this is I let you two reasons R ì

May 30 [Thu], 2013, 16:09
Seems to be that Yang asked too many questions, Wan son also have no interest and then took him to play down, hastily back to the stone house, Wan son left Yang, disappear. Back in a moment that saw great Mazinger statue happened, Yang shook their heads, s è doubts. He didn't know it was a hallucination or what, want to go there is no basis, can ignore. Two R ì, was sitting in Yang Kai notice came near the mysterious energy fluctuation, hurriedly opened his eyes, found that Li Rong and the beautiful woman with the arrival of cold. Yang Kai frowning, don't understand how even the Han Fei also appeared, asked: "what?" Li Rong shook his head: "we do not have,Oakley M FRAME Sale, if necessary, by your own." "I get?" Yang Kai stunned. "Well, this is I let you two reasons R ì, Han Fei guide will escort you to the last." Han Fei's territory in the fort on the other side, Li Rong is clearly heard her to come over, just delay so two R. Yang took a look at the beautiful woman, gently nodded, did not ask what more discreetly. "Ready,Oakley Flak Jacket Outlet, we should start now." Han Fei also not useless talk, looking at Yang kai-dao. "There's nothing to prepare." "It will go." Han Fei said, then turned and went out. "Be careful all the way." Li Rong told a sound."" Yang Kai gently waving, followed by cold heading to the philippines. To Shishiwai, Han Fei Jiao Qu a longitudinal, into a streamer disappear, Yang sniffed, stood motionless. Li Rong looked at him curiously, face a suspicion. So for a while, Yang or no action, the Han Fei unbearable came back, frowned and said: "what are you doing? Do not keep up with?" "I said, I don't have much really yuan can be wasted, so fly past, not to waste a lot of really yuan?" Yang to open a face of helpless. "What do you think?" Han Fei Dai eyebrow is tiny wrinkly. "You take me over." Yang Kai said to be poker-faced. Han Fei smell speech. Can't help some angry: "you dare, dare to let me take you over?" "I don't want to take advantage of you,OP Art Coach, nor in the sense of identity, this is the most correct choice." Yang Kaizheng s è road. Li Rong frowned, nodded his head gently washed cold. Han Fei gritted his teeth, not to utter a single word, waved play an energy. Will Yang Kai package, with him, rushed towards the distant Chi. No way, Han Fei is a x ì ng, elegant be scanty of words, Yang also know this woman be close to strangers. Nature will not bring contempt upon oneself, nothing to say, she took off on the way, Yang just close your eyes. But he is acutely aware of the Han Fei, as if their own is also very interested, hidden very consciousness energy, constantly scanning your body, seems to want to find out what. But it has not. Different small Xuan in the world with the outside. "". Here R ì month regardless of day and night, chaos. The vast and barren land to barren, rarely seen what life. It is occasionally see a few monster. All the way along a road, silence, also fly far do not know, the air gradually becomes more and more a hot atmosphere, aware of this point, Yang can not help J ī ng >
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