Whats been up lately 

March 11 [Tue], 2008, 3:46
If you did not notice, i do not get on yaplog very much. Interesting, ne?
At the end of this month i am going to get my hair done like hiko's from
Danger*Gang ^_^
She is truely an Idol of mine hehe..
I drew a picture of her but i do not know how to send it to her on here..
Amber i know you are reading this >..< HALP MEH!?!?!
I suppose i will try to figure it out on my own or something.
When i get my hair done i will deff. have pictures. ^_^

I can absolutly not wait until Amber and I go to anime punch
It sucks that it is farther away in time this year >.<
sucks really bad hehe.
I need to learn more japanese so i can freekin write one of these in it >.<
Im taking chinese next year so thats not going to get me anywhere on this site >.<
Oh well.
Have a fun day...oh oh i make Vlogs and AMV's if you ever get bored
have a blast XD


January 22 [Tue], 2008, 7:40
OMG today i went to Kroger
and i saw the Oscar Meijer Weiner mobie D=
Sorry i couldnt flip it or anything.
I also got a picture of just the car itself
So yeeah. Also I ordered some things
from Barnes & Knoble and Kohls
online because i had some gift cards hehe.
I got a white shirt for my L cosplay
I got a KH manga, Vampire Knight, annnd a japanese spark chart thingy.
It's supposed to help so it better.

Also this weekend, i stayed at a friends house.
Her uncle called and said a little boy got taken down the street
and her uncle lives like a few blocks over D=!!!
so that was kinda scary time not going to lie...

I have the funnest times at ambers house ^_^


January 16 [Wed], 2008, 22:19
I missed his birthday by like a million years but i drew this picture around the time.XDD which i find ironic because i never got so bored that i would put it on here..so now i am XD
Yep it took me like forever to do.. here is the original picture that i got it from.

It looks relativly the same when compared..I like drawing Jrockers ^_^. My next project is gackt because i have already drawn aoi and hyde. But hyde has like losided eyes...but i think i fixed it one day XD. I dont remember. XD But yeah i decided that since i have like forever in computer class i might watch advent children or something XDD.

Let hideto matsumoto live on at 43 years old.


January 16 [Wed], 2008, 21:31
Yes so i got a chinchilla ^_^.I have a video of her taking a dust bath on youtube
^_^.Ill put the video on here so you can watch it because i cant post the link at
school because its blocked...-.-Shes Really cute and shes white with a gray
patch on her face. Something is up with her eye right now because she likes to
keep it half way shut.but i dont know my mom just said it was from the dust bath i gave her yesterday D=. I dont want her to die if it could kill her because i just
like got her D=...So yeeah. I have a teest today and announcements are on
so i think i better go..c.c


December 24 [Mon], 2007, 23:51
Tomarrow i christmas ^_^...and that makes me happy ^_^...this christmas deff feels better than last christmas..because last christmas i didnt even want it to be here...v.v..never the less...its here now and im happy ^_^ im getting a new camera so expect to see interestingly random pictures with the blogs i post...c.c. ..which reminds me i havent been on here in a week...weeee...^_^..im listening to an cafe...their songs make me happy..c.c even if some of them are about drugs.x.x..anyways i know you [the reader] didnt hear about this yet...but i got muh belly button peirced ^_^...it hurt a little like i could feel the needle poke and move through my skinn..c.c...it kinda made me laugh though..c.c what kind of morbid freak am i v.v......bye!

Tech Class 

December 12 [Wed], 2007, 22:13
Well i am sitting in tech. class. Today is me and my boyfriends 1 year..pretty cool
eh.I have a video project due..but i sadly havent done any of it yet.x.x though
we are going to do it this weekend..x.x..suuuuuck..but i might get to go to the
zoo next friday with amber and thats like 10 times funner than making a video at
an electronic store ^_^...but yeah...i wish i could type more in japanese...x.x..
upsetting ...I cant wait until i finish my 101 lessons of japanese on the internet..
i could probably actually do it here at school..But i repeat my stuff outloud until
i learn it..x.x..so i would look like a real queer sitting here talkign ot myself in a
language that nobody understands..x.x...anyways got to go ..going to draw and read some
fushigi yugi..x.x hehe haha.

Driving + Today 

December 10 [Mon], 2007, 6:46
So, if you have ever drove a car and had your parent right next to you screaming their head off, have you ever wanted to just hit them..c.c.. Yeah well today i drove to the store and some black people think its alright to put on their turn signal, slow down, and as i go to pull out go JUST KIDDING, and honk their horn because they are mad at me for pulling out. On the way home these people decided it would be alright to drive in the middle of the rode and not move pretty much and america doesnt care about how wide their rodes oare so they can have us get in crashes and die..c.c...yeah what ever i dont even care..I really dont want my license anyways because if my instructor yells at me once i am going to snap and yell back..which means i dont care if i fail..

On the bright side i did have band practice today...and it was alright we learned a few new things n what ever..but uh...yeah..i hate christian music...no offence...i can barely even stand holiday music..it just sickens me because i have listened to it since i was like little..x.x..I dont even know half of the songs..i cant even sing frosty the snowman..c.c..its whatever..and christmas is on its way ^_^.

about me+my day 

December 09 [Sun], 2007, 11:55
i am pretty new to yaplog and when i figured it out my friend made one too ^_^. i like japanese rock and german rock ^_^. those are my two most favorite languages. i love music and i play alot of different instruments, its one of my only talents. hehe. my name is dawn....i do not really like my name. i like playing video games and sitting at my computer all day. i have a boyfriend and his name is andrew we have been going out for about a year now ^_^. yep. the only true best friend i have is amber... sadly americans can be back stabbers. =/ ..oh well. XD ..i love to laugh, i make it a point to do so everyday. welllllll ...this is the only log you will ever hear me introduce myself in so good thing its first right ^_^. I am always fun once you get to know me. p.s. I also dont live in japan. thats another sad fact about me..c.c

A little bit about my day. so, never ever see beowulf it is just a warning for you. A little naked beowulf flipping around while random objects hide his penis is just too much for me. i give the graphics credit though because i really couldnt tell if the people where real or fake in the beginning. it is also hard to follow along with too. i thought it was anyways XD. maybe i am just slow who knows. apparenlty not me so anyways. but yeah, i have had my yaplog for a whole day ^_^ woo~~~..i cannot wait for christmas..absolutly cannot..^_^ presents are my favorite things to get..hehe
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