than shall the naked eye.

April 09 [Tue], 2013, 15:47
Space of enormous pressure, while the Silverstone body magic shred are not filed identical, at first glance fall into this pit, is also trying to struggle with a secular! Fortunately, Silverstone or crude understand water xìng and the buoyancy of the water that is large enough, Silverstone thump thump also struggled to the shore of the pit! Struggling with extremely weak from the lake into Silverstone breath, lying on his back to the pit next to a move do not want to move! Pressure within this space is too big, right??? "Silverstone admired the sky above is dark one, it seems that is ink boas Black Forest at the bottom of the hills. ◎ smart kids remember the super deft playing update ◎ "Huh?" Silverstone eyes swept just falling rock feel eyes flashed hi sè is to bow down and sat up, can usually simple actions, Xiao China has also spent a lot of effort. But see Silverstone eyes see, but a giant dark extremely Shek Pik, the other on both sides of the same is also true, from above the cliff that has dozens of different sizes of holes in each hole in has a size The different flow inflow Hantan ...... do the authors ... each flow is a space fragmentation? In that ...... each space space is not related to just Xiaoye been? "Xiaohua Fei could not help but stare dumbfounded! Immediately, Silverstone tough stood up to roughly looked at this space, unknowingly laughed the original, which is quite a large space only a huge Hantan to almost all places are filled, not exactly like green Peng Zhen described it? "original. This is Green Peng Zhen people have been to space! "Silverstone dawned, it seems, the fourth floor is definitely not a space! But more than one! "Since Green Peng Zhen to come out, Silverstone is to calm down, there is a way out! However, Silverstone look at the source of streams in the immediate pit, pit, and he knew that, out easily from that stream at, if want to go back., but thousands of hard to extremely difficult it! Since the pit next to no obvious way out, Silverstone is turned to look behind him, which at slightly steep slope. beyond Silverstone expectations high slope at is the rock wall, closed the cliffs, there is no trace of the gap, even touched Silverstone hand where he can touch one by one, or did not find out where ! Silverstone some anxious Wisdom the epee and magic hammer took out, with a brute force on the rock beat, are not any role that did not damage the rock wall as copper pouring cast-iron! Silverstone frowned, really can not, but also slowly toward pit. release slowly the idea of ​​God. At this point, the idea of ​​God can still isolated, can also only able to issue ten feet or so, than shall the naked eye. ! came to the left of the pit, Silverstone leaned to squint toward the pit under the view, but see that a dark yīn of shadow into a protruding rock faces, a small palm where true not perceive the concept of God! "obediently, such a remote location. Who cares? Green Peng Zhen people then how will note there? Do the ...... "Silverstone clamor chin, watching Pitt faint pit really is some daydreams elegant ... to the last, the end of the Silverstone" monks Well "Lenovo, start thinking about how get these things out. say then look into the location of the cliff, looked at, blink a few eyes,Oakley Flak jacket, very natural breaking jump Hogan opened his breaking jump Hogan used a few times, Silverstone feel Hogan really convenient. "Oh, this thing ... really really weird! "Silverstone Hogan being seen, something that is not perceived by the concept of God is actually a spindle shape, embedded in Shek Pik, and ten feet long, nearly more than a foot wide! Xiaohua Ming White, discernment can see heaven, earth, Reiki condensation, even something very special between heaven and earth, ordinary things discernment is not. "However, how to get it? Silverstone closing discernment, stature falls over the water, scratching his chin to worry about,Coach Outlet Handbags Outlet. "Come on, let Xiaoye see your true face! "Silverstone will hand Yifu, took out two huge magic hammer," splash "and jumped into the water, standing in front of that thing." Huh? This body of water is actually lukewarm? Xiaohua Gang from cold streams being over, fell into the pit, just struggling out, had not been aware that at this time to know this deep pools of water actually exactly the same with ordinary water! Silverstone eyes swept over those few source of 10 streams, natural understand these streams when from the third layer, half should be at the Ice and half in the lava at here is converged a thing but where nearly a foot below the lake, Silverstone pick up the magic hammer, take a look at the angle transports enough pneumatic pound its on a rock protruding the magic hammer a fall into the water, that force immediately lake offset, but the body of water's buoyancy considerable, and other magic hammer hit the cliffs, with gently touched no difference. Silverstone is underwater tried several times, are unhappy, feel frown had to magic hammer income space, sights pit. thought for a moment, Silverstone will mind into the space, those puppet-driven, dug the pit in one place, and he look into the rock wall that this ! see, however, as the general look of that material with a rock wall, no what is the difference, not Silverstone got green jade Jane Peng Zhen, absolutely not think there will be this thing, Silverstone reach out and touch the thing actually is hard unparalleled feel with the same rock face stinging! "This is one weird, do not know what this thing? "Silverstone gaze for a long time, the heart also contemplating other ways, he only God concept can really completely condensation can what? Only is brute force, if the other way to solve Fear is the last time they came when Green Peng Zhen people have these things taken away,Coach Crossbody? be puppet of a space large pit dug, Silverstone mind turn out, hands on the body of water on top of, mind think of the hands of the water revenue space, and sure enough, a very interesting scene appeared Silverstone in the hands of the water revenue space, deep pools of water also will flow into his hands, which water is slowly of the Silverstone income space! beginning, Silverstone is still a little rusty, and some intermittent, etc. Ban Zhancha after Silverstone is familiar, it is as if the whales absorb water into the pit the The full income space within the water for his endless! RQ (njxs), the fastest updates, Please collection (njxs).
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