take picture at night!! it was a marvelous view!!

Photo-Agung Budi
Make-Up/ Edit: Monica Gumanti
Model: Vyoni

semi-farewell watsoever 

March 28 [Sat], 2009, 17:15
i actually planned yesterday's party as a big big party where everybody would come
i invited most of my friends that i still keep in touch..
and then it goes well until about around 6 oclock...

everything just go wrong..
no car.. people's canceling.. it was a disaster.. every phone calls i made , more bad news comming..
then more people said that they can't come.. my head feels like it's gonna blow up
but my prince in shining armor came.. lol.. satriyo xD
he picked me up with vyo... oh what a relief.. i made everybody angry too!
then eventualy i made it to splash and manage to get SOME people to join
i planned the place in wonderbar.. but it changed to public.. again..
well the night ends up well :)
the drunkest person would be vyo.. hahahaha

well thx for the party everyone :D

aku suka bandung tapi aku cinta jakarta 

March 22 [Sun], 2009, 1:41
aduh hari ini saya road trip ke bandung seru man :D
yang pasti banyak hal2 bego yang susah diceritakan disini!
dari gue foto2 bego di tengah jalan tol..
sampe ketemu edo di tengah jalan haha
terus bergaya AGJ sekali di dalam mobil.. seru lah pokonya!!

aku cinta bandung dengan udaranya! tapi memang kota itu tidak ada isinya hah
ada sih. somehow :P ahahaa...
di tengah hari akhirnya kita takut macet dan tidak jadi memetik stroberi
Pika(priska) dan aniki menjoing kita.. dan Edo juga untuk pergi ke The Peak
sampai sana kita disambut oleh " pergi ke the peak bawa pulang swift!"
ada poster gede pulak.. dan udaranya seger bgt!! pemandangannya juga yahud!
sayangnya pas pulang tuh ujan deres dan gak jadi bawa pulang swift ahahaha

aku masih ingin main!!!!
masih kangen Aniki!!!
Kangen PIKA!!!
dan KANGEN edo!!!

ke jakarta dongkk :)

buat satriyo makasih udah disetiri

buat agi aduh ada kau mood saya selalu senangn!!

buat diraz hahaha the ebst deh pokoknya !! teman menggila!!!

mau petik stroberi ah next time :)

im going to bandung !!! 

March 20 [Fri], 2009, 0:39

yooow u gotta love this place :)

the view is amazing for a cheap dinner..
well it's a nice place except it's crowded and it's hot!!!
oh my gawd...
The place is Plaza Semanggi 10th floor Sky Dinning
though it's a 10th floor it's still fukin hot.. no wind cummin..

anyways ..steph is back! yayyy!! hahaha
and i'm going to bandung on saturday !!! omg omg teeh funn :) :)
really looking forward to it!!!

Bye gaurav :D 

March 15 [Sun], 2009, 2:47
yoo.. today's saturday .. nothing special really.. well accept for the night :D

today i was with pratiek to eat.. he said that he want to talk about something so we went together to ocha,, this really crappy japanese food near my house..

and when i said is crappy.. it is crappy

i ordered a okonimyaki and a miso ramen

it tooks an hour for the food to came!!

they said they have problem that they mistook the ramen soup
and u know what.. they said preparing okonomiyaki takes a long time.. wtf???

then i went to Gaurav's so called farewell party in T.G.I Fridays hahaha and it was fun actually
lots of chatter and laugh with masaki gaurav and vince..

awww im so gonna miss my bud gaurav :( i like him cuz he's nice and he's not double faced!! he is funny as well and live 5 minute from my house lol!!

well good luck in Malaysia gaurav !!! i'm so gonna meet up with u on may :D

i ate 2 big ribs!!! well it's not bad xD


should i? 

March 14 [Sat], 2009, 2:44
i was thinking of photography recently...
isnt it so much fun? photos.. and u know whwat i've been playing with my pocket cams!!!

the result is quite ok.. i didnt edit or what.. i havnt really learn the basic principles and stuf but u know what.. i'm not that bad at it!!!

try to visit my flickr.. and comment is much appreciated!

oh nothing really happens me just some relationship problem both with frens and boyfriends :|

ouh ouh i just hate it so much that i dont really have friends in indo anymore ;_; oh the saddness

btw, i'm sorry for not writing for the last week.. my laptop got takken away :(

shut up and drive! 

March 06 [Fri], 2009, 6:36
surprising stories!!
i'm gonna take driving lesson starting from 16th of march!!!

yayness!! wish me luck

tha :D
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