fragments along with the emptiness

August 29 [Thu], 2013, 16:36
() Hidden Dragon looked at six days into the body comes out of Jianmang, sneer, stature in the air a few maneuvers, pinch dynamic method resolution, saw its strayed palm of a giant hand illusion, illusory palm of converge on an enormous range of mana, mana range quickly enveloped live together out of six Jianmang. I saw that a shaking Jianmang, Hidden Dragon day so in the palm of rapid change among small, fast, Hidden Dragon day hidden in the hands of being. Liushen sè Hao looked indifferent, gentle eyes and said: "Let the world by man for repair dragon!" Six finish, I saw his body so loose as one begins to fragment, these fragments along with the emptiness The breeze and begins to dissipate, leaving only a wisp of the last remnants of the spirit in the air. Zhang Hao stature flash, right virtual camera a record, put six of perverted income Babel. Hidden Dragon day look indifferent, but when he saw six of the spirit to be charged, the eyes being flashed sullen, broke and said: "Red Emperor, under which six Hidden Dragon Wei, regardless of his or spirit will belong ** Long hidden guard, do not let us hope that the Great Red embarrassed! "Zhang Hao Hidden Dragon day for this time of goodwill, already is gone, he looked at the void, God has a hint of nostalgia among sè, awe:" His I will not be perverted to anyone, I will help him fulfill his wishes that one day he will come back to this world, ride along with me in battle! "Hidden Dragon day stature slightly forward, as if to get involved trend. Murong snow cold voice rang out: "Could it be, what do you want to keep your promise?" Reveals a voice among the chill of the air, as if a mighty force, converging to an evil spirit, which shares the evil spirits Chill biting, so give birth to an human heart faint chill. Hidden Dragon day among the sullen eyes, smile quickly turned one, broke and said: "worth mentioning! But a traitor, and I am then why bother for him, since the Red Emperor liked it, right when I send you a human! "Zhang Hao sneer:" I do not need your favor Zhang Hao! something I like, I will go to fight, and I want to protect the people, I will go mad guard! "Then they see do not see Hidden Dragon day one, quietly walked Murong snow Shenpan. Murong Hao hsuehchien thoughtfully, feel surprised a moment, quietly acoustic: "Jon What worries!" Hao quietly sent a letter to the Murong snow breaks, Murong snow saw the contents inside, God sè micro- change, but soon will be restored to normal Murong snow, looking at moderate Hao said: "Jon! any plans!" Hao looked a warrior gathered beneath, behind hundreds of thousands of Beastkin repair persons, quietly pass tone said: "Cher! We also need to consider the greater good, can not for their own purposes, and so many innocent people have been implicated, we brought all this rì amendments were to leave, waiting for an opportunity taking advantage of the sky!" "Well! everything let husband arrangements!" Having Murong snow quietly sent a few letters operators, public Beastkin collection will quickly begin to evacuate. Hidden Dragon day is quietly looking at the withdrawal of the congregation Yaozu, mouth emerges a touch of mocking the sè. Zhong Yao Wang Jianlong Hidden day painting faces, are somewhat uncomfortable, Lengheng a few times, and was about to leave. Murong snow fleet suddenly said: "Hidden Dragon day! I Murong snow retreat Beastkin repair, were not afraid of dust, and your Hidden Dragon Wei, this pair of colors you really, really annoying, if not to you today rì a lesson, you would certainly have bragging! "Murong snow saying, hands emerge out of an ice blue sè scepter, scepter toward Hidden Dragon day far refers to the past, I saw around the void are quietly chill blockade up. Hidden Dragon day looking at the front of the billowing aura as cháo God sè became pale, but the surrounding void are blocked off to chill, he knew by virtue of their own forces, is categorically not being blocked from Murong snow break out, in this case just one more rich than ten times the cold like a puff of smoke cháo attacks over the remaining days of the Hidden Dragon Hidden Dragon Wei are all frozen on the inside. Zhang Hao Snowsuit Baby UK God sè awe looking at the frozen emptiness is Xuanbing live Hidden Dragon day, his mind filled with an intention to kill, but shares but that he intended to kill quietly suppressed it. Gods dynasty from the crowd quietly among the rapid evacuation. Zhong Yao dynasty king out of the Gods, they say, and Murong snow after contact way, he quietly toward normalization Market away, but the blink of time, there will be left Murong snow and Zhang Hao two. Hao looked Murong snow some burning eyes, pretty face, Yang Qi Hongxia faint, but she remembered Hao and Light warrior duel rumors, so she took a slight wroth and said: "In the future can not be so edgy, realm so humble, and Holy war dare confrontation! "Zhang Hao discourse hear from a deep sense of love, and Murong snow unique concerns, feel smiled. Murong snow holding hands and said: "Cher! These time rì, really miss you, as a husband now we must eat you!" Listen Murong snow gods sè became pale, their eyes have become flustered up, but These time rì She then why not Hao, but she xìng love this, not very good at express your affection, just blame on Hao, Murong snow is a concern way. Hao heard this time some liberties with the words, suddenly heart like Luzhuang, do not know where to put his hands go. Zhang Hao to pounce on Murong snow, suddenly heard a gentle voice quietly passed from Babel tower. "Zhang brothers! Brothers and I all these time rì tower in Babel, choking it, please let us out!" Hao heard that wonderful voice who, unknowingly tan themselves, too reckless, own Tower of Babel There is also three large living, those who just want to own how things really Taibuyinggai. He looked a little embarrassed Murong snow one, said: "Snake! I have a few friends, I let them out, and you know, know!" Then run the body magic, open Babel portal, saw Zhang Hao forehead above , three Guanghua fly shè falling from sky tower, as best where, of all things, the assassin look. Any and everything looked wonderful Hao a, facing Zhang Hao hand and said: "Thank you, brothers saving grace!" They looked to be shrouded in a cloud of mist live Murong snow, looked to Hao, the two eyes are is to explore the meaning, Zhang hastened to explain both the identity of the Murong snow. They hesitated, under the eyes of Zhang Hao encouraging, quickly shouted salute and said: "Seen sister!" If according to seniority, the two amendments were born seven among its worse than the status and identity Zhang Hao and Murong snow is low, but the two Men's North Face Nuptse Sale is quite admirable ambition Hao promise, coupled with the repair and Zhang Hao realm than they are to high, in the comprehension strong respect, so they called Murong Snow also seemed quite difficult to talk to his wife! Murong snow sister heard the word, feeling a little bit awkward, after all, her whole life to hear the most is called Vamp, followed by the demon king is, few people would call her sister, but soon her heart will be filled with a wave sweet feeling. Nodded slightly and said: "without much North Face Pink Ribbon ceremony!" All things and wonderful who smiled, looked at her body were wrapped in black assassin one, wonderful hint where in all things, said: "The brothers, but the assassin!" Assassin stared fiercely Hao a, Leng Heng, looked Murong snow one, softly: "Little Women seen my sister!" Murong snow assassin heard the sound of melodious, is clearly a woman's voice, this Biography comprehension assassin turned out to be a woman, it does make everyone shocked! Any and all things wonderful, quickly hand over: "Just do not know if you are woman, offended the Department, No wonder, then!" They finished, God sè seemed quite surprised. Murong snow Assassin's tone seemed to hear some dissatisfaction Hao, feel a bit surprised, softly: "You do not have much ceremony, my husband if offended which I hope you can forgive me sister!" Where all things wonderful, from discourse, hear the one meaning to another, but the two women is God sè indifferent, do not see the slightest anger, they seemed very polite, very virtue, quite demeanor. But the next two words and deeds, but no not secretly tit each other tentatively. Zhang Hao see the two men the situation is quite tense, feel awkward cough said: "Today rì, all in this together, it can be considered a fate, but now the situation is quite tense world, if the lower bound of the family of black gold It is true, I'm afraid that the world would soon fall into endless war, to the time that the world will fall apart, the war continued, hope you can be in their respective sects among the world for these amendments were made after the way their own share of things! "said Zhang Hao's remarks Zhengyilinran, righteous rhetoric, so that the surrounding atmosphere seemed thickened. Where all things wonderful look at each other, looking at meaningful Hao said: "This thing to say!" Then they both hand over hand to Hao leave, then leave quietly. Assassin and the wonderful things this time see who leave, some looked sullen Hao this handsome face, God sè quite complex, hesitated for a moment before bitterly: "You ...... you have to marry me!" Zhang Hao and Murong snow both shocked, I did not expect that the assassin would say such a remark. They saw the God of Assassins sè, suddenly more angry tone, said: "You took off my towel, I saw the faces, they must marry me, this is our day thorn tribe rules, which also our tribe settled in the three thousand six hundred years ago, the teachings of our forefathers! "Hao a, Anjiao soon as well, Murong snow though his wife, repair this world who can make many of the companion of Mind and Body Together . But his front of her face, philandering, Murong snow will certainly angry. If she does not get angry, and that she would not like a woman. Zhang Hao positive uphold thought, suddenly heard Murong snow lightly: "You are the days thorn tribe!" Assassin heard Murong snow suddenly and inexplicably asked its matter, feel some strange way: "It is!" Murong snow faint smiles : "Well! you put this good news to inform your people, as long as the selected auspicious rì, husband would come to marry you!" Hao God sè became pale and exclaimed: "lady love affair, how can child's play! "Murong snow back only saw Hao a, softly:" If she is really day stab tribe, have you seen her face, or was she killed, or to marry her, this is the day thorn tribe teachings of our forefathers, this is their rules! "Murong snow Hao heard the words, they understand that this assassin, not lying, feel stunned. For a time, do not know what to say!
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