Xiaotang with his cheap dad Chen Fugui

June 19 [Wed], 2013, 9:46
Hongkong Wan Chai, Spring Street No. thirteen. This is a small restaurant, business egg tart, milk tea, and fried rice. When Chen Xiaotang with his cheap dad Chen Fugui came to the door, he is stupid to live. This is your home?! Their home was a restaurant?! Arguably even if he is not what the "two rich generation", also should be the restaurant "small" ah, how I could be so miserable?! But he soon learned, this restaurant is too small. Not only is small, just past the noodle shop cold noodle shop, the shop is sparsely sat a few people, small scale, a look that is doing neighbourhood business. Absolutely not chain operation. "Hey, your uncle, and you laugh Siu-tong give the money back!" The corner seat, with a horse, pull the foot man said, grinning. "Yes,Cheap Oakley Sport, this dude was very disappointing!" Chen Fugui seems to be accustomed to everyone asked, still laughed and said. "This how many money to spend?" "No money, no money!" Chen Fugui seems reluctant to talk about this problem. "I said your uncle,Cheap Oakley Active, like the smile Siu-tong don't live up to the guy you get him to do what? These a few years you get his money, enough for me to run ten years horse!" The man smelled his horse to pull the finished feet fingers, refreshed, "next time,Oakley Crosslink Clearance, if he does not repent, you don't need money to redeem him, directly into partnership with me to buy a horse, Baozhun you hair!" "Cut, gambling, you bet on a horse at the two, that is not the pit your uncle? Your uncle, don't listen to him, the next time you take money out of our run long-distance, the mainland side of the reform and opening up, just with the recorder, TV what past can send a pen!" The truck TEEK said. "Hey, I said the plane, you run long-distance plane hit it out, don't stand in my way. I and your uncle's old friends!" "Turn your head ah, don't know you owe people money, your uncle will not by you!" "What be not deceived, you put some clean mouth!" "Why don't you clean, you bird me!" "Bird you? Come on!" "You come!" "Come!"......... Seeing the gambler and TEEK two neighborhood like a rooster fighting up, Chen Fugui to humanitarian: "you two people talking, street neighborhood, like what!" Then waved and said, "south of Chen Xiaotang, give them a cup of ice coffee and milk tea!" "I've been with them?" Chen Xiaotang pointed to his nose, just watch it, did not think the cheap dad let oneself give they did Yuanyang tea, Yuanyang ~ bath himself is washed, the mandarin duck tea had never crossed. "Why, this thing is too lazy to do?" Chen Fugui glared at him. "Well, I'm your son, obey Yuanyang Yuanyang tea tea, too difficult for me!" Chen Xiaotang went to the counter, look down on the table cup, milk....... "Have a little tea, a little milk......" Chen Xiaotang like to do chemical decoration experiments, slowly doing their own "Yuanyang tea", "and then poured a cup of coffee, the two evenly...... Ahchoo. Feel shy, I who behind?" Chen Xiaotang have a look around, saw the seat gambling and TEEK wide >
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