2010年02月04日(木) 1時46分
a lot of times when i'm home and at my computer --
i get private messages on facebook from people who i've never met.
the same thing used to happen when myspace was "in".
they'd tell me : "you are the prettiest girl i've ever seen."
sometimes i'd get creepy boys who wanted my number and a "special picture" (in their dreams...)
other times i'd get genuinely sweet boys, who just wanted to talk.
sometimes i would talk to them, and sometimes i wouldn't.
but, boys aren't the only ones who told me i was pretty.
i had many girls messaging me to talk as well.
girls who said that i was so pretty, and that they wanted a friend like me.
girls from all over the world.

i've always wondered -- how come on the internet so many girls and boys on the internet found me to be pretty and interesting -- but people at my own school didn't bother to want to talk to me?
granted, it COULD be in my head -- because i've always had a bit of social anxiety.
but somehow i can't help but wonder -- how come the people around me don't want to talk to me, or be my friend.
but people from across the internet message me all the time?

i guess there is just something wrong with how i am in person.
when i figure out what that is -- i'll let you know.

thanks for listening my little yaplog, even though you don't have a choice.
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i'm alex.
信じろ よ <3
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