Bai Ruoyun straightened her skirt

May 29 [Wed], 2013, 14:58
After breakfast, Lin and Wu ma non is tidying up the dishes, white ruo-yun carrying a briefcase walked into the kitchen door, laughed softly: "husband, you come over here, I have something to tell you." Lin non should 1, wash their hands clean, dry and linked with Bai Ruoyun to the living room. Mom looked at such a loving couple. Wu,Oakley Sport Outlet, smiled. Lin Fei looked at a formal business suits woman, frowned, "wife, today is the week R ì, you dressed like this never went to the company to work overtime?" "no way, to an important customer, I want to go there in person, Wenjuan and si-qi they should have been to the company." Bai Ruoyun straightened her skirt,Oakleys Squared Sunglasses, sat on the sofa. "Tell me, is it right? Asked me to go with you?" Lin non cheekily next to the white ruo-yun sat down. White ruo-yun shook his head, smiling and said: "no, husband, immediately to the Mid-Autumn Festival, I want to discuss with you how to spend this festival." "Wife, you are so busy, I think simple for us." Lin Fei laughed and said, in his impression, almost no concept, the Mid-Autumn Festival in addition, also did not have any holiday experience. "Otherwise, you say what is what, I completely obey." Bai Ruoyun smile: "husband, although the house name is me, but you are my husband, is the master of the house, for things at home, I need to discuss with you as a wife." "Wife, you are a good girl." Forest but it grabbed Bai Ruoyun's hand, "will give birth to a son, and you will become the standard as an understanding wife and loving mother". "To you, a little serious are not. Husband, I would like to talk about their own views." "You say, I listen to." "In fact, all these years, I haven't had a decent Mid-Autumn festival. Since my mother left, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival I is in the graveyard with mother together." Bai Ruoyun faint breath, lightly a smile: "however, this is not the same." "Wife, I accompany you to see the mother this year." Lin Fei see Bai Ruoyun smile behind the bitter, hand gently pull her shoulders. "Husband, I'm fine." Bai Ruoyun said flatly: "go to go,Purses Coach Cheap, however, I hope to have a house, after all, this is the first R ì our family together. In addition, mom and I separated for so many years was finally reunited, I want to borrow this reunion opportunities for them to celebrate. There is her cousin, she from overseas to you and I, we are not so simple as hospitality of a host, but also to let her feel the warmth of home." Lin Fei nodded, throat motion, light way: "wife, how very thoughtful of you." "We can be together is not easy, so, we must cherish all eyes." White ruo-yun like autumn clear look at Lin non. Lin non softly: "yes, you are right." "Husband, holiday must prepare some things, the company will not we go to the pipe, mainly inside the house. Wu Mayi person but also busy with the housework, going out shopping, too hard. Fashion show is approaching, >
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